The Biology of Love

“Start with personal hygiene” We’re all as human capable of free thinking and forming our own ideas and desires, but we also can’t deny that sometimes basic biology helps us with some of our decisions. As a man, you’ll be more attracted to a smaller, healthy-looking woman, so what are women naturally attracted to? As odd as it sounds, some of the easiest ways to get girls are simple changes in appearance and grooming. Whether or not you’re actually in it to procreate (chances are if you’re just hooking up you aren’t), a woman’s body is instinctively attracted to a man who would make a better “mate” than someone less biologically appealing. Are your pearly whites not so white? Buy yourself some Crest white strips or pay to have them bleached by a dentist, because your smile can be a bigger turn-on than you think. Having clean, bright teeth shows good health, which is an automatic green light for a woman. Also make sure to keep your face oil and acne-free – looking dirty makes you look unhealthy and unsuccessful, steering women away. Invest in facial cleansers to keep a clear complexion, and use it religiously. You also need to make sure that you’re well groomed: shave, brush your hair,…

Picking Up A Girl You Work With

“Know how to flirt with your co-workers” Yes, the advice a lot of people give when it comes to getting with a chick you work with is, “Don’t crap where you eat.” That can totally apply to this scenario, but sometimes there’s just a hottie you can’t resist. It’s not your fault that you both happen to work at the same place. If you don’t mind rumors (which are probably more than true) circulating at work (which they totally will), then proceed with operation snag-your-coworker. The first thing to do is to test out the waters. Light flirting does this best, since being in the same place with someone so often tends to lead to attraction of some sort, even if it’s not someone you’d normally hook up with. Kid around when you’re talking and drop hints that say, “I totally think that you’re bangable, but not in a sexual harassment way.” Since this is a work place, you do have to be careful with how strong you come on. If you do cross a line, management could get involved and lead all the way up to you losing your job. But, once she starts flirting back and says things like how excited she is to work with you or…

How to Make an Impromptu Threesome Proposition

“They are ready for a threesome – Are you?” What they say about women often seems to be true; they travel in packs. This is great for you for a variety of obvious reasons: more eye candy, and more opportunities to get laid, right? Imagine that you’ve been at a bar all night talking to two gorgeous women. Typically you wouldn’t do anything like this for fear of offending one or getting in too deep, but they’re both total knockouts. They’ve been friends for a long time and are really comfortable with each other and as the night goes on and you start thinking about which one you’re going to take back to your place, you start to wonder why you can’t have both of them. Maybe one of them makes a joke about which one is going home with you and which one goes home alone, or maybe it falls to you to make that kind of forward remark. Either way, this situation can turn into the best possible instance of “both is good”. You’re sitting right in the middle of a perfect opportunity for a threesome with two beautiful women, which is pretty much every guy’s dream. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste! “You are on the…

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