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Unless you like spending your hard earned money to be lonely, don’t join LetsBang! It will disappoint you as it did us!

LetsBang.com is an awful site, and anyone who uses it should feel ashamed of themselves.

This site is full of the kind of women who can’t get laid anywhere else, and the kind of guys who can’t get laid, period. If you want to associate yourself with that….well, that’s a pretty dumb idea. LetsBang.com is a FAKE SITE, and none of the girls you meet are any good-because they’re not real. This is just a fake site, and if you spend any time on it, it’s too much.

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So, why are we so sure that this site doesn’t have a single genuine girl on it? Let’s look a little deeper and find out.

The first thing you notice when you sign on to LetsBang.com is that it looks tacky and gross. All the pictures are of topless or skimpily-dressed girls, and this is NOT a good thing.

You’ll be LUCKY to see a single picture of a girl’s face. Every girl shows her tits, or her ass (yeah, all of it), but none of them belong to actual GIRLS. Mostly, they belong to porn stars. Not big-name porn stars, but the little porn starlets that no one’s ever heard of. This is because for some reason, the people behind LetsBang.com thinks that the guys who are likely to use this site will not be able to tell the difference between actual, human girls, and porn starlets with bleached assholes.

homepage capture for letsbang

Well, you don’t have to. We’ll tell you, so that you don’t have to do the leg work for yourself.

This site is a scam.

Oh, you’ll meet a few “girls” on this site. But believe us, that’s not what you really want.

Why We Believe LetsBang.com Is Not Legit

During our time constructing our LetsBang review, we sent out 900 emails to girls all over the country. Of the girls that we emailed, we only got NINE EMAILS BACK.

If you’re counting, yeah. That’s pretty much one percent. Kinda hard to do worse than that.

However, there WERE some people that sent us messages out of the blue. Usually they were absolutely GORGEOUS, with a perfect body and a photoshopped picture, and it didn’t take long for us to realize that these were not real women who wanted to meet up and hook up.

We were right. However, what we were expecting was a lot of fake profiles with broken English, trying to lead us into staying on LetsBang.com for a couple more months.

What we GOT was a lot more sinister.

Is LetsBang.com a Scam: We Think So!

The girls on LetsBang.com aren’t so much “girls” as they are “scammers who will tell you a sob story to try and get you to send them money.”

Hey, maybe you’re comfortable with sending a woman a bunch of money to never, ever have sex. If so, may we recommend alimony? It has all the elements you’re looking for.

Seriously, this site is WORTHLESS for actually meeting women. It’s really good for sending a porn star money to never have sex with you, but you can just do that by buying a porno, and you’ll get a hell of a lot more use out of it than you ever would from a faker at LetsBang.com.

Should You Try Hooking Up Using LetsBang.com? Review Conclusion

We sincerely hope that our review of LetsBang.com was enough to convince you that you should never, NEVER, EVER go to LetsBang.com.

This site is the worst kind of lazy scam. The makers don’t care that you’re not going to meet women. They probably make a hell of a lot more off of the guys and girls who are paying a membership fee to scam other guys out of their money. This is the kind of scam that would NEVER fly on SocialSex.com, which is our top pick for a hookup site online. That’s the kind of place you can meet actual women, not just scammers who want your money.

30 Responses to “LetsBang.com Review: Why LetsBang.com Didn’t Make The Top List”

  1. ok first of all the name is ridiculous lol it’s dumb even for a hookup site! don’t waste your money with letsbang because you won’t get ANY banging done here!

  2. impossible to hook up on, so many fake profiles and ugly girls, there’s no comparison! don’t spend money if you really value you it because you won’t get in anyone’s bed

  3. a complete scam but hey at least some of the fake pics on here are hot. it’s not the most expensive site either but i don’t recommend trying it out.

  4. i THINK let’s bang is legit but honestly i am not impressed and wished it wasnt SO focused on sex. some of the girls seem sweet and much more datable!

  5. Billy Darkblade

    nothing about this site is good. ‘not good’ should be the summation of this site entirely to be honest, i can’t think of a single redeemable feature about this place…

  6. wish i had never bothered giving letsbang.com a test run… it’s not worth it at all… a total mess and really just a cluster of people being frustrated

  7. 0 out of 10 rating and i wish i could give it lower. REALLY subpar, you won’t get a single girl to even talk to you on here and if you do it’s probably a bot!

  8. Young Puppy

    nothing will convince me to give this site a positive review. it’s just very lackluster and boring with not a single real profile in site, what a shame!

  9. I’m not sure i should have gone onto a site called let’s bang with the idea of DATING in mind but oh well lol at least i’m giving it a shot, the women here are HOT!

  10. Mysterious Mandrill

    such an obvious scam site that i’m left rolling my eyes. not worth anyone’s time let alone mine and that’s why i left the moment i realized it!

  11. Ugly Rusty Saint

    there’s really nothing redeemable about this hookup site. let’s bang is a really deplorable example and there’s absolutely no way that you’ll actually get laid here. pass on this one!

  12. for comparison i could walk down to the post office and meet more REAL women. that’s how many fake profiles are floating around on this site! don’t spend money here!

  13. Warm Cheetah

    this is a scam but hey at least it’s a funny one. the name is hilarious enough, hop on the website and see all the obviously fake profiles and it’s even FUNNIER.

  14. I am really hoping that letsbang.com is legit… but i’m not holding out any faith for that because i haven’t had any luck so far. i guess i’ll keep trying!

  15. The Stallion

    this site is really NOT GOOD. you will NOT get laid here. you won’t even get a message returned and that’s if you’re lucky…otherwise you’ll be covered in spam!

  16. El Waterbuck

    when i said i wanted to test out some hookup sites i meant some ACTUAL HOOK UP SITES. letsbang.com isn’t that at all because there is no way you’re going to get laid on a site like this!

  17. for me this site really gets a low, 0 out of 10 rating. i can’t think of another site that does it worse than this one. what a waste of my time and money this one was.

  18. Chimpanzee Flaming

    no chance for a positive review here but at least i had a good laugh going through this site and seeing how bad it was. if nothing else you can join for that!

  19. this site hasn’t been very good for my dating adventures but i figure letsbang.com is pretty decent so i’ll keep at it. i just wish the women were more talkative.

  20. The Invader

    a blatant example of a scam site if i have ever seen one. don’t bother spending your money or time here because you will just end up wasting it!


  22. lmfao it’s hilarious trying to think of a comparison to this one because it really is just a crapshoot of how bad it will be on any given day. i know one thing, none of these chicks are real!

  23. Red Edward Digger

    definitely a scam and that makes it pretty funny to look at all the fake profiles so long as you are not wasting any money. keep an eye on your wallet with this one.

  24. while i am not convinced that letsbang.com is legit i haven’t had the worst time here so far. i just wish that the women were more responsive and that they would chat more.

  25. Infant Dreaded

    everything about this site is not good. you will not get laid here that’s for sure…and you will probably just end up with a lot of spam mail by the end of the day at BEST!

  26. Queen Reborn

    a bad test run when it comes to this site. let’s bang offers nothing for me that’s any good. the women are ugly and they aren’t even real besides!

  27. F- rating. i can’t believe people actually say this site is good when it’s clearly a ripoff and you will only end up wasting money on women that don’t exist.

  28. unfortunately another bad review…i couldn’t like this site…the only thing about it was some of the profile pics are good so i enjoyed browsing for the most part…

  29. i haven’t had any luck with dating on this site. letsbang.com seems very much geared towards sex and i just haven’t been focusing on that very much in my searches.

  30. Maximum Intense Pink

    this is such an obvious scam site and you should feel bad about spending any money here. it just fuels the site to steal money from even more people!

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