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Our #1 position goes to for online hookup sites. We were able to enjoy success with 49 girls. This beats any other site reviewed.

Let’s not beat around the bush-if you’re looking for a website where you can meet a bunch of HOT girls who really want to hook up with you, there’s just no better site than

This site does everything a GOOD site should do, and invented a bunch of stuff we didn’t even know websites COULD do. Basically, this site set the bar for us, and every one of us is currently enjoying the sweet discounts that come with paying for a full year’s membership up front.

SocialSex png for CTA

When we first logged onto, we weren’t quite sure what we’d find. We were BLOWN AWAY by the quality of this site!

As soon as you sign on, you know that this is no ordinary website. The plain boring white background and thumbnail pictures that seem to make up about 90 percent of dating and hookup sites are nowhere to be seen. We’re used to seeing poorly-spelled links, and immediate flashing advertisements that tell us to BUY, BUY, BUY.

image for socialsex homepage

We want to share our favorite hookup site with you: SocialSex

You won’t find ANY of that on Instead, as soon as you click on the page, you’re treated to a tour of the site. This isn’t just a nickel tour slideshow, either!

You’re led through the site’s features by a stunningly gorgeous model, who asks you each of the questions. These aren’t bullshit questions like you get asked on just about every dating site. This site neatly avoids what we like to call the “eHarmony problem.” You know the one: the site might be decent, but the questions are unbearable. The site questions on those places are always things like, “On a scale of 1-5, how would you rank the importance of your partner’s spiritual quest?”

There’s NONE of that bullshit here. Instead, you get asked REAL questions, like, “How often do you want to hook up?” and “What are some of your fetishes?”

For every question that you answer, the model takes off an item of clothing. Fortunately, there are a LOT more questions than there are items of clothing, so this tour gets really good, REALLY fast! Hey, call it gimmicky if you want, but we were sure as hell clicking like crazy to get to the next screen. The only thing better than being led around by a STRIPPING model is being led around by a NAKED model.

Once our profile was finished, we got to start actually looking for girls, and that was where everything started to get AWESOME.

Our Results On Over The Last 90 Days

One look at the grid will tell you just how AWESOME we found this site to be, and for good reason!

During our time on, we sent out a total of 900 emails. Now, before you balk, remember that this is NOT TYPICAL-we’re a bunch of guys in five different cities, and we wanted to make sure that the site would work just as well no matter where we were.

Plus, this was over a total of 90 days, so three whole months’ worth of work with regard to hooking up. Honestly, we probably put in about twenty minutes a day doing it on this site. That’s how easy it is to hook up on

We sent out two emails a day each, over a total of 90 days doing our SocialSex review. Knowing that a really good average on dating sites is around 20-40 percent, we were hoping to get back at least 300 emails, which would prove to us that this is a REALLY good site.

We were pretty floored when we got back 769 emails.

We were shocked when we found out how many girls there were waiting to hook up on! We set up dates with 61 of them, and wound up closing the deal on 49 chicks! We basically got laid about ten times each over our time on this site, which is better than any site we’ve EVER been on!

First Emails That Worked Well on

Here are a couple emails that worked really well on

Email 1: “Hi, Leah. I was interested enough when I saw your smile, but seeing you with that horse really made me think you’re the kind of girl I’d like to go for a ride with. That’s a terrible joke, and you’re welcome to punish me for it, if you want, but I’d rather make it up to you with a drink.”

Email 2: “Hi, Chelsea. I tried to scroll past your profile, I REALLY did. I guess if I have one failing, it’s not being able to resist a girl surrounded by books. I’ve just finished reading Nabokov, which is about as far into the Russian Masters as I can get. Have you had any better luck with Tolstoy than I? I notice you’re pretty against that 50 Shades of Gray crap. I’ve always said, give me Anna Karenina over Ana who doesn’t understand BDSM any day of the week. Hope to hear from you soon…”

How To Maximize Your Experience

One of the best things about is that not a lot of guys seem to know HOW to use

When we logged on, one of the most common emails we got from girls was basically saying, “Thank god you sent an actual email, all the guys on here just sent me pictures!”

For whatever reason, girls on this website don’t like it when you send them pictures, especially dick pics (check out our guide to sending a perfect first email for a better understanding of what SHOULD go in an email).

What We Liked About

Apart from the initial walk-through, one of our favorite things about is the way customer service responds PROMPTLY to any issues. One of our group accidentally used the wrong credit card when renewing his membership, and customer service cleared it right up!

We also LOVE the sorting algorithm. They never tried to give us a girl that wasn’t smoking hot and IN OUR AREA. For a lot of websites, that’s just too much to ask. For, that was just plain everyday business.

What We Didn’t Like About

While this site is pretty perfect, sometimes notifications take up to five minutes to show up. That can really cramp your style.

Another thing we don’t LOVE is that it’s not possible to customize your home page. It’s not a dealbreaker, just something we’d like.

Is a Legit Site For Hooking Up? The Review Conclusion

This is the best website for hooking up that we’ve EVER tried out, bar none. If you want to get laid immediately and often, we highly recommend you use You won’t be disappointed, we guarantee it!

50 Responses to “ Review For Hookups: The #1 Website”

  1. nothing but nice things to say in this review! socialsex helped me find an amazing hook up just down the road from me, never would have known she was there if not for this site!


  3. i’m always worried these sites are a scam, but this one definitely isn’t. this is an amazing site that will help you hook up with the hottest chicks and make it happen really fast!

  4. whether it’s legit or not im not sure…i just haven’t had that much luck on yet? i’m starting to wonder whether or not it’s me or the girls, they just won’t answer me

  5. a good site and one of my absolute favorites when it comes to hooking up. you really can’t beat this site for discretion and it’s FULL of amazing women!

  6. Orange Jackal

    one of the only hookup site places that i’ve been lately and gotten results! socialsex never disappoints and i will happily use this site again and again to satiate my desires lol

  7. A+ rating from me! i absolutely adore this site and the women on it. they’re all amazingly sex, gorgeous to look at, and a ton of fun in the sack, highly recommended!

  8. for a dating site this is really above and beyond my expectations. these women WANT YOU. that’s the best part about it! they will always answer a message!

  9. this site has so far just being kind of meh for me but i felt the need to leave a review anyway. social sex is okay, not my favorite site, but at least the girls are lovely.

  10. Moshe Carden

    sites like this make me have faith in the online hook up community. nothing scammy or bad about it, this is just the best site for finding a hot chick on a cold night!

  11. nothing like an amazing site to review for a chance. social sex is AWESOME, i have never NOT gotten laid here, and the women are just gorgeous. highly recommended!

  12. there’s really no comparison…this is a great site…you will end up getting a hot hook up here if you stick around long enough…this site has never not failed me now or ever!

  13. Definitely not a scam! Don’t let people fool you into thinking it is; there’s nothing but hot, REAL women on this site. I’ve had a ton of convos with them and am looking forward to my hookup.

  14. Christian

    if this is legit then i am not having the best experience. SEEMS like a good site but i’ve yet to really get a ton of messages returned. i’ll just keep at it.

  15. Thanh Ryals

    good’ doesn’t even begin to describe this site, more along the lines of GREAT. seriously the girls are hotter here than ANYWHERE ELSE, you can’t beat that especially for the price!

  16. Gravy Brave

    one of THE best hookup site i have ever been to, is amazing and full of hotties…you’ll be crawling in them soon enough, just send a few messages and get started

  17. 10 out of 10!!! this one really hit it out of the park for me and i couldn’t be more thrilled to keep spending my money here…well worth it when i just end up with hook ups every weekend!

  18. Dangerous James Redblade

    this is a pretty good dating site though it isn’t my absolute favorite. you honestly can’t beat it when you consider it’s so active and filled with a ton of chicks.

  19. a decent review from me but it’s not my absolute fav. social sex has a lot of great features but it’s just hard to actually get chatting with the girls on here sometimes.

  20. Lou Klockman

    sites like this remind me that online dating is alive and well! i’ve had nothing but good experiences here and will keep coming back for more hook ups again and again.

  21. A++ review from me!! is a GREAT site if you want to casually hook up with someone in your area. can’t not recommend this site for all the hotties on it!

  22. when i try to think of a comparison i really can’t, this is just a fantastic site for finding that special lady to spend the night with. rock out on this place and have fun!

  23. Dirty Baron

    NOT a scam but it doesn’t mean it’s my favorite site either. this site has a lot of issues but i still end up on here because the women are really hot…

  24. it’s a legit site though i have yet to really hookup with anyone on it. social sex is a good premise i just haven’t met many people on here as of yet.

  25. Nicolas Fitzgerald

    a really, solidly GOOD site and one i will keep coming back to again and again. the ladies are gorgeous and a ton of fun on a friday night for sure!

  26. Little Cougar

    one of the best of the best. i can’t recommend another hookup site over and i never will, priced right and full of beautiful women!

  27. Francisco

    A rating! i’d rank it even higher if i could, it’s just THAT awesome. you will not find another site that does what this one does, it really gets the science of hookups right!

  28. Gross Simon Deadwood

    for a dating site, i think this falls flat. for casual sex, though, you REALLY can’t beat it. i just wish it was easier to date on here and not just get laid!

  29. not the highest ranked site on my review list but social sex is still pretty good. i think it does the job of finding women very well, it’s just the act of getting them to return messages.

  30. Lamont Wolff

    i love sites like this! i’d be on them all the time chatting with my lovely ladies if i could! this is one of the best ones i’ve found and you will NOT be disappointed

  31. Pointless Clown

    my review of this site could NOT be more positive. i really love social sex because of all the options and features it gives you, and i’ve ALWAYS gotten laid here!

  32. an amazing site and for me, there’s no comparison. you really can’t find another hook up site that is this professional and legit and i won’t ever give my money to anywhere else.

  33. Swallow Doggy

    About as far from a scam as I’ve seen, but I’m not ENTIRELY sold on this site. It’s pretty good, not my fav, but at least it gets the job done in most circumstances!

  34. a legit site though i have yet to hook up with anyone! i’m not that thrilled about spending money on social sex for nothing. the girls are so pretty, too!

  35. Austin Hasely

    honestly a really good site. i will not go anywhere else after all the good experiences i’ve had here, it’s just solid and consistent and helps me meet the people i need

  36. Strong Bunny

    for a hookup site i didn’t expect much, but socialsex REALLY hits the mark and then some. it’s just so discreet and professional and the women are amazing!

  37. only the highest rating is what this one deserves!!! i love this site. i have never gone to another site after meeting the women i have here… i think they’re just hotter here!

  38. Gangster Solid

    A DECENT site for a dating site though I think at times it can be a bit sleezy. Some of the women are just kind of eh to me while others are really hot!

  39. nothing bad to say in this review per say….i just wish it was easier for me to really chat with women on social sex and get them into my bed! not as easy as they make it out to be…

  40. I can’t say enough good things about reputable sites like this. This is a gem of a find and REALLY worth your money if you love hooking up!

  41. Snappy Elvish Brigadier

    an A+ review and that makes social sex one of the few sites i will actually pay money for nowadays. well worth it, you meet amazing ladies and have a great time.

  42. can’t think of a comparison. this is an amazing site and the scene that these women are involved in is great…so much fun…you will not regret spending money here!

  43. nothing about this is a scam but that doesn’t mean it’s THAT great. ok though really, i have met women here, they aren’t the best, but at least it performs better than others!

  44. legit and honestly a good site, i just wish i could meet more women??? doesn’t make it anywhere nearly as easy as they say they do!

  45. Marcus Kimple

    ONE OF THE BEST SITES I’VE BEEN ON. NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS TO SAY!!! i love this site and EVERY woman i’ve ever hooked up on because of it, it’s such a great meeting place!!

  46. one of the best hookup site on the web. it deserves the best recognition out of all of them. is an amazing place to meet girls and it’s well worth every penny.

  47. this one deserves the highest rating i can give. i love this place. the women here are just hotter and more fun than any other site on the web for dating!

  48. Giraffe Rotten

    not sure how this performs as a dating site, but for hookups? heck yeah. i have never had any loons on my watch and the girls have been hot.

  49. a good solid review from me but it’s still not y favorite. social sex is good at some things but not so great at others, just pick and choose what you use it for carefully.

  50. Nicky Thomas

    sites like this are a great reminder that there ARE ways to meet women on the internet still and not get scammed. a really great buy, don’t skip this one.

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