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In the #5 position of our top online hookup sites is Xpress. With a still impressive 21 successes, it is a website worth checking out for any guy!

If you’re looking for a really quality dating site that ALSO happens to be a pretty great hookup site, you’re definitely looking for Xpress.com.

The thing that sets it apart from most other hookup websites is the fact that it is a real DATING site instead of just a hookup site. Now, for some, that might be a disadvantage. We choose to see it as an advantage, and we’ve had a LOT of luck on this site.

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So, will it hold true for you? Or is this just us being overly optimistic? There’s just one way to find out, so let’s take a look at what we loved so much about Xpress.com.

The first time we logged on to Xpress.com, we were struck with how nicely-designed the website was. This is a cool, sleek, modern website with a very interesting feel that we think will appeal strongly to the kinds of girls we want to hook up with.

Remember, we’re not interested in hooking up with the lowest common denominator-we don’t like trashy girls who can’t get any other guys, even just for hookups! We like quality girls, and we can be pretty picky at times, we’re aware.

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Hooking up is easier when using Xpress

On Xpress.com, we didn’t feel picky. Most of the girls there are GORGEOUS, and we barely had to look at all to see some girls that were above and beyond our standards.

Let’s just say, “WOW.” These girls were 8s and 9s at least, and there were even a couple 10s. We don’t usually go after 10s-if they’re not escorts, then they’re usually out of our league. But being on Xpress.com is the closest we’ve ever felt to thinking that we COULD get a 10.

Our Results On Xpress.com Over The Last 90 Days

Over the last 90 days, the five of us guys each sent out two emails a day. We’re each in different cities, so we wanted to make sure you knew whether Xpress.com was more successful some places than others, just in case you needed to know that before signing up.

We were SHOCKED when we sent out our usual 900 emails, and got back OVER 600.

If you’ve ever been on ANY dating site, let alone a hookup site, you know how impressive it is just to get a SINGLE email back from a girl. Getting about 70 percent of our emails back was awesome! We really stepped up our game on Xpress.com, and it looks like it worked!

Of the girls that emailed us back, we set up dates with 38 of them. That wasn’t a huge number, but remember, we work multiple dating sites at once for maximum results (see our guide to using this tactic in order to get laid FAST and on YOUR terms).

First Emails That Worked Well on Xpress.com

Here are some first emails that worked really well on Xpress.com.

Email 1: “Hi, Melinda. Gosh, your petite….teapot next to you in that picture is really lovely, did it come with the rest of your stuff? I bet you thought I was going to comment on your tiny stature, but I’ve decided just to be glad that you like taller, stronger guys. Unless you’re already sick of thinking about my hands on your waist, how do you feel about dance classes? There’s one in town that offers free lessons every Tuesday, and I see you’re a dancing fanatic!”

Email 2: “Hi, Auriel. I see you’re a physical trainer-man, my biceps are killing me just looking at you! If you ever get tired of bossing around big guys that take your orders, feel free to boss around this guy-unlike your clients, at least I’m open about the fact that I think you’re cute.”

How To Maximize Your Xpress.com Experience

Remember how we said that this was a dating site that was also a hookup dating site?

Yeah, you get three guesses as to how most of the guys on here mess that one up.

If you treat the girls on Xpress.com like they’re hookups, none of them will give you the time of day. You and your right hand are going to be getting a lot of special alone time. This is the kind of site where girls might say that they’re just looking for a hookup, but more likely they’ll say they’re looking for a “fling.” That’s because girls can have “flings” without being considered sluts, but if you admit that you’re looking to get laid, a lot of people are going to judge you for that choice.

Personally, we wish guys would stop saying girls are sluts if they sleep around. Come on, do you WANT them to stop sleeping around? We don’t! We want girls to sleep around as much as they want, and do it with us!

What We Liked About Xpress.com

The guys behind Xpress.com have put a lot of work into making this a very comprehensive dating site. We really like the way they flesh out the features, making it something that just about everyone can use. The chat rooms are a GREAT way to meet people. We actually met and hooked up with two or three girls in the chat rooms alone!

We also really like how easily you can customize your profile. There are a lot of options for how you want to appear, and we like all of that flexibility. It makes it easier for us to figure out what we like and don’t like about a girl when we can see how she makes up her profile before we even bother deciding whether to send her a message.

What We Didn’t Like About Xpress.com

Sometimes, the actual website for Xpress.com is very clunky-and that ONLY bothers us because it’s pretty obvious WHY that is.

This is a website that really wants to push the envelope, and make a better website than all of its competition. This website wants to make sure everyone knows how great it is, and it does that in part by making its website LOOK better than every other site (with the possible exception of SocialSex.com, but that’s an argument better saved for later).

The problem is that for anyone without a brand-new computer, that’s going to be obnoxious sometimes and take up a lot of CPU space. Sometimes, we’d prefer the bare-bones approach.

Is Xpress.com a Legit Site For Hooking Up? The Xpress.com Review Conclusion

Don’t get us wrong-we LOVE Xpress.com. It’s in our top 5 websites for a reason, and we wouldn’t knock it out!

However, it’s just not quite as excellent as SocialSex.com, or even XXXLove.com. They’re on top for a reason.

50 Responses to “Xpress.com Review For Hookups: The #5 Website”

  1. The Stallion

    this is one of my favorite sites by far so i am happy to leave a high review! xpress.com really brings out the hottest ladies i have ever found online, highly recommended.

  2. There is no other site I have found in comparison to this one that has as many good-looking women to hook up with. Love how responsive they are to messages as well!

  3. NOT A SCAM or I would have been long-gone! this is a great site…really hits the mark…just wish that it were a little easier on my computer, it’s laggy at times.

  4. it’s legit but i am not thrilled by xpress, mostly because i think a lot of these girls don’t really care about you and are just about sex and your wallet…

  5. a solid, good site that WILL get you laid one way or another! lol these girls are hot, you just have to know who to talk to, don’t harass them until they talk!

  6. Brutal Steamy Moose

    this hookup site is one of my favorites on the whole internet. xpress really gets the job done, you WILL get a hot date, just have a good time on the site until then

  7. 10/10 rating, i can’t praise this site enough, i have never NOT gotten laid on here…these girls are banging and super hot and you will really enjoy your time on here

  8. Mini Scarlet Knife

    for a dating site this can’t be beat, though it isn’t without its flaws. don’t bother trying somewhere else, because this is as good as it gets

  9. While I wish i could give this is a more wow’d review, xpress is still good, it’s just not my favorite. I’ll keep at it and maybe meet some of these lovely ladies.

  10. Roosevelt Harding

    really enjoy sites like this and i wish i could spend even more time on them! i have a great time on them overall and it’s just a blast for all parties involved

  11. nothing but nice things to say in this review, xpress.com is my absolute favorite for dating and hookups. chances are there WILL be a girl on here for you!

  12. ok there’s really no comparison! this is my favorite site and for a reason. the girls on here are just wonderful…plus REALLY easy to hook up with! can’t beat that.

  13. The Reborn Queen

    worried about it being a scam as always but it isn’t. it’s a very populated site so the chances of meeting someone is high, i’m just not entirely sold on it.

  14. legit but still not GREAT. you can do better on other sites that aren’t run by xpress i think but if you’re careful and good at this you might find a fun lay.

  15. Rodolfo Carter

    good for hookups and dating alike! i really enjoy this site. i’ve found a lot of success by messaging the girls on here that have similar interests to me.

  16. Donna Seagull

    a fantastic hookup site, i can’t think of another one other than xpress that i like using more. i will be back here again and again to renew my membership.

  17. nothing but the highest rating from me. i love this site, i’ve never found another one that puts out the same results as consistently as this one does!

  18. if you are looking for a DATING site, it’s less this one because it’s more about SEX. if that’s your thing, then you’ve hit the jackpot! enjoy at will!

  19. wish i could give a more positive review, but for dating this one just doesn’t hit the mark? i really think xpress is all about the sex and booty call which is a shame for me…

  20. Oren Jolce


  21. Moose Streaming

    i have NOTHING but nice things to say in this review for xpress! it really gets the job done when you are looking for that special hookup… i won’t go to any other site.

  22. I can’t imagine another site coming close in comparison. This site just hits all the marks and I can’t imagine getting a hook up as fast on any other site.

  23. Venus Clown

    while i am always worried about a site being a scam, this one isn’t one. it’s just full of a LOT of girls, which is fine! it’s just sometimes hard to wade through them all.

  24. even if this is legit i’m not that impressed by xpress.com, i wish it were actually easier to get a hookup on here, i’m mostly left bored and alone

  25. Erik Treeby

    honestly a good site!!! i will not use another one aside from this, it’s fantastic and really does the trick for whatever i’m up to that particular week!

  26. The Light Giant

    for a hookup site i expected something sleezier but it’s HONESTLY classy and well put together, i can’t believe xpress.com has been here for so long without me knowing!


  28. John Insane Dreadbeard

    for a dating site i expected…idk, more dating, less obsessed with sex, but hey i’ll take what i can get. it does the trick and sometimes can be pretty fun!

  29. i wish this was a more STELLAR review but honestly xpress.com isn’t the most STELLAR of sites, it’s just ok for me, not the most success i’ve had online!

  30. Curtis Costello

    i do love sites like this and this one is among my absolute favorites! no chance of not getting a hook up here really, the girls are easy and want to have fun!

  31. Bitter Waffle

    dunno about you guys but i love leaving a great review on a site like xpress. you can’t beat this site, so get over here and get laid as soon as you start

  32. there’s no comparison. this is the best site i have EVER used for online hookups and it’ll stay that way i guarantee it. amazing girls on here just waiting for you!

  33. Captain Marcia Seagull

    i was worried this was a scam but thank god it wasn’t lol pricy if it was for sure! i was thrilled about the girls but it’s a little overrun by escorts, shall we say.

  34. this is a legit site though i am not that impressed with the interface. xpress tries to be fancy but just kind of ends up bogging my computer down.

  35. a good site and one of my favorites, the women are a blast and they ALWAYS answer my messages. can’t turn down a single one of them really!

  36. Francois Ravenblack

    every last hookup site that i’ve tried so far has been a crapshoot compared to xpress. it’s the best because it really knows the science behind helping you find a hot hook up!

  37. for me this is a real 10 out of 10. hits it out of the park and then some, this is my favorite hookup site by far! i will never go anywhere else in the future!

  38. REALLY not the most amazing dating site but for sex and casual encounters this is a blast. you can’t beat it for that but i wouldn’t go on here for dating.

  39. wish i could leave a more ecstatic review but for me, xpress honestly falls flat. i don’t think it really gets much done outside of helping you find sex and that’s not my scene.

  40. Williams Stiffey

    i love sites like this and wish more of them existed. it’s not the easiest to find hookups in this world today but this one makes it a lot easier!

  41. HAPPY TO LEAVE A GREAT REVIEW ON XPRESS BECAUSE IT CHANGED MY LIFE! i was bored and lonely and then i found this site, and found a ton of women as well! thanks a bunch!!

  42. no comparison. every other site really pales when put up against this one, i have never had anywhere near as many hook ups until i hopped on here!

  43. Strong Bunny

    at first it looks like a scam but it really gets the job done and makes your life a heck of a lot more fun. my only complaint is there are a lot of old profiles that need to be cleaned out!

  44. whether it’s legit or not, it still didn’t really work for me. xpress isn’t for the romantic, it’s for the casual hookup, and for me, that just doesn’t work.

  45. Garfield Sutorius

    This is one of the BEST dating sites online and if anyone says it isn’t good, they can answer to me! You WILL get laid on this site, no doubts about it!

  46. Hungry Galaxy

    my preferred hookup site by far! i love this site because it’s honest and straight forward and makes it really easy to find the girl of your dreams for that week!

  47. 10 out of 10 rating!!! i would rate it even higher if i could lol this is my favorite hang out online especially when i’m looking for a hot date…no regrets about spending money here!

  48. Fatty Hammer

    for a dating site it’s just ok, i expected a little more! just not as populated as i’d like it to be when it comes to a real dating experience, it’s all about sex.

  49. i am happy to review xpress though my experience wasn’t as thrilling as i wanted it to be. still a good site, just really didn’t hit the points i needed it to.

  50. Bo Christner

    sites like this make me so happy because it’s PROOF that there is dating and fun in the online community still. highly recommended from me!

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