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Calling PhoneFling a hookup site is false advertising. We would be surprised if anyone actually hooks up here!

We’re pretty sure the people behind are missing the point of dating completely.

This is another site with a gimmick. In this case, it’s a phone. This is what they call “mobile dating,” which most people just call, “texting.”

While there’s nothing wrong with the actual concept, we’re pretty sure the people at are letting a concept get in the way of creating an actually good website-and as it is, we don’t think anyone should join unless they really don’t want to get laid at all.

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So, why are we so sure that no one will get laid on Let’s take a look and find out.

Look, there are several different things that make up a good dating website. Here is OUR LIST of the most important things:

2. No scams
3. Good site design
4. Cool concept

Here, on the other hand, is the list of’s idea of what a good dating website should be:

1. Concept
2. Site Design

Hmm. As you can see, this isn’t exactly as…comprehensive as the list we made. This site isn’t one that you can trust, because it’s just kind of a dumb website that leaves out the most important parts.

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Don’t joint this site unless you like wasting your time! These hookup dating sites are your best bet for meeting hot girls!

Why We Believe Is Not Legit

You might think we’re being too harsh on the website when we say that they never focus on having hot girls on their website.

However, we did a little digging, and we found out some statistics about

Among those statistics, garnered from WatchTheWeb, we found out that has just over 300 visitors daily.

Yeah, that’s not per second, and it’s not just about how many go to the website IN YOUR AREA. This website literally has only about 300 members who log on for any given day, looking for some kind of a “Phone fling.”

If you’re wondering, “Is PhoneFling legit?” Hopefully this will help answer your question. This is an average of six users PER STATE in the U.S. Remember, if they’re allocated along the population centers, then anyone in states like Wyoming, Michigan, Utah, Nevada, and other less populous states will probably have none at all.

So, you can use your phone to try and text ladies all you want. You’re not going to hear that thing ring.

Is a Scam: We Think So!

If giving strangers your phone number gets you off, there are easier ways to fulfill that fetish. Try just writing it on random pieces of paper and throwing them into the air at a public event, for one idea.

Or, if that’s not enough, you could always have an airplane write it in the sky. No, that one is actually likely to get you a date, even if it does wind up with some hairy guy from Hell’s Angels. Hey, at least it’s a date. After this long on, we’ll take what we can get.

Should You Try Hooking Up Using Review Conclusion

In the future, this might be a website that we could call “just fine.” It does have a nice design. The problem is that there’s just no one on this website, leading us to wonder if it’s slowly dying or if it’s been this slow all along.

If you want to see a website where everyone is buzzing and social, try, our number one reviewed website. You’ll definitely get some responses to your queries there, and you’ll probably be hooking up with someone in just days!

30 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List”

  1. The Gutsy Knight

    not sure what phonefling is attempting to accomplish as a hookup site. it just isn’t good. there are a looot of fake girls on here and you won’t get laid by any of them!

  2. in comparison to any other hook up site you’ll find that this one is lacking, has no women around, and is just really subpar. plus it has a stupid name!

  3. can’t recommend any part of this scam website to anyone. it’s just not good if you are looking for a site that will consistently help you hook up with someone!

  4. I have no idea of is legit or not but i’m not really convinced so far… the gimmick isn’t good on this site and mostly i’m left wondering if anyone ever gets my messages.

  5. Surreal Trombone


  6. William Wormwood

    when i went to give phone fling a test i didn’t know what to expect. when i left i was just disappointed. this is one of the worst hook up sites i have ever used!

  7. 0 out of 10 rating because let’s get one thing straight: NOTHING will get you a hook up on this site. it’s full of fake profiles and generally in active. not worth any of your money!

  8. this was a boring review because let’s be honest, you can take one look at this place and know there won’t be any sex happening. inactive and just not a good site!

  9. who in the world said this dating site was a good idea…phonefling hasn’t gotten me a single date let alone a single hookup so i don’t have MUCH faith left in this site

  10. Forsaken Striking Clown

    this is probably a scam site and you can tell just by looking at it. it’s not good because there are just loads of fake profiles and you won’t get anything done here

  11. a waste of money especially for a hookup site. phonefling is just gross, full of skanky girls, you will not get laid here and you are throwing money away

  12. mobile dating with a twist my butt. this is just a really bad site and there’s no comparison to it. no one else is using this site and so what’s the point of it at all?

  13. an obvious scam. there’s no way you’ll get laid on this site, there aren’t any women here stupid enough to sit around! lol just enjoy the fake profiles i guess!

  14. this site is probably legit but i haven’t had luck on phonefling so far. it seems like a fun concept but i just don’t see a lot of women sitting around on here.

  15. Orange Dog

    this site is really not good and you will not get a single hook up on it so don’t waste money here. you are throwing money away to literally nothing!

  16. for me this site was just a huge gimmick when i gave it a test. phonefling claims you can access it anywhere…like…any other website if your phone has internet???

  17. a pretty stupid site deserving of a low 0 out of 10 rating. don’t bother spending money on a site that has a dumb gimmick that doesn’t make sense in this day and age.

  18. as if the gimmick wasn’t enough there are just NO WOMEN on this website and that’s why i’m bothering with a review. the women that are here are just FAKES

  19. for dating i haven’t had a lot of look on phone fling. i’m starting to wonder how many women are still active on this website but i will keep sending messages!

  20. Dirty Rocky Craw

    Probably a scam site, judging by the lack of activity. A lot of people have empty profiles because they’ve just left after about five seconds. I’m one of those now too!

  21. Lucky Lama

    pretty crappy even for a hookup site. i don’t expect much anymore especially from a site called phone fling but this one is just stupid. don’t spend any money here.

  22. if you spent money here then i can only shake my head in sympathy. there’s little comparison to this stupidity and you just won’t get laid because all the girls agree!

  23. White Vicious Jaguar

    an obvious scam and a stupid one at that. lmfao if you can’t access other GOOD dating sites on your phone then what the heck is your problem? this is a stupid site with a stupid gimmick…

  24. is legit but it’s not really the most active site i have seen out there. that’s disappointing because the profile pics for some of the girls are really cute

  25. Pale Billy Crawhawk

    everything about this site just not good. you will not get laid on here because no one is around to deal with the stupidity that is this website. don’t bother!

  26. Stony Llama

    i wanted to test run a few different sites and phonefling ended up being one of them, unfortunately. it’s stupid and gimmicky and there aren’t even any women anyway!

  27. for me this site gets the lowest rating, 0 out of 10. it’s just bad. the profiles are fake and the site is dumb to begin with, if i can’t access your site on a phone then you’re an idiot!

  28. hate having to bother with a review on this one because it just makes me roll my eyes .you won’t get laid here because there are just no girls to hook up with!

  29. everyone has long flown the coop i think on this site for dating, it’s all about sex, not sure i want to use phonefling for that but we will see how it goes

  30. Skinny Cutie Mink

    a really crystal clear scam site and it’s just a stupid one at that. don’t spend a dime on a site that is happy about how it is phone accessible. big deal!

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