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Do you like being disappointed? If the answer is no, avoid XXXBlackBook as we are sure you will not like it! is about as useful as an actual black book that’s blank inside from cover to cover. This site won’t get you laid, and it’s broken as hell. At most, all you’ll get from this site is a damned headache.

We didn’t like at ALL. Not only that, but we’d go so far as to say that anyone who says they got lucky on this site is DEFINITELY lying, and almost certainly getting paid by the website to say that they got laid. No one could get laid on here. No one DOES get laid on here.

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Why do we think this site is a scam and a ripoff? Let’s take a look at why is so god-awful.

The first thing you notice when you sign on to is that the site is broken as all hell.

The first one of our group who signed on lives in Tulsa. As soon as he logged on, the site loudly proclaimed, “HOT GIRLS WAITING TO MEET YOU IN MILWAUKEE TONIGHT!”


We experienced that every time we logged in-it detected NYC as Denver, Houston as Atlanta, and Portland as somewhere called Upper Lake, Michigan. Each time, it told us, “We found these hot girls in YOUR area!!”

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Sorry, Try again. You’re making a fool of yourself.

Of course, not every failure on the part of this website is so funny. The site is FULL of fake profiles. To learn how to spot them yourself, check out our guide to finding and spotting fake profiles designed by spammers and scammers, and never get fooled again.

Why We Believe Is Not Legit

Really, the results of any website should speak for themselves, and we have no issue with that. During our time on, we sent out 900 emails-just to be thorough. We got back a whopping 16 of those.

Not 600, not 160, not even 60, but 16. Total.

The saddest thing is, all of THOSE were SCAMS. They were all the same generic couple of messages-we kept it going, and kept asking these girls about their lives (because we enjoy banging our head against brick walls, apparently), and got back the exact same spammy emails every time. “Hi I think ur profile is cute! Let’s hang out…”

Is a Scam: We Think So!

We can get past the fact that the site is broken and buggy as hell. We can get past the fact that there are more fake profiles on here than real profiles, even though that’s really obnoxious.

What’s hard for us to get past is the idea that there are just NO GIRLS waiting to meet on That’s pretty much the point of dating websites, and this one is just unacceptable.

If you want to throw your money away, there are WAY cooler ways to do it. You could try going up in a hot air balloon and dropping it on unsuspecting travelers, that sounds kind of original. We guess you could always try giving it to charity, but that sounds like the kind of thing we would pretend to a girl that we did so she’d sleep with us. You could always try burying it in the backyard and giving some kid in 50 years a hell of a day. Even THAT might somehow get you laid better than the stupid website

Should You Try Hooking Up Using Review Conclusion

No one should try using to get laid. It won’t work, it’ll make you look stupid, and you’ll be the idiot left out in the cold. You’re never going to get laid on here. You’ll throw your money away by giving it to people who couldn’t properly code a website to save their lives, and you’ll be no closer to sex than you would be to winning the lottery-twice.

If you really want to hook up, there’s no better way than by going on a GREAT hookup site that’s actually full of girls. We’ve reviewed dozens, and our Top 5 is full of fantastic sites that take your money in exchange for a valuable service (namely, getting you laid) instead of just for shits and giggles. Try out top pick,, if you enjoy a sure thing!

30 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List”

  1. Emerald Brave

    the worst thing about this hookup site is there are just NO women here. xxxblackbook is full of desperate men and no women…not worth the money at ALL!

  2. you won’t get laid and there’s no contest for that. when you do a comparison to other sites you’ll really see how bad this one is, because other sites will actually HOOK YOU UP!

  3. Eh, not THAT much of a scam, but that doesn’t mean it does what it’s supposed to do either! You won’t get laid on here that’s for sure so don’t waste your time.

  4. i’m not sure if it’s legit or not…xxxblackbook looks like it has some real cuties here and there and so i will keep trying to get them to reply to my messages!

  5. not good and it never will be! this site is just lacking in PEOPLE and so when the ratio is that bad there’s no WAY you can expect a hookup. don’t waste your time

  6. Richy Dancer

    i just wanted to test out a few sites and xxxblackbook was one of them. not worth it. you won’t get laid and you shouldn’t expect much of anything from here

  7. not much to say about this one other than how awful it is. lowest rating for me because it just doesn’t do a damn thing and you will NOT get laid on here

  8. i usually don’t bother with a review but this one is eye-roll worthy…not a single hookup the whole time i was here…at least some of the girls are hot!

  9. This site seems to fall kind of flat for dating? Not sure but xxxblackbook doesn’t work for me, I was hoping for some fun but I haven’t had much of that so far.

  10. El Gargoyle

    this is a scam site because it does NOT help you get laid at all. you’re wading through a sea of nothingness because most of these girls are long gone. don’t bother!

  11. Steamy Beauty Filly

    one of the more pathetic examples of a hookup site that i’ve seen because xxxblackbook is REALLY lacking in women. who would want to join a site ilke this anyway??

  12. no comparison to how bad this site is, there’s not much to even keep you hooked, this site in general does not get ANYTHING done and i have never had a single message replied to

  13. Small Volunteer

    i think this is probably a scam…which is a shame because there are some hot ladies on here! it’s just mostly overpopulated by guys as far as i can see…

  14. whether it’s legit or not i’m not sure?? but seems like a good site on the outside so i am still giving it a try in hopes of meeting the right girl

  15. Triostock

    summing this site up in a few words is saying that it’s REALLY not good! don’t spend money here it’s a waste of your time because you just won’t get laid

  16. Forgotten Power

    wish i had nicer things to say after giving this one a test run but there’s just NOTHING about this site that makes it redeemable. bad messaging and ugly girls, can’t rec xxxblackbook!

  17. lowest rating from me, i really am not fond of this site, you won’t get laid and you will probably just get spam mail…save your cash and time and go elsewhere!

  18. Slimy Cockroach

    for me this just falls flat on all aspects of the dating site model. i wish i could leave a more positive review but there’s NOT Much about it that’s good!

  19. seems like a decent enough dating site but i have yet to really have a conversation with anyone, just not the best i have tried so far.

  20. Silly Disappointed Sapphire


  21. Rotten Lone Swush

    for a hookup site this is just abysmally bad. could be so much better but instead it relies on dragging men in and not any more women!

  22. no comparison to this craphole, i will NEVER spend money here again, it’s really not worth a cent of it OR a moment of my time. i can’t get laid so what’s the point!!

  23. Dangerous Dragonfly

    probably a scam. i have yet to get a single message replied to on here. might also just be the overwhelming number of men but who knows, at least the girls are cute.

  24. Reinaldo

    I think this site is legit but I am not impressed all the same. xxxblackbook hasn’t succeeded in getting me a single hook up so far and I am disappointed!

  25. HammerHammer


  26. Squirrel Foxy

    when i went to test run a few different sites this one came up and i wish i hadn’t bothered. xxxblackbook is so empty of women and you won’t get a single one to even reply!

  27. 0 out of 10 rating, i wish it were better but there’s NOTHING about this site that will make me want to come back. fake profiles, empty ones, and just not any girls at all!

  28. dusting off a review for this one because i tried it a few months ago and then again recently and nothing has changed. just not a good site for hooking up…

  29. i was hopeful when i went to try this out for dating but xxxblackbook hasn’t helped me out so far. i’m still hoping and going to see if other girls will respond.

  30. Dust Angry Knight

    probably a scam site and i have less doubts by the day when i just see more guys failing at getting laid on this site. what a waste of money and time.

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