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Don’t even waste your time with iHookup. It was just a nightmare!

iHookup.com is a broken promise, and about as disappointing as hooking up with a supermodel and not being able to get it up.

Everything about this site is a disappointment. It’s actually pretty well-designed-or so you think, at first.

Unfortunately, everything good about iHookup.com is totally ruined as soon as you start looking into the actual services offered. Namely, there pretty much aren’t any good services being offered.

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So, why don’t we like iHookup.com?

iHookup.com is an empty, barren, useless website. This site doesn’t care if you ever get laid, and it definitely won’t help you.

When you sign up, you get a tour of the site that tells you all about how the site relies on “chemistry” to make sure that your matches all “sizzle.” Unfortunately, the only thing heating up is our BS-detector.

We’re really not fans of this scam website. We’re pretty sure they’re lying about their membership numbers, which isn’t anywhere close to being the biggest disappointment on this website. We wasted our money-we hope that you learn from our mistakes and stay as far away as you can from stupid, pointless sites like iHookup.com.

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Why We Believe Ihookup.Com Is Not Legit

During our time on iHookup.com, we sent out 900 emails. Trust us-on this site, we could NOT afford to be picky.

We only got back responses to 19 of them! Believe us, for us, that’s a TERRIBLE percentage. We got back over 80 percent of the emails we sent out when we used our favorite site, SocialSex.com! We knew that one was good, but to have it be THIS much better than the competition is downright ridiculous. iHookup.com really dropped the ball on this.

We didn’t get a single date from this site. We tried setting one up, but the girl never showed.

There just aren’t too many girls who actually use this site. When we signed up, we were sure that there would be a lot of potential here, but we were wrong. The site is not just lazy, it’s a definite scam.

Basically, all of the profiles we saw that incentivized us to sign up were inactive. They had been created, used MAYBE once or twice, and then abandoned without ever meeting or hooking up with anyone. However, they’re still hanging around the site, making it look like iHookup.com has a hell of a lot more going on than it actually does.

We’re also not fans of some of the dumb, embarrassing questions we had to answer during profile creation. These questions sounded like something that grade-schoolers would make up to try and trick each other into admitting they have crushes on each other.

Is Ihookup.Com a Scam: We Think So!

If you like sites that take your money without giving you anything in return, this one could be kind of a thrill. When we say you’ll get nothing in return, man, we MEAN it. This site is embarrassing to admit you’re on it.

iHookup.com is a waste of time and a waste of the Internet. If they put as much effort into keeping members happy as they do into making up crap about why their site is so “unique,” they’d probably have people on here.

Also, of all the dating sites in the world to rip off, why would you rip off a terrible one like Chemistry.com? Seriously, there are so many better sites to pretend like you invented. Why would you want to do that with something so lame? Claiming you “invented” the idea of matching people based on chemistry is like someone who made a really weird sandwich claiming that he invented bread. No one believes you, dude. Not only that, you didn’t even make a good sandwich.

Should You Try Hooking Up Using Ihookup.Com? Review Conclusion

iHookup.com is not a good website. If you use it, you should be ashamed of yourself for paying good money for something so terrible.

Then again, that warning will fall on deaf ears, because NO ONE uses iHookup.com. They’re all on GREAT sites like SocialSex.com, having a blast and actually getting laid.

30 Responses to “Ihookup.Com Review: Why Ihookup.Com Didn’t Make The Top List”

  1. this hookup site is just bad. don’t waste your time on ihookup because here’s the thing, you WON’T GET A HOOK UP. there’s just nothing good about it, the girls aren’t even hot!

  2. No comparison to this one, it’s just an obvious fake site and you won’t end up getting laid at all. Pass on it and move on to a site that actually has real girls.

  3. DetectiveDetective

    fake profiles everywhere, this is definitely a scam. my only consolation is at least the profile pics are hot so you have something to look at while wasting your time!

  4. ihookup.com is really not a legit site as far as i’ve seen, though i think for the most part i will keep trying, who knows, there might be some real girls on here

  5. Donna Darkmoon

    this site is really not good. it’s not good for hookups or for dating so what’s even the point of this one? you won’t get laid and you won’t even get a single date.

  6. i just wanted to test out a few dating sites and ihookup.com came up. not impressed at all with this one. you WON’T get laid, the girls are obviously fake!

  7. for me i can’t rate this above a 0. it’s just that bad. my rating really reflects the poor quality of the site and how it’s just full of scammers and fakes!

  8. Tombstone Eternal

    for my review of this one let me just say…stay AWAY. it’s really not a good site and it’s full of fake profiles. if you weed through it enough you MIGHT end up with a real girl!

  9. i feel like this REALLY falls short as a dating site, so really use ihookup carefully or not at all. there’s not much to be done on here other than stare at your inbox and hope.

  10. Yodelers Dreaded

    This is such an obvious scam site that I was left rolling my eyes. You won’t get laid on here is the thing. The girls aren’t even real…they’re reused pics and it’s just not good.

  11. Eastern Postal

    for a hookup site i think this one is the worst of the worst. ihookup is really not good and not only will you not get laid but you’re asking for a ton of spam mails too.

  12. wish i could give a comparison to this one that wasn’t just CRAP but it’s impossible. a bad site, asking for viruses and problems, also scams and spam bots everywhere

  13. Glooming Warrior

    obviously a scam. you won’t get anything out of this site…just use it for the hot pics if you can stomach it, especially if you’ve already wasted a lot of time here

  14. whether it’s legit or not i’m not sure but i won’t be using it again in the future…i think ihookup has a lot of potential…but it just fell flat for me…really not my favorite…

  15. Solid Silly Spider

    Not good. I wish I had never signed up here because I am just swimming in spam e-mails now. A waste of my time and I think this site should be shut down!

  16. Gold Galaxy

    i GUESS some of the women were real on this site when i gave it a test but honestly most of them on ihookup are total fakes or just skanks! really bad site, do not go here

  17. only rating i can give this place is an F. REALLY BAD, you won’t get laid and you have to look at a bunch of ugly women while that isn’t happening. what a GROSS site.

  18. Giraffe Rotten

    nothing happy to say in this review. just don’t spend money here, the ONLY thing is that some of the women ARE REAL they just aren’t very attractive at all.

  19. this hasn’t been working for me as a dating site…i am going to try ihookup with the mindset of just sex in mind and see where that gets me if anywhere at all

  20. Cute Dusty Filly

    always worried about a site being a scam site and lo and behold, this one is DEFINITELY that! don’t spend money here, it’s just BAD and you will NOT get laid!

  21. Polar-bear Tidy

    you are kidding yourself if you can think of any hookup site that will make you run screaming faster than this one. ihookup.com is AWFUL, full of scams and ugly girls!

  22. There’s no comparison. This is a really bad site and you will NOT GET LAID, THAT’S KEY, so if you came here just to look at girls, then spend your time alone!

  23. Misty Koala

    a bad eyerolling scam and honestly it’s so obvious you just gotta laugh. at least i didn’t spend much time on here and some of the girls are kind of hot!

  24. Rigoberto


  25. Brutal Power

    this site is NOT GOOD, DO NOT SPEND MONEY OR TIME HERE!!! here’s the thing you are KIDDING YOURSELF if you think you will EVER get laid here! don’t waste your time!

  26. Stony Eyelid

    I just wanted to do a test run of a few sites, and unfortunately, ihookup.com ended up being one of them. a bad time waster and an even worse waste of money…

  27. I wish i didn’t have to give this such a low rating but welp here we are. a really bad example of a dating site and in general just a waste of my time.

  28. Vital Bella

    sadly not many positives to outline in this review. it’s a bad site and the only real perk to it is ease of use. i wish not all hookup sites were this bad nowadays!

  29. I’ve really not been able to bag anyone in dating with the use of ihookup.com. It’s really disappointing to me and I guess I will keep trying, because the girls are hot.

  30. Streaming Gorilla


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