Soy Candles Rule. Here is Why

Hold on a minute, son. We’re going to tell you about soy candles. It is not true that soy products are just for girls. Soy candles are multi-purpose and the girlish thing about them is how many women they ATTRACT. See, women love the soft smells of soy candles. They won’t overwhelm you because they’re usually softer, less aggressive smells. This is because soy candles have one primary use that normal candles don’t. You can use them to give your woman a sensual, soft, and sexy massage. See, soy burns at a cooler temperature than regular wax candles. That means that you can dip your hand in melted soy wax and not come away with a burn. So Why is that Awesome? Because if you want to keep that bodacious babe coming back for more you’re going to have to learn to treat her properly. If you bring her over to your place and you have some nice smelling candles burning around your place, she’s going to be a lot more in the mood than if you just have the place adorned with the usual pizza boxes and clothes. Odds are that she’ll comment on how they smell great and that’s your opening to say that they are massage candles.…

How to Act in a Porn Store: For Beginners

There’s nothing wrong with regular old vanilla sex. And there’s no reason why you can’t be happy never setting foot into an adult store. However, if you’re curious about widening your sexual horizons, your local porn shop is one of the best places to start. There are a lot of things that people do their first time in an adult store that tend to get the staff’s ire up. Below we have a list of tips of how to carry yourself in an adult store. Go Sober Too many people wait till they have had their liquid courage before they feel up to slipping into their local adult emporium. This is a MISTAKE of epic proportions. For one thing, the staff will know that you’re drunk as a skunk and immediately worry that you’re going to do something stupid. Odds are that you may. Booze makes our lips loose and the last thing you want to do is pull out a butt plug, brandish it at the girl behind the counter and then get the cops called on you. It’s also true that if you’re going to be three sheets to the wind while you are in a porn store you are much more likely to make a strange purchase…

Amusement Park Pick-Ups

“You can sweep her off her feet” If you’re out at an amusement park for the day with your friends, it might be a good opportunity to check out the local talent. Chances are your friends will be doing the same, and there are a million great ways to pick up girls at theme parks, so the odds are good that you’ll all wind up getting lucky. In this sort of setting, girls are flirtier and want a man’s attention, so step right up and score yourself a babe! With only a few tips, you and your friends can win big and take home a prize that’s way better than a gigantic stuffed gorilla. Rollercoasters are a great time to flirt with girls – is she in a group with an odd number? Offer to sit with her so she doesn’t have to sit alone. It makes you seem like a gentleman and gives you an automatic in with her – bonus points if she’s scared of coasters. If she’s scared, you get the added benefit of getting to comfort her and keep her safe, giving you an excuse to hold her hand or wrap an arm around her. You’re sure to earn her number after the ride, and she…

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