Switching Up Your Sex Positions

“Trying new sex positions will make your sex life interesting” Sex is great all the time, but sticking to one or two positions can get boring fast. If you’re tired of the basic cowgirl and missionary positions, try switching it up. These positions are mundane and aren’t optimal for deep penetration or clitoral stimulation. A lot of women can’t even get off without stimulating her clitoris, so the sex that’s already boring for you may be absolutely insufferable for her. Keep your girl interested and impressed by supercharging your sex with these new positions. For the man with of average size (or even a little below average), make yourself seem larger than life by doing it doggy-style. The position is simple, primal, and almost impossible to screw up. It’s an easy position just a level above missionary, but it’s guaranteed to have her screaming. Position her legs far apart to contract her vaginal muscles, making it seem like she’s stretching more and that you’re getting deeper. From this position, you can run your nails down her back, play with her nipples or, for the best results, reach around her and keep your fingers moving on her clitoris. You can go harder in this position, and how primitive it is will…

How to Spank a Lady: After Getting Permission

You’ve wanted to get a little kinky in the bedroom. It’s not that you want to start donning all the gear (yet), but you’ve always wanted to just give a chick a good swat on the ass. We don’t blame you, women’s asses are amazing and the way they move when slapped just right is epic. However, those asses are not yours and that means that you have to ask their owner, i.e. your babe, before you go off and get slap happy. Once she’s agreed to a little spank play, you’re going to have to use the right techniques or you’re going to end up hurting her in the not sexy way. So, once you get permission, here are some basic techniques to try out so she’ll be willing to keep coming back for more. Bare Handed This is the most common way that people start out trying spank play. You don’t have to buy anything and it’s not something that you need to pack or take with you. The goal when spanking someone is to give them a jolt, or a quick sort of sharp sensation. A lot of people like to start out spanking during sex instead of using it as foreplay. The easiest way to do…

How to Make an Impromptu Threesome Proposition

“They are ready for a threesome – Are you?” What they say about women often seems to be true; they travel in packs. This is great for you for a variety of obvious reasons: more eye candy, and more opportunities to get laid, right? Imagine that you’ve been at a bar all night talking to two gorgeous women. Typically you wouldn’t do anything like this for fear of offending one or getting in too deep, but they’re both total knockouts. They’ve been friends for a long time and are really comfortable with each other and as the night goes on and you start thinking about which one you’re going to take back to your place, you start to wonder why you can’t have both of them. Maybe one of them makes a joke about which one is going home with you and which one goes home alone, or maybe it falls to you to make that kind of forward remark. Either way, this situation can turn into the best possible instance of “both is good”. You’re sitting right in the middle of a perfect opportunity for a threesome with two beautiful women, which is pretty much every guy’s dream. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste! “You are on the…

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