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Xdating should be crossed off your list. We will never be back and encourage you to never go in the first place.

Xdating.com doesn’t even try to hide the fact that it’s a scam.

Basically, Xdating.com is the kind of site that just hopes that guys will sign up anyway if they put pictures of hot girls on the front, even if it’s OBVIOUSLY a scam.

It commits several cardinal sins of dating sites, which the really GOOD sites, like the ones on our Top 5 Best Hookup Sites, would never even try. Any of these issues on their own would be a deal-breaker; together all at once, it’s an almost criminal website.

hookup site scam alert image

So, what’s so obscenely awful about Xdating.com? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

When we join a website, whether it’s good or a scam, our final evaluation of it is based on whether we get laid or not. What can we say? We’re simple guys. We aren’t on hookup sites looking to find the loves of our lives, we’re here to get laid, plain and simple.

With that said, here are a few of the things that Xdating.com does that we find totally unacceptable:

  • Doesn’t notify any customers of changes to terms & conditions
  • Doesn’t offer refunds under ANY circumstances
  • Doesn’t “get involved” if one person on the site scams another
  • Volunteers customer information to undisclosed “third parties”
  • Doesn’t notify customers if the rate of the site goes up-they’ll charge your card anyway for the new, higher amount
  • Doesn’t tell you how much it costs until you pay.

xdating homepage screen capture

Some other websites do this. Those are also bad scam sites. They’re just usually at least a little bit sneaky about hiding it, whereas Xdating.com puts all of this in the FAQ right out in the open.

It looks like they KNOW they’re going to get sued for bad, unscrupulous practices, and they’re already preparing a court defense. After all, it’ll be difficult to allege that the site is ripping you off when they can point to their FAQ and point out that they’ve been very open and honest about ripping you off the entire time.

It’s difficult to pick which part of these terms of service creeps us out the most. The idea that they’re just going to give our information away to whoever they want is pretty bad.

But the fact that they’re trying to keep their members completely in the dark about their billing practices, as well as not offering refunds, is just sending up giant red flags all over the place. They’re really just being obvious about the fact that they are ONLY out to get their customers’ money, and that they don’t care about anything else.

These are NOT good business practices, and the fact that they admit them somehow makes them even worse.

Why We Believe Xdating.com Is Not Legit

We sent out 900 emails on Xdating.com. We got a PATHETIC number of responses back-eight. We got EIGHT responses back. That would be a bad number for anyone but for us? We’re used to getting more like 700 responses back on good sites, more on great sites like SocialSex.com. This website is appallingly bad.

Is Xdating.com a Scam: We Think So!

If you’re into getting ripped off as some kind of sexual fetish, you should feel lucky (and probably really, really weird). Xdating is one of the biggest ripoffs we’ve seen in a LONG time of evaluating websites for reviews, and that’s really saying something.

They pretty much say in their FAQ that their website is a scam! But they still get people signing up all the time. Don’t be that guy.

Should You Try Hooking Up Using Xdating.com? Review Conclusion

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you check out Xdating.com. This site is trash, and it only wants to take your money and trick you out of house and home. They don’t care if you get laid-and you won’t, since there are no girls on this site that aren’t scammers. Check out SocialSex.com instead, our top pick for hooking up online.

30 Responses to “Xdating.com Review: Why Xdating.com Didn’t Make The Top List”

  1. William Wormwood

    people that call this site a hookup site should probably be smacked silly. xdating is really awful and you will not get laid. at least the chicks are real but they’re butt ugly!

  2. No comparison to the crap that is this site…the girls don’t even answer messages here. definitely not worth your money, you will most certainly not get laid.

  3. Fisherman Pointless

    Pretty sure it’s a scam but that’s not the point. The POINT is that you will not get laid here nor will you even get an invitation to a girl’s bed!

  4. what is there to say about this site…i hope it is legit? that’s about how far i’ve come at this point with xdating. just hoping it’s real so i can meet some hot chicks!

  5. Morbid James Seagull

    REALLY NOT GOOD. DO NOT SPEND MONEY HERE. not only are all the girls ugly there just aren’t enough of them to go around even if you do lower your standards!

  6. i wanted to hop onto xdating.com as a test run but i just ended up being disappointed. you will not get a hookup on here, so don’t waste your time!

  7. for me this really gets a 1 out of 10. it’s just bad you will NOT get laid. the only saving grace is the fact that i can close the window and get away immediately!

  8. Forgotten Swallow

    it’s soooo hard to get anyone to meet up with you on this site and that’s why i’m giving it a bad review. the girls just do not want to go out and get in bed with you!

  9. Really trying to make xdating.com actually WORK for dating and I’m struggling so far. It’s just not a good site for that I think…more about the sex which I guess I have to give in and accept.

  10. Tidy Ugly Prophet

    this is an OBVIOUS scam site. really not worth a dime and you will not get laid. they lie about how many women are on here and active that much is obvious!

  11. Sugar Pilot

    pretty bad even for a hookup site. i expect some level of sleeziness but xdating is really just awful. you won’t get laid and you’ll mostly end up disappointed.


  13. more than likely a scam but hey, i gave it a shot, and i was at least not disappointed by some of the hilarious profiles. really not worth the time and money overall though!

  14. unsure if xdating.com is legit or not but it’s still not my favorite…consistently kind of disappointed…don’t bother with this one unless you have a good sense of humor??

  15. Sunny Bunny

    as far as dating sites go this one is just not good. you won’t get laid here even if you really try or if you really lower your standards, i’m sorry to say!

  16. Flower Doe

    this should be a test of my patience if nothing else because xdating REALLY will not get you laid. don’t spend money on a site that won’t get anything done for you!


  18. Los Wriggler

    gotta love the chance to leave a review on a site that is really bad. honestly it’s mostly just lackluster…but it’s bad enough that i cringed in horror and darted out the door!

  19. xdating.com hasn’t done much for dating for me so far if i’m being honest. i think that it might be better for casual hookups which is what i will focus on for the rest of the time here

  20. DEFINITELY A SCAM SITE. if you are on a hookup site you at least want to get laid! any amount of money spent is for that but this one can’t even do that for you!

  21. Meaty Monkey

    one of the worst excuses of a hookup site that i’ve ever seen… xdating is really bad because it lies and guarantees a hookup and welp a lot of good that’s done me

  22. no comparison to this crappy site! you won’t get laid. you’ll be lucky if you come away without a ton of spam messages…don’t bother with this one!

  23. The Cool Forsaken Boomerang

    scam scam scam but a hilarious one if nothing else! you will get a good laugh on this one for the bad spam mails but you’re stlll wasting money so out the door with you!

  24. if this is legit then i think i am doing something wrong. xdating still has not gotten me a single contact in the month i’ve tried it out and i’m pretty disappointed

  25. Wolverine Grim

    this site is just NOT GOOD. you won’t get laid on here because the women are fake and the profiles are all old, outdated, or just fake spam bots!

  26. Needless Rotten Rebel

    wish i had picked another site for a test run…xdating.com really falls short of the mark and i couldn’t be more upset with having spent any amount of money here!

  27. for me this is a 0 out of 10 rating right from the get-go. crappy layout and just a bad site that won’t do anything for you let alone get you a single hot lay!

  28. Risky Steady Hurricane

    love leaving a review on a site like this where it’s obviously just a scam. with that in mind you shouldn’t have spent too much money here so consider yourself lucky.

  29. xdating has unfortunately not been a good dating site to me so far but the girls are cute and hot and i am hoping for a little bit of an improvement in the future

  30. Severe Captain

    if you can’t see this is a scam site then you are blind lol. the profiles are soooo fake, obviously yanked from other sites, and the pics they steal aren’t even hot!

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