Unexpected Items of Clothing that Girls Find Sexy

“Wear body hugging clothes” When you’re on the hunt for a new lady, it’s a no brainer that you probably shouldn’t look like a homeless slob who’s using the public bathroom as his showering place. But you also don’t want to look like a rich huffy whose manservant does all of his handling of things the ‘poor’ might have touched (unless you’re looking for a girl who’s into that, I guess). So get yourself some new swag. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on these surprisingly sexy clothes that ladies dig, most can be found at second-hand stores in your area. Ladies love vests. Not those awkward, puffy ones that you wear in the snow, though. Fitted vests serve absolutely no purpose in the world of practical clothing. They don’t keep you warmer, they don’t cover your naked body, and they don’t hold anything in place…which is why they seem so sexy. Because they are so pointless, it means that you are putting effort into your wardrobe. If you’re going on a date while wearing one, it means that you want to impress her and went the extra mile. If you’re wearing one out on the town, you’re a step above the tools who have been hitting…

Languages of Love

“Start with French” Remember that foreign language class you had to take in school to graduate and thought you would never do anything with? Well, break out the beret and maracas, my friend, because that knowledge is about to land you an entire harem of women! Knowing Spanish or French can be a huge asset to you when you’re trying to get laid and you’re struggling with ways to impress them. Even a basic knowledge of a language and a few choice phrases can be enough to have them clamoring for you. It’s likely that you’ve forgotten a lot of what you learned in your class, so just brush up on it a bit! Buy a book or two of common words or conversation topics in the language of your choosing and look it over. Write down important things or sexy phrases to say to the girl you’re with, and practice them until you get it just right. Focus on your accent, too, or it won’t sound convincing and she’ll just be put off. French and Spanish both have sounds in them that we don’t make in the English language, and pulling them off is both sexy and impressive. She’ll be dying hearing you roll your “r’s” when you purr…

Instant Knight in Shining Armor

“Chivalry always impresses women” Girls are more easily impressed than you think, and admire even the smallest show of chivalry despite rumors that they are hard to please. There are your general ways to be polite like holding the door open for her and letting her go first when you enter a store, but there are more surprising things that will win a woman’s heart, and might even end up getting you laid. You’d be shocked at how little you have to do to impress her, and most of it is just common courtesy. If you’re a gamer, things like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft can take up a TON of your time and attention. Say you’re on a mission and you’ve neglected her for a few days – yeah, she’ll be a little irritated, and she’ll be lonely. Don’t let her get to the point where she blows up; it’ll end in screaming and her trying to take the Xbox or computer away from you, which is just stressful and unnecessary. Finish the mission, but pretend like you’re still in the middle of it because she won’t be able to tell the difference. Then, put the game down and bring her over to you instead. Let her…

How to Hook up with Girls at the Gym

“Show her the right way of holding a dumbbell” If you’re at the gym a lot (we know you probably are!), you’ve undoubtedly scoped out the gorgeous, fit girls that seem to be there every time you are. Well, don’t worry! You’re in luck, because working out at the same gym together is probably one of the easiest ways to talk to a girl you’re interested in because there are just so many opportunities presented and so many different reasons you could find for why you’d need to talk to those beautiful women. Unlike at clubs or bars, where it can be hard to get in close enough to talk to your prospective hookup and not being able to be heard over everyone else’s conversations or the music, the gym is usually not too loud so you’ll actually be able to hear her cute little flirty statements when she says them to you. They’re having trouble reaching a weight high up on a shelf they aren’t tall enough to reach? You’re there to help. More and more recently, it seems that women are doing more strength training as opposed to strictly cardio, so if she needs a spotter while she tries a little more weight on the bench press you…

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