The Thrill of Being Found Out

“Having sex at a public place is always thrilling” There’s a certain level of thrill that comes with the territory of fooling around where you can get caught. Whether you’re in an alleyway leaving the bar, in a dressing room at the mall, or on a playground in the park, the knowledge that you could be discovered at any minute is absolutely invigorating. Of course, it would be awful to actually be caught, with potential legal repercussions as well, so a lot of people are too scared to attempt it. If you can pull it off, though, sex in a public place is a kinky way to spice up your love life. Taking your sex life out of the bedroom is taboo, and therefore so deliciously tempting. Begin to think of all the places you and your girlfriend could hook up if you decided to be more adventurous, and what that could mean in terms of your arousal. Maybe your desk at work doesn’t see too much traffic at a certain time of the day, or maybe your office has blinds? Or maybe you want to take it even further than that, and start thinking of how many places you could have herin your local park? If it feels unnatural…

The Do’s and Don’ts of Anal Sex

“These hot babes will make you think about anal sex” Are you bored with your sex life and wanting to try something new? Do you shy away from being more adventurous in the bedroom even though you’re not content to just stick to the way things have always been? A common solution to bedroom blues is to try out anal sex. The idea is a little daunting at first, yeah, but it has great perks for you and your girl. If it seems unnatural to you, just know that it isn’t at all! Over one-fourth of ALL straight couples have had anal sex at some point or another, and many couples actually prefer it. The key to good anal sex and not a botched attempt that leads to embarrassment and agreeing to never talk about it again is a mix of doing your research and having good communication. Anal sex, while being the same concept, is largely different from vaginal sex. Before you attempt it, talk it out with her. Tell her what you want and let her know that it isn’t weird or painful if you do it right. Keep in mind that most first attempts that go badly only do so due to lack of knowledge, because chances…

The Biology of Love

“Start with personal hygiene” We’re all as human capable of free thinking and forming our own ideas and desires, but we also can’t deny that sometimes basic biology helps us with some of our decisions. As a man, you’ll be more attracted to a smaller, healthy-looking woman, so what are women naturally attracted to? As odd as it sounds, some of the easiest ways to get girls are simple changes in appearance and grooming. Whether or not you’re actually in it to procreate (chances are if you’re just hooking up you aren’t), a woman’s body is instinctively attracted to a man who would make a better “mate” than someone less biologically appealing. Are your pearly whites not so white? Buy yourself some Crest white strips or pay to have them bleached by a dentist, because your smile can be a bigger turn-on than you think. Having clean, bright teeth shows good health, which is an automatic green light for a woman. Also make sure to keep your face oil and acne-free – looking dirty makes you look unhealthy and unsuccessful, steering women away. Invest in facial cleansers to keep a clear complexion, and use it religiously. You also need to make sure that you’re well groomed: shave, brush your hair,…

Taking your Date to a Strip Club

You read that right. No, we’re not some sort of brazen group of players with magic abilities to charm women no matter what we do. We’re just regular dudes like you are. However, we learned something about ladies that most men just seem to not even think about. CHICKS LIKE BOOBS. No, we’re actually serious, not in that whole they only like them to make us happy thing either. Chicks actually really like other chicks’ boobs. Half the reason they dress the way they do is because they like their boobs as much as we do. With this knowledge, we figured, why not ask a babe to go see some pole dancers with us. How to Ask You’re going to have to know the chick first, but that should be a given. Also, remember that you’re going to be asking her to go look at naked ladies with you. The TRICK is you need to make this low key and not about getting laid later. Instead, make it about going to see a show like you would any other show. Do not make a big deal about it; simply ask if she’s ever been to one and if she’s curious. The key words in this are LOW KEY. Even if…

Kiss the Cook

“Start cooking for her” Even more than taking her out for dinner, cooking a small dinner for your girlfriend can be a humongous turn-on. There is nothing women like more than a sensitive guy, and what’s more sensitive than taking the time to make her a specially prepared meal from your heart? It takes a real man to cook for a woman and not designate her to the kitchen, so you’ll seem like quite the gentleman. Not to mention, if you’re cooking then you can be in control of the cuisine. Sneak in a few aphrodisiac foods to get her hot and bothered while you wine and dine her. Luckily for you, some of the most common healthy foods for women these days conveniently double as aphrodisiacs. Cook her up a nice southwestern chicken meal and garnish it with avocado, which raise hormone levels as well as vaginal lubrication to get her in the mood. Toast with some red wine, which has the benefit of being heart healthy as well as stimulating antioxidants that help circulation during sex, and top it all off with a decadent chocolate mousse that will put her in a good and agreeable mood. Other foods that you can incorporate are pomegranates, asparagus, and salmon, all…

Hooking Up with Virgins 101

“Take it slow” It seems a little contradictory at first, doesn’t it? You heard right, though. Believe it or not, there are a lot of women out there who wanted to wait and save their first time for the right guy, but not necessarily in that romantic sense you tend to see. Women like this are particularly picky, wanting to make sure the first experience they have is worthwhile and well, that’s where you come in. Any hookup or dating site online is going to full of profiles made by women who, although they’re as hungry for sex as you are, aren’t experienced. Guys tend to shy away from women like this when on the hunt for quick, casual hookups for a variety of reasons, typically that they’re worried it won’t be good and they don’t want to take the time to be patient. This is a little silly, considering that even if a girl is beautiful, there’s no guarantee that she’s going to be good in bed whether or not she admits to having had sex before, and when you think about it this way, you’re taking a chance on every hookup. If that’s the case, why disqualify a woman just because she isn’t as experienced?It’s an ego boost…

Getting Past Guyliner

Reading this article title, you might be thinking, “What the hell is guyliner?” Well, my friend, guyliner is the term affectionately used for men wearing eyeliner. Makeup products are not just for girls anymore. Men can wear it in the same way to accentuate features on their face or body to attract the ladies they’re trying to pick up. Does this mean you should be wearing a full face of make up the next time you have a night out on the town? Not unless you’re absolutely confident in it. Dip your toes in the water before you jump in with these few tips. Chapstick See, not so scary. Wearing some sort of lip balm will help keep the lips hydrated and, therefore, looking kissable. Chicks totally check out those types of features on guys. Look for a non-frilly lip balm (something like the classic Chapstick, natural lip balms, etc.). These tend to have less shine than the more doctored-up ones that promise to add shimmer or shine to the lips. The goal of this is only to get rid of those cracks and dry spots that can sometimes frequent the area. Concealer “A concealer can help you get rid of dark circles below your eyes” This does just want…

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