Safe Places to Meet a Girl You’ve been Talking to Online

“Meet her at a coffee shop” No doubt you’ve heard the sarcastic phrase thrown around pretty frequently, “Oh, it’s on the Internet, it MUST be true”. While this is a sad statement, it’s true; there’s no guarantee that anyone you’re talking to online is really who they say they are. While the chances that you’re going to get scammed on any legit hookup or dating site is pretty slim, it’s always best to be safe than sorry, don’t you think? Whether it’s you or the girl you’re trying to get with that brings it up, it’s always best to agree on crowded, public locations for the first time or two that the two of you meet up, just until you’re a little more comfortable with each other. Try these suggestions that are safe without totally killing the mood. Local bars or nightclubs are great places to meet the woman you’ve been chatting up. They’re secluded while still having that casual, hookup-fueling feel. You can buy her a few drinks and talk, and even though you met online, getting to talk at a bar like this will make it feel like a “traditional” hookup, if that’s the sort of feeling you might be looking to evoke. A bar is the better…

Getting Past Guyliner

Reading this article title, you might be thinking, “What the hell is guyliner?” Well, my friend, guyliner is the term affectionately used for men wearing eyeliner. Makeup products are not just for girls anymore. Men can wear it in the same way to accentuate features on their face or body to attract the ladies they’re trying to pick up. Does this mean you should be wearing a full face of make up the next time you have a night out on the town? Not unless you’re absolutely confident in it. Dip your toes in the water before you jump in with these few tips. Chapstick See, not so scary. Wearing some sort of lip balm will help keep the lips hydrated and, therefore, looking kissable. Chicks totally check out those types of features on guys. Look for a non-frilly lip balm (something like the classic Chapstick, natural lip balms, etc.). These tend to have less shine than the more doctored-up ones that promise to add shimmer or shine to the lips. The goal of this is only to get rid of those cracks and dry spots that can sometimes frequent the area. Concealer “A concealer can help you get rid of dark circles below your eyes” This does just want…

Edible Panties or Living with Disappointment

There are things in this world that sound amazing when you first think about them. Things that you are 100% certain that are going to blow you away with how goddamn amazing they are. Then you get those things and you are forever disappointed by them. Like cake, some things are lies. One of the worst lies that we have ever had to deal with, are those fucking edible panties. They are the worst fruit rollups in underwear form. Sticky, gross, too sweet, underwear that is not sexy. It’s not sexy for you, and its way not sexy for her. All three of us tried it out with our ladies and here, with names removed, are our disastrous results. Couple 1: The Hair Problem This particular couple is a fairly hairy couple. They’re not gross or anything, just, the manscaping and the ladyscaping isn’t always porn star close. This shouldn’t be a problem when dealing with things that are designed to go on the human body. It should extra not be a problem for something that is designed to go on under your clothes for any period of time. Let’s just say that when he pulled them off of her more came free than the panties. She screamed, he nearly…

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