Picking Up A Girl You Work With

“Know how to flirt with your co-workers” Yes, the advice a lot of people give when it comes to getting with a chick you work with is, “Don’t crap where you eat.” That can totally apply to this scenario, but sometimes there’s just a hottie you can’t resist. It’s not your fault that you both happen to work at the same place. If you don’t mind rumors (which are probably more than true) circulating at work (which they totally will), then proceed with operation snag-your-coworker. The first thing to do is to test out the waters. Light flirting does this best, since being in the same place with someone so often tends to lead to attraction of some sort, even if it’s not someone you’d normally hook up with. Kid around when you’re talking and drop hints that say, “I totally think that you’re bangable, but not in a sexual harassment way.” Since this is a work place, you do have to be careful with how strong you come on. If you do cross a line, management could get involved and lead all the way up to you losing your job. But, once she starts flirting back and says things like how excited she is to work with you or…

Is Swinging for You? Three Things to Consider

Swinging is something that a lot of single dudes like ourselves tend to wonder about in between our dry spells. We took a dip into the deep end of our local swingers circle to try to find out what was going on and if it was for regular Joes like us. Our results were mixed. One of us is a true blue convert, one of us is a casual player, and the other one just didn’t really get anything out of it. Here’s why. You Need to be Open Swingers clubs have people that run the gamut of all sexualities. This means that you’re going to find dudes that are into dudes, chicks that are into two dudes, and chicks that want nothing to do with dudes. If you’re not the sort of person who is comfortable with other men being around when you’re getting busy, swinging may not be for you. There ARE plenty of chances to get with a single lady, but they are like the holy grail of the swinger world. That means that you’re going to have to field a few people that may make you slightly uncomfortable. However, if you’re open to trying new things, this is going to be a major perk of the…

How to Escape After an Awkward Hook up

“Find a way to escape” We all know that glorious feeling, making a mad dash into the bedroom with a hottie in hand, about to do the nasty after a long night of pursuit. Things are going great. Clothes are flying everywhere; adrenaline is rushing through your body, and bam! The moment of truth. You’ve finally starting getting it on and it’s…not what you expected. Maybe she’s a dead fish, maybe she’s overzealous with the noise, or maybe the sex is just lackluster. Whichever way you cut it; this is just not the happy ending you had hoped for. Obviously one can’t just stop humping, put on their clothes and leave. Nope. Unfortunately you just have to stick with it until the bitter end. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay when the deed is done. Here are a few tips on how to get out fast after an awkward hook up. “Don’t wait for long enough” Depending on the chick, there might be some post coital cuddling that could happen. This is a prime opportunity to pretend to fall asleep until you can get out of there. Men fall asleep after sex naturally, so it’s not conspicuous. The ONLY thing that could mess this up is if your…

Amusement Park Pick-Ups

“You can sweep her off her feet” If you’re out at an amusement park for the day with your friends, it might be a good opportunity to check out the local talent. Chances are your friends will be doing the same, and there are a million great ways to pick up girls at theme parks, so the odds are good that you’ll all wind up getting lucky. In this sort of setting, girls are flirtier and want a man’s attention, so step right up and score yourself a babe! With only a few tips, you and your friends can win big and take home a prize that’s way better than a gigantic stuffed gorilla. Rollercoasters are a great time to flirt with girls – is she in a group with an odd number? Offer to sit with her so she doesn’t have to sit alone. It makes you seem like a gentleman and gives you an automatic in with her – bonus points if she’s scared of coasters. If she’s scared, you get the added benefit of getting to comfort her and keep her safe, giving you an excuse to hold her hand or wrap an arm around her. You’re sure to earn her number after the ride, and she…

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