Impressing Your New Girlfriend’s Friends

“Just go out with them and have a fun time” Dating a girl isn’t all about the stages of love and fawning over each other. When a new relationship starts, everyone is curious about it, including your new girlfriend’s friends. Not only are they curious about you, but they are also the most important judges of your character. Granted, you most likely wouldn’t intentionally do anything to screw up what you’ve got going on, but it can happen without you even knowing. Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to please everyone. When you are scheduling dates with your new babe, keep a rule in mind: for every two dates that you make with her, set up one that can be more of a group date. This will include her friends and some of yours (it might be a little weird, just you and all of them). These types of dates tend to be more fun and relaxed, allowing for a no stress session of them getting to know you. That will hopefully ease any tension or doubts that might be hanging around. The best places for these depend on the type of group. Bowling and arcade centers can be really fun. They encourage a little competition…

How to Top a First Date

“Take her to a bar this time” The ice has been broken and you’ve had your first date. All went well and a second has been scheduled. That’s great! But now….what are you going to do? The first date was typical: dinner and a movie, a coffee date, or something along the lines of that. It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with another successful date scenario, but why not add a little something extra to it to make sure that you get to keep seeing this hottie? Follow these key elements and she’ll want to get with you again for sure. The destination should be somewhere that is a little more serious than the first location, but not by too much. Remember what you two had talked about at that dinner or coffee date. Does she really love books? Take her to a question and answer session with an author she mentioned; or a bookstore, if you didn’t catch the author’s name. Maybe she’s a total foodie, one of those multiple course, guided meals at a local restaurant would fit the bill perfectly. If she mentioned being really active you can go for a hike, or drop in on a local fitness group (or a dance class, yoga…

Getting Her to Wear Lingerie

“Lingerie is the best gift for her” Lingerie can be an easy factor to add some spice into the bedroom. But, if your babe isn’t feeling confident enough to wear it, then it might take some coaxing from you to get her out of her shell. The classic way to do this is to buy it for her yourself. The next time you are dressing after getting rowdy in the bedroom, act like you’re being a sweet guy and hand her, her bra and panties. Little known to her you will be checking them both and making mental note of the size. It’s always a bit of a gamble to shop based solely on size, but it’s a start. Talk to the ladies who work at the lingerie shop. Bring the sizes, but also mention her body shape. Is she curvy, thin and stacked, has wide hips, narrow waste etc.? Based on what you tell them, they can recommend an item. Yes, you might want to see her in a g-string and pasties, but her comfort zone might be a baby doll or silky gown at first. The wild stuff can come later. When you give the lingerie to her, do it in a way that says she’s special, that…

Catch a Girl on the Rebound without Seeming like a Jerk

“Charm her” Nothing hurts a woman worse than a bad breakup, especially if they end a relationship that had been ongoing for a very long time and were extremely into the guy they were with. This can be hard for you if you had known her closely previously, but if you were merely acquainted and she was someone you wanted to hook up with pretty badly, it won’t hit as hard. In fact, you can use it to your advantage. You’re in luck because women “on the rebound” like this, so to speak, are in a slightly vulnerable emotional state and will be even more likely to say yes to an invitation for a dinner date, or even just a drink. Sometimes these women who’ve recently ended their relationships are just lonely in a physical sense, and while they might not want another actual relationship so soon (in fact, most won’t) they’re likely to be more than willing to hook up with you. It will make them feel better and hey, the fact that there’s something in it for you is secondary, right? At least, that’s what you’ll tell her. A lot of men feel bad about catching women in this emotional state, but there’s really no guilt to be…

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