You’re Never Too Old To Play Pretend

“Try out a roleplay to make your sexual life interesting” If you’re bored by your bedroom activities, then chances are your girlfriend is too. Bring in a bit of fun by roleplaying instead of lust doing what needs to be done. Imaginative fun can make sex infinitely more enjoyable, and there are a countless number of scenarios to choose from. They range from general, popular subjects and can get as specific as a particular kink that you and her share, not to mention it allows for an escape from the mundane events of the real world. One of the most popular roleplaying genres is that of a teacher and student. This particular game can go one of two ways – with you as the teacher, or her. Choose to be the teacher if you want to be more dominant, or let her be in charge for an invigorating sexual experience. Pretend that one of you has to stay after class, or is in detention for punishment. If you’re into light BDSM, this is the genre for you. Tell her how bad she is and spank her over your knee, or make her bend over and write a phrase on a piece of paper while you feel her up. Keep the…

Instant Knight in Shining Armor

“Chivalry always impresses women” Girls are more easily impressed than you think, and admire even the smallest show of chivalry despite rumors that they are hard to please. There are your general ways to be polite like holding the door open for her and letting her go first when you enter a store, but there are more surprising things that will win a woman’s heart, and might even end up getting you laid. You’d be shocked at how little you have to do to impress her, and most of it is just common courtesy. If you’re a gamer, things like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft can take up a TON of your time and attention. Say you’re on a mission and you’ve neglected her for a few days – yeah, she’ll be a little irritated, and she’ll be lonely. Don’t let her get to the point where she blows up; it’ll end in screaming and her trying to take the Xbox or computer away from you, which is just stressful and unnecessary. Finish the mission, but pretend like you’re still in the middle of it because she won’t be able to tell the difference. Then, put the game down and bring her over to you instead. Let her…

Heating and Cooling Lubes: A Pro and Con List

Lubes are a huge business these days. If you walk down the adult isle in a supermarket or browse the selection at your local XXX rated shops, you’re going to see hundreds of choices. There are flavors, scents, and heating or cooling lubricants available to you. When you’re looking at these from the outside they may not make much sense, lubricant is just to make sure there’s no skin on skin friction, right? WRONG. The sensation lubes are really for both partners and they aren’t called sex enhancements for nothing. However, there are some things about lubricants that we don’t like either. So here’s a short list of the pros and cons of the heating and cooling lubes. Pro: Holy Crap Sensations Heating and cooling lubricants are AMAZING in that they add a whole new level of sensations to sexual intercourse. They will give you a sort of prickly feeling at one moment and a radiant kind of heating the next. One thing that we have to say that knocks our women’s socks off is using the lubricants on our hands while we’re getting busy. Take a small pump and put it on your index finger. When you’re in doggy style or another where her back is to you. Reach…

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