Unkempt is Unloved

“Keep yourself well groomed to increase your chances of getting laid” If you’ve been having trouble picking up chicks, the answer might be as plain as the nose on your face; or, rather, the hair on your face instead. How you present yourself is everything, and if you’re sporting a wizard beard you’ll be passed up 9/10 times for a clean-cut guy. Pay attention to your grooming methods and general hygiene – that might be why you haven’t been bagging ladies left and right. So, take a good look in the mirror and see if your problem is staring right back at you, then take decisive action. Excess facial hair is not only unnecessary unless you’re a lumberjack – it makes you look dirty. Not very many women go for the shaggy, homeless look, so consider digging out the razor or the scissors. A closely trimmed beard looks suave and considered, and makes you look like you have your life together. Make sure to keep up with it and maintain it to stay fresh looking and clean, and you’ll notice results right away. All those women who wouldn’t look your way before with be clamoring to talk to you, and you can thank your new self for that. If you…

How to Act in a Strip Club

We’ve all seen the videos about how men throw money and make it rain and girls go insane in the strip clubs. We do not have making-it-rain money. In fact, we usually don’t even take our ATM cards to the strip club because we’re not stupid. That means that if we’re being good, we only take about 200 to 300 dollars with us on any given night. However, we don’t have a bad time while we’re at the club at all. In fact, we get plenty of lady attention and we can hang out for a good amount of time. The secret is all in how you carry yourself. Before You Go Prepare yourself before you go to a strip club. Make sure that you shower and don’t bathe in body spray. Just some soap and deodorant is usually 100% fine. You’re not the one who is going to be putting in work, after all. Dress nicely too. Make sure that your clothes are clean and don’t have holes in them. Basically you want to look like you’ve got the money to blow even if you don’t. Also, eat and drink before you get to the club. Strip clubs make you pay OUTLANDISH fees for a drink or two. While…

Getting Older Doesn’t Mean Giving Up

“Flirt with beautiful women despite your age” As hard as it is these days to meet women, it’s even harder when you’re getting older. Are your gray hair and receding hairline ruining your love life? Don’t worry, your dating days are far from finished, and you don’t have to start dating old women either. What you have to do is adjust to a different sort of demographic and realize that you might have just been projecting to the wrong audience these past few years. There are attractive girls out there looking for older guys like you if you know how and where to find them. “Young women often want to sleep with older men” Young women find older guys dignified and mature, which is a huge turn on for a lot of them. Unlike with women, it’s a good thing to have a bit of gray in your hair, and even male hair dyes emphasize that you shouldn’t cover it all up. Having some salt in your pepper makes you look like a suave, successful businessman, and women flock towards men of standing. If you’re not a man of standing, it’s easy to fake it. Buy yourself a nice outfit to wear out, even if the rest of your clothes…

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