What is a Sex Wedge?

The name sounds funny; we know but hear us out. This is one item that no one here can do without. Sex wedges are basically furniture for your sexy-time needs that you don’t have to hide when your mom comes over. They don’t LOOK like something used for sexy-fun-times. They actually just remind most people of college furniture or bean bags. There are numerous different pieces in a set that are all basically called sex wedges. You can buy as many or as few as you want. They also come in a wide assortment of brands and colors that will keep your lady happy. If you’ve ever come across these things at a sexpo or at an adult store, give them a sit, its well worth it. Why the Sex Wedge? The sex wedges are very diverse for one reason and one reason only: angles. By using a different angle in your approach you are going to give yourself AND your lady a whole new set of sensations. It’s also a great item to use to relieve tension, specifically on your lower back or hips during intercourse. This means that you can go for longer, with less stress on your body. It’s a great way to get a woman’s pelvis…

Sex Swings are WORTH IT

You see one every time you’re in the adult stores, it’s hanging up in that corner with a slightly cheesy how-to video playing over it. It’s calling out to you with its complex-looking design and somewhat frightens you with how much work it may be to put up. We’re talking about sex swings. A lot of dudes don’t want to invest the time and energy into putting one up, but we’re telling you, it’s WORTH IT. Yes, it does require a lot of invested time and some energy to get the swing up and swinging. And yeah, it will take a little work for you to master the finer points of how to get the most out of it, but really, the sex swing is the single greatest thing we’ve ever played with. Selecting the Right Swing All swings are a little different. Some have complex holds for arms and for legs. Some of them are just a very simple hammock style swing. You don’t have to go all out with your props if this is the first time that you are seriously considering them. In fact, we advise that you don’t go all out until you’re sure that the swing is for you. There are thousands of options and…

How to Handle a Girl who is Jealous of You Watching Porn

“She doesn’t want you to watch porn” Any self-respecting man who knows what he wants and likes to see knows that porn isn’t just for the lonely. Watching pornographic movies or looking at magazines isn’t an indication that you can’t get anything else, and it’s really a shame it’s grown to have that reputation over the years. Don’t worry, we understand. Watching porn is a good way to see the kinds of things you want and like during sex, because it’s something you do for yourself that makes YOU happy and there’s absolutely no shame in that whether you’re single, in a casual friends with benefits relationship or a long-term relationship. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your lady and it doesn’t mean you and your friend with benefits don’t have damn good sex, it just means you like watching other people do it, too. There are some women, however, that just don’t seem to understand this simple concept and have been known to resent the men they’re dating or hooking up with watching porn. It’s a simple explanation, in truth. They don’t understand why you “need” porn when you have them to hook up with, and their resentment and jealousy stems from the fact that they see it as…

Getting Her to Wear Lingerie

“Lingerie is the best gift for her” Lingerie can be an easy factor to add some spice into the bedroom. But, if your babe isn’t feeling confident enough to wear it, then it might take some coaxing from you to get her out of her shell. The classic way to do this is to buy it for her yourself. The next time you are dressing after getting rowdy in the bedroom, act like you’re being a sweet guy and hand her, her bra and panties. Little known to her you will be checking them both and making mental note of the size. It’s always a bit of a gamble to shop based solely on size, but it’s a start. Talk to the ladies who work at the lingerie shop. Bring the sizes, but also mention her body shape. Is she curvy, thin and stacked, has wide hips, narrow waste etc.? Based on what you tell them, they can recommend an item. Yes, you might want to see her in a g-string and pasties, but her comfort zone might be a baby doll or silky gown at first. The wild stuff can come later. When you give the lingerie to her, do it in a way that says she’s special, that…

Edible Panties or Living with Disappointment

There are things in this world that sound amazing when you first think about them. Things that you are 100% certain that are going to blow you away with how goddamn amazing they are. Then you get those things and you are forever disappointed by them. Like cake, some things are lies. One of the worst lies that we have ever had to deal with, are those fucking edible panties. They are the worst fruit rollups in underwear form. Sticky, gross, too sweet, underwear that is not sexy. It’s not sexy for you, and its way not sexy for her. All three of us tried it out with our ladies and here, with names removed, are our disastrous results. Couple 1: The Hair Problem This particular couple is a fairly hairy couple. They’re not gross or anything, just, the manscaping and the ladyscaping isn’t always porn star close. This shouldn’t be a problem when dealing with things that are designed to go on the human body. It should extra not be a problem for something that is designed to go on under your clothes for any period of time. Let’s just say that when he pulled them off of her more came free than the panties. She screamed, he nearly…

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