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We got the worst results from SeekBang and we expect you will too. Avoid it at all costs!

Put a condom over your hard drive before heading onto True love is protection, and you’re going to need it. is the kind of website that makes you nervous just to click on it-and we were RIGHT to be nervous!

We had a feeling that might be bad, and we were correct in every way. This site will give your computer a virus, if you’re not careful-it utilizes the dreaded pop-up ad, as well as redirecting you to obviously untrustworthy websites.

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With many sites we review, we know that some guys are going to go to the website just to see if it can possibly be as bad as we say it is. Please don’t do that with, you’re going to ruin something, and we’re not going to fix your computer.

So, what makes so gross (besides the name)? Let’s look deeper and find out.

When we first went to, we were redirected to a REALLY sleazy-looking website that had “clickz” in the name, and promised to help us meet horny, desperate, lonely housewives who were looking to hook up with local dudes.

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This is a terrible site! We have found the best hookup dating sites in our top sites review list.

First of all, hot.

Second of all, this website was NOT what we expected. This site was a total scam, and as soon as we reminded the little guy downstairs of that, we immediately tried to click away-

Only to be stopped by a pop-up, warning us of dire consequences if we left the page. This is on computers that DO have ad-blocking software, so imagine how bad that would be for someone who doesn’t.

Once you finally get into, it’s not QUITE as bad as you might expect. Yes, it’s still terrible, but at least it bothers doing things like showing you the profiles of women, whereas before it was mostly just flashing advertisements for Viagra.

Why We Believe Is Not Legit

Usually, we like to rely on the evidence of our own eyes and experiences when deciding whether a site is trustworthy or not-but after our experience with the popups and the redirect, we had to check out on other websites to see if it was legit.

According to sitejabber, threatfinder, and scamadvisor, has a reliability rating of ZERO out of 100. The site is definitely a threat, and you shouldn’t go on it unless you’re jonesing for a virus.

Is a Scam: We Think So!

When a site tries to get us to join, they should try and say some things that make it sound cool., on the other hand, invites you to “try out

30 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List”

  1. Big Backpack

    supposedly one of the best sites out there but i haven’t seen ANY OF THAT on this hookup site. seekbang is full of fake profiles that are just pornstar pics and it has a stupid name too!

  2. a joke of a site and i have yet to find one that is close in comparison to how bad it is. don’t spend any money here if you value your self-esteem, seriously.

  3. Hyena Strong

    definitely a scam. you won’t get laid here, you’ll just get a lot of spam e-mails convincing you that girls want to chat with you, and then when you pay, nothing!

  4. I’m not sure if is legit or not but I haven’t had much luck so far. I think maybe I am just looking for the wrong kind of woman so I will keep at it.

  5. Dreaded Foxy Skunk

    not good. nothing will convince me this site is not a scam, it really isn’t worth a penny, you are NOT going to get laid on here because the girls just don’t even exist!

  6. Hideous Breeze

    this was supposed to just be a test run to see which sites i liked and unfortunately this one ended up being a headache. a total scam…don’t spend money at seekbang!

  7. it should get a 0 out of 10 rating just for the dumb name. who the heck would sign up on a site that is nothing but fake porn star pics everywhere? a waste of money.

  8. Pointless Clown

    wish i got a chance to review a good site for a change lol but this site is NOT good no matter how people say it’s one of the top sites, it shouldn’t be because it’s fake!

  9. this site has really fallen short of my dating expectations. isn’t good because you are just throwing your messages to an empty room but the girls ARE hot…


  11. Forsaken Cougar

    first of all this is a horrible hookup site because the girls are fake and honestly you are paying to send messages into an empty hole. don’t bother with seekbang if you have any kind of integrity.

  12. common sense says this one has no comparison and you will not find a worse site. this one is just bad because of all the fake and scam pics and the OBVIOUS scheme to lure you in!

  13. Silver Rocky Rat

    fake messages immediately equals scam in my book. don’t spend money if you get e-mails from this site. they are fake and you will not get any after that!

  14. pretty sure seekbang is legit though i haven’t had the best of luck with my messages being returned so far. the women on here seem like a lot of fun though!

  15. Strongdom

    this site is NOT good. you will not end up getting laid on here so do not get your hopes up about anything. it’s a real mess of fake profiles and scammy e-mails!

  16. Red Francois Darkmoon

    i wanted to do a test run of a few sites and i was really hoping this one would be fun. is the opposite: it’s a trainwreck. fake profiles everywhere and scam e-mails. pass!

  17. F- rating and for good reason. it’s a total scam to just steal your money. one of the most classic ones i’ve seen and therefore a total threat to your wallet.

  18. Strong Eternal Jupiter

    nothing like a crappy site to write a review about! this one really falls short of the mark so don’t bother with it. you won’t get laid on this one, but at least you get to oggle some nice pics!

  19. i haven’t had ANY success with dating on so far…but i’m thinking maybe their messaging system is just kind of borked. i’ll keep trying.

  20. Deserted Warehouse

    clear as day that this is a scam site. don’t spend a cent here if you actually want it to mean something and try any other site that will ACTUALLY get you in bed with a hot chick.

  21. Dromedary Seriously


  22. there’s no comparison to how bad this site is. it’s just kind of a joke at this point, from the stupid name to the dumb profile pics. pass on it.

  23. Ice Hawk

    one of the worst scam sites i have seen in awhile but at least it’s sort of funny at the same time. at least the pics of the hot girls on the fake profiles are nice

  24. i’m not sure if seekbang is legit or not but i haven’t had a lot of luck so far either way. i will keep at it though because i am SURE their messaging system is just a giant pile of bugs

  25. Vilawarm

    not good and nothing will be able to make it good because they’ve already ruined it with dozens and dozens of fake profiles. not a real girl in site here.

  26. there are no real women on this site and that made a test run of this nearly impossible. it was like pulling teeth to look on, so don’t bother.

  27. for me this is a real F rating. i cannot believe people pay money for this site regularly. don’t waste your time or energy trying to get a hookup here.

  28. Jack Davis

    GETTING LAID ON THIS SITE IS NOT A THING THAT WILL HAPPEN. if you hop on here and want to review it with that in mind then you’re fine but otherwise you’ll be disappointed!

  29. i haven’t had luck with dating girls on this site so far but the women are gorgeous and so i will keep using seek bang to see where anything goes in the future!

  30. Tiny Hammer

    a clear as day scam site it’s so bad that it’s funny and i cannot believe people do not see the fake pornstar pics as profile images come on guys they’re BAD

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