Modern Day Women and How to Tame Them

“It will be a challenge to tame a dominating woman” Girls are getting more headstrong these days, and are quicker to get offended. You’ve probably seen a gag on T.V. where a guy tries picking up a chick at the bar and gets shut down pretty rudely. Maybe this has turned you off of even attempting to hook up with a girl – what’s so different about you and that guy on T.V.? The answer is simple: he presented himself in a way that was offensive to women, and you have the option to do differently. How can you avoid your advances getting rejected when you go after girls? It’s really not that difficult – just be polite, let your personality shine through, and stay confident. Women can smell fear; they’re not going to go after a man who doesn’t exude confidence. Let that testosterone out, man! Don’t go full alpha male on her, but a bit of bravado can actually help you a lot. Chicks go for a guy who knows what he wants and takes it – it shows initiative and implies that you are successful. Feel free to brag a bit, but don’t be rude. Ask her about herself more than you talk about yourself – a…

How to Make an Impromptu Threesome Proposition

“They are ready for a threesome – Are you?” What they say about women often seems to be true; they travel in packs. This is great for you for a variety of obvious reasons: more eye candy, and more opportunities to get laid, right? Imagine that you’ve been at a bar all night talking to two gorgeous women. Typically you wouldn’t do anything like this for fear of offending one or getting in too deep, but they’re both total knockouts. They’ve been friends for a long time and are really comfortable with each other and as the night goes on and you start thinking about which one you’re going to take back to your place, you start to wonder why you can’t have both of them. Maybe one of them makes a joke about which one is going home with you and which one goes home alone, or maybe it falls to you to make that kind of forward remark. Either way, this situation can turn into the best possible instance of “both is good”. You’re sitting right in the middle of a perfect opportunity for a threesome with two beautiful women, which is pretty much every guy’s dream. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste! “You are on the…

How to Hook Up With an Old Flame without Sounding Desperate

“Don’t overdo it with flowers” Come on, admit it, we know you have an old flame you text every once in a while. Maybe it’s an old girlfriend who you, while you couldn’t work out a relationship together, still meet up from time to time to blow each other’s minds just like you did in college. Maybe it’s your high school sweetheart, married and stable but utterly unable to say no when you ask. It’s entirely possible it’s nothing like either of those situations and maybe you just found a gorgeous girl you went to high school with on Facebook and want to message her and try and see if there’s any chance of a hookup there. There’s no shame in these kinds of relationships and in fact, they’re beneficial, increasing your chances to get laid. What you want to be careful not to do, though, is to sound desperate at all when you text them. “Enjoy the moment” As silly as it sounds, the key really is to make sure they don’t think they’re a last resort, because that’s likely to offend them, but to not let them think that you’re going to practically die if you don’t get with them, because then they have power over you, in…

How to Act in a Porn Store: For Beginners

There’s nothing wrong with regular old vanilla sex. And there’s no reason why you can’t be happy never setting foot into an adult store. However, if you’re curious about widening your sexual horizons, your local porn shop is one of the best places to start. There are a lot of things that people do their first time in an adult store that tend to get the staff’s ire up. Below we have a list of tips of how to carry yourself in an adult store. Go Sober Too many people wait till they have had their liquid courage before they feel up to slipping into their local adult emporium. This is a MISTAKE of epic proportions. For one thing, the staff will know that you’re drunk as a skunk and immediately worry that you’re going to do something stupid. Odds are that you may. Booze makes our lips loose and the last thing you want to do is pull out a butt plug, brandish it at the girl behind the counter and then get the cops called on you. It’s also true that if you’re going to be three sheets to the wind while you are in a porn store you are much more likely to make a strange purchase…

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