Unkempt is Unloved

“Keep yourself well groomed to increase your chances of getting laid” If you’ve been having trouble picking up chicks, the answer might be as plain as the nose on your face; or, rather, the hair on your face instead. How you present yourself is everything, and if you’re sporting a wizard beard you’ll be passed up 9/10 times for a clean-cut guy. Pay attention to your grooming methods and general hygiene – that might be why you haven’t been bagging ladies left and right. So, take a good look in the mirror and see if your problem is staring right back at you, then take decisive action. Excess facial hair is not only unnecessary unless you’re a lumberjack – it makes you look dirty. Not very many women go for the shaggy, homeless look, so consider digging out the razor or the scissors. A closely trimmed beard looks suave and considered, and makes you look like you have your life together. Make sure to keep up with it and maintain it to stay fresh looking and clean, and you’ll notice results right away. All those women who wouldn’t look your way before with be clamoring to talk to you, and you can thank your new self for that. If you…

How to Ask for Kinky Play

You want to let your freak flag fly a little bit and that’s totally understandable. Even if you only get it to half mast, you want to be able to have fun. However, you’re in a brand new relationship and you’re not quite sure how to ask her for things without scaring her off. There’s a few tricks to asking to take the sexy play to the next level. None of them are creepy, either. Remember, this chick is into you for a lot of reasons, and maybe she’d love to have you push her boundaries. Remember that Ladies Love Sex Too Women are sexual creatures to the max. We’re serious, they are just as into it as we are, if not more. The problem is that they get a lot of shit for having kinks while we, for the most part, don’t. Getting her to feel open about her kinks, then, means that you have to be gentle about it at first. Ask her how she feels about something that you want to do, spanking for instance. See what her reactions are. Make sure that when you’re with her, you tell her that you want her input on things. The more you make her feel like she can tell…

Body Dust: What the Hell and How to

No, we aren’t talking about dead skin cells or anything like that! What we are talking about is called ?body dust? or ?body powder,? and it’s fantastic. Not only is it freaking delicious, but it’s fun and interesting. That makes it an excellent way to prime the pump for some of the friskiest sex you’ve ever had. Body dust is also great because unlike other sexual toys or ?bedroom aids,? it’s not frightening and there’s absolutely no way that it can be painful. So when you have a new babe over for sexy-fun-times, breaking this out isn’t going to scare her off. It IS going to show her that you’re interested in making sure that she has a good time and that you don’t take yourself too seriously. What is it? Literally, body dust is candy for sexy times. It’s a fine, soft powder that smells and tastes like a variety of sweet flavors. Depending on the company, there can be tens of flavors on hand from root beer to cotton candy, so you can choose your favorite flavor. When you ARE shopping for body dust or any body candy it’s important that you check the quality. Good powder should be fine and powdery. When you sprinkle it in the…

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