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Coming in at number two is XXXLove with still great results. It was a lot of fun to use this site and meet the hot girls it made available.

Let’s just start out by saying this: every single member of our team currently has a year-long membership to, and we did NOT require that when we first started our XXXLove comparison.

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That should give you some idea of how much we LOVE! If you’re looking for a great hookup site, we think you’ll be pretty taken aback by how good this one is.

So, what makes so great? Let’s take a closer look at some of the fantastic features this site has to offer. is, plainly speaking, one of the most powerful tools for hooking up that we’ve ever seen.

If is the equivalent of a sleek Ferrari of hookup websites, then we’re pretty sure that is like a luxury limo-it might be a little bit harder to handle and doesn’t corner as well, but the perks you get out of joining this site are phenomenal.

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Our #2 pick for online hookup sites is XXXLove

For one thing, this site looks AMAZING. There aren’t any gaudy colors and flashing lights here to distract you from how good it looks, because every bit of it is properly coded and designed.

The second you sign up to, you feel like you’ve become part of an elite club. The tour you take is comprehensive and fun (it features a stripping model, not unlike our favorite site, After that, you get to design your profile, which is one of the more comprehensive profiles we’ve set up. That made it a LOT easier for us to find the women that were right for what we were looking for.

Our Results On Over The Last 90 Days

During our time on, we sent out our usual 900 emails-two per day, by five guys, for three months. It sounds like a lot, but we didn’t put in too much time that way.

In response, we got back 722, which is a ridiculously high percentage! That’s over 80 percent! To put that in perspective, it’s about DOUBLE the usual response rates of sites like, which have tens of millions of members.

We set up dates with 56 girls that we exchanged several emails with, and went out with 51 of them. That went VERY well-for more tips on how go from first date to first lay FAST, check out our guide to flirting on the first date-and how to close the deal.

We had a fantastic time on, and we’re definitely going to be back. After all, each of us are paid up for a year!

First Emails That Worked Well on

Here are some first emails that worked really well on

Email 1: “Hi, Tilly. What a magnificent choice, to surround your golden hair with sunflowers. You really highlight the subtle beauty of nature in that photograph, better than I ever thought a camera could capture. Are you a big fan of gardening, or is this unusual for you? I’d love to explore the botanical gardens in town with someone who knows what she’s talking about. Hope to hear from you soon….”

Email 2: “I never expected to be jealous of a sunset, because it was the one who got to see you on that night, in that red dress. It’s all right, you can make it up to me by showing it to me again-the red dress, not the sunset. We can get a new sunset. I’d prefer to see the dress on your body, but I wouldn’t mind if you had other ideas.”

How To Maximize Your Experience

Here’s your lucky day: most of the guys who use appear to be FRAT BOYS.

Know how to get ahead of a frat boy? Don’t be a frat boy.

Long story short, the girls on love guys that seem a little older, a little wiser, and seem like they know how to really treat a woman the way she wants to be treated.

From our research, we found that pictures of us in suits worked the best-you can still put in your pictures of your dogs and your hobbies, but we got the best reaction on when our main profile picture was just a dude in a suit, for whatever reason.

The best way to prove that you’re not a college idiot is by just casually mentioning your job. Try posing in front of an expensive purchase, such as a car, motorcycle, or other INTERESTING big purchase, like a boat (which you can borrow if you must), with the caption, “Just paid this bad boy off with my latest work bonus. Feels good!”

That way it doesn’t seem like you’re bragging too much, but you still get the message out there.

What We Liked About

We LOVE the girls on this site. They seem really down to party whenever we talk to them, and that’s always a huge plus! We had a really high rate of girls who were willing to go home with us out of the ones we took out on dates, which is really important to us for success.

Another thing we loved about is the number of girls. It really felt like no matter which city we were in, there were THOUSANDS of girls online at any one time!

What We Didn’t Like About

We mentioned earlier that does feel a little bit “clunky” compared to Sometimes the pages don’t load as fast, which isn’t horrible, but it can get a bit annoying.

Something else we’re not totally thrilled about is the fact that sometimes, the girls on aren’t exactly as young as they look in their profile pictures. Look at the other pictures a girl has uploaded-usually they haven’t bothered touching up the extras!

Is a Legit Site For Hooking Up? The Review Conclusion

We had a FANTASTIC time on We’re planning on staying on this site for the future, and having a lot more fun every time we log on.

The girls we’ve met here are outstanding. The site is as good as in many ways, though it does just BARELY get edged out by the sheer number of girls we met on that one. All in all, a phenomenal site!

50 Responses to “ Review For Hookups: The #2 Website”

  1. this site has a huge membership base and it’s so great to be able to find any kind of hookup i want! nothing but a positive review for xxxlove with that in mind!

  2. there’s no comparison in my book. this site really helps me find EXACTLY the kind of woman i want to be with and i’ve never had better results anywhere!

  3. Eaglet Gruesome

    i was a little skeptical of the 100% hookup guarantee and i thought this was a scam. as of yet i still haven’t had my hookup but i HAVE talked to a bunch of women that seem hopeful!

  4. i was worried this site wasn’t legit. it’s legit but xxxlove isn’t my favorite one out there…definitely all about the sex, not so much about the dating

  5. Leslie Rader

    A good enough site to get me hooked! I have no complaints and really enjoy checking my inbox every day to see who has replied to me. Can’t wait for a hook up!

  6. Gutsy Empire

    one of the best hookup site hubs i have ever been on! xxxlove really delivers, i have never not gotten laid on here and i will be back to try again!

  7. A+++ rating…i love this site…can’t think of any other site that REALLY does what it says it’s going to do, and that’s help you find hot girls! highly recommended!

  8. this isn’t the best dating site i have ever been on but it’s still one of my favorites! the women are really hot here and i have no complaints about it for sure, it can just be sometimes laggy with messages

  9. pricy and therefore that needs to be mentioned in this review…i like this site well enough but xxxlove hasn’t delivered very much for the price so far, i’ll just have to keep trying

  10. Abe Reichard

    sites like this remind me that dating CAN be done online…and you can meet some really hot chicks while you’re at it! don’t skip this one, you will not be disappointed to become a member here

  11. honestly one of the sites i was looking forward to giving a review because of how good it is. xxxlove has helped me hook up a dozen times now…can’t be tamed!


  13. Dormouse Willy

    i always worry about a site being a scam or not but this one isn’t. it’s a solid, good site to help you find that naughty hookup but it can be pricy as far as i’ve found

  14. whether or not it’s legit i’m not sure but xxxlove is full of gorgeous ladies. i really wish i could get them to answer my messages at a more consistent basis…

  15. Cyril Osteen

    this is a really good site if you are looking for a quickie. the girls on here are always ready to go it seems and i haven’t seen hotter girls on other sites. well worth the money.

  16. Lefty Angel

    the BEST hookup site i have ever used. xxxlove is amazing and WILL get you laid without a doubt. well worth ever penny i’ve spent, these girls are hot!

  17. for my rating i can’t give it any less than a 10 out of 10. it’s REALLY that good. you will not regret spending money on this site because you WILL get laid without a doubt!

  18. Wolverine Grim

    for a dating site i think it falls a little short but for a sex hook up site it’s really great, you can’t go wrong if you just want to bang, the women here always seem up to that

  19. not the most stellar review i can leave but it’s still a good site…i think xxxlove has some good features it’s just really not right for someone like me that wants to date and only then worry about sex

  20. Hal Newbern

    sites like this are fantastic and so much fun if you know how to use them. i’ve got it down to an art and i always end up getting laid, and with this site, it’s no exception!

  21. Golden Beam

    nothing like a stellar review to start the evening off with. i really love because it gives you exactly what it says it will: hot women and sex!

  22. i’ve yet to find another site that comes close in comparison, this one is the absolute best. i’ve never NOT gotten laid here and i really love the girls i’ve met on here.

  23. Strawberry Vulture

    it’s not a scam so i’ll keep giving it a try, but i have to say it’s not THAT great. while i’ve met a few women on here i think they aren’t any different than other women on other sites!

  24. Christopher

    a legit site and not the BEST one but i’ll keep at it i guess? xxxlove doesn’t make it as easy as they say they will…mostly the girls need to answer more messages!

  25. Julian Mens


  26. Glooming Warrior

    awesome hookup site. no complaints from me, xxxlove is an awesome place to meet awesome ladies and hey…overall…it’s just AWESOME so don’t go anywhere else!

  27. 10/10 rating. it’s an awesome site and you will undoubtedly get a hook up at this site. just pay for the real membership and have at it, these girls are smoking hot and really fun.

  28. Gangster Solid

    if you want a dating site that will help you have a good time, this one will do it. i can’t say i have ever found a site that will help you get laid faster. great site.

  29. this one just gets an ‘eh’ review from me. i think xxxlove has a lot of good features but it still hasn’t made it the most easy process in the world to get hooked up.

  30. Nigel Hozier

    i love sites like this!!! i don’t think i’ll ever use another one other than this for now though because this one just consistently gets me in bed with a gorgeous woman.

  31. Moving Hook

    Only nice things to say in this review! This is one of my favorite sites because always gets me the hook up I want. These girls are gorgeous and well worth it!

  32. try to think of a comparison and you’ll find it’s impossible. this is a great site and you will NEVER not get laid on here. one of the best hook up experiences i’ve had so far.

  33. Rolling Yak

    about as far from a scam as you can get, though it’s STILL not the best site…i think it has some great features but the girls are about the same on every site for me!

  34. legit and i can’t wait until i can hook up with someone on that’s my real complaint, it’s slow-going, and i’m not sure how to make it go any faster!

  35. Silas Wheeler

    whether it’s good or not isn’t up for debate! it’s a GREAT site and one that WILL get you a hot lay when you’re lonely on saturday night!

  36. Rusty Hidden Toad

    literally the best hookup site i have ever been on…no complaints from me xxxlove is just a great site!!! you really can’t beat it and i can’t imagine another site that will ever be any better!!!

  37. the only rating i can think to give is a giant thumbs up and A+! what a great site. you can’t beat girls that actually want to talk to you and sleep with you!

  38. one of the better dating sites i’ve tried though it’s def more about sex than dating! don’t expect casual dating here, it’s all casual FLINGS as a general rule…

  39. i wish i could give this a better review but for me it’s just kind of eh? i wish xxxlove had a more responsive user base but for all the girls on it i feel like they just don’t want to talk

  40. Aurelio Isemann

    If I could, I would always be on sites like this. I really love these women and think they’re a ton of fun! I’ve met some of the best hook ups of my life on here!

  41. Wooden Rat

    one of the best sites i’ve been able to review all year. REALLY does what it says it’s going to do and you WILL get laid using this site!

  42. if you try to think of a comparison to this site you’ll find that you CAN’T there’s nothing better!!! WELL worth the money because you WILL get a hot chick on your arm soon enough!

  43. Silver Rocky Rat

    always worry about this kind of thing being a scam, especially with the 100% hookup guarantee. but…this is a pretty good site and i have met some great girls here.

  44. i think that is legit, but i am still not that impressed with it?? i wish the girls would talk back to me more consistently, it’s hard to get them to reply

  45. Riley Newton

    a good site and one i will keep using! the women here are beautiful, fun to be around, and they love to chat. i love checking my inbox at the end of the day!

  46. THE best hookup site on the internet in my opinion. really does everything it can do to make sure that you get the hookup that is best for you!

  47. 10 out of 10! this is an amazing site and i will never use another one at this rate…i just meet all the girls i need to here and there’s no need for me to spend money elsewhere!

  48. solid as a dating site but better as a hookup site that’s for sure…dating is more my scene, not casual sex…so i will have to reevaluate my use of this one

  49. I’m pretty happy to give this one an ‘eh’ review because it’s good but not great. xxxlove has yet to get me that hookup they guarantee, after all!

  50. Mose Nicholas

    i really enjoy sites like this and i have had a great time using this site so far. amazing women to hook up with and i never NOT get a reply from them!

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