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EstablishedMen easily secured the #3 position in our reviews of online hookup sites. We had success with 29 girls, which is a great number! is not exactly like a lot of other websites that you’ll find getting reviewed.

However, we thought it was worth mentioning-for the reason that you can hook up with a LOT of really hot, amazing girls on here!

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The site isn’t just a hookup site. Rather, it was designed so that older men with a bit of money tucked safely away (who are “established,” rather than “older”) can meet girls who are young and pretty and have a lot to gain (who we’ll kindly refrain from calling “gold-diggers”).

This site may not be for everyone, but we just HAD to share how much success we’ve had on this website. No, you don’t have to be a millionaire. Yes, it’s easy to fake it, and yes, we’ll show you how.

So, how do you fake being a rich guy to hook a super hottie? Read on and find out!

While was definitely set up to be a great way for hot girls to meet sugar daddies, we’ve had AWESOME luck on this site with meeting women!

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You can get great results when you try EstablishedMen

For one thing, not every girl on here is a gold-digger. Some are, so let’s get that out of the way right now. Some of the girls on here ARE looking for a man that will buy them absolutely everything, but you can treat those girls one of two ways.

First, you can choose to totally ignore these girls. No one is gonna blame you for that.

Second, you can choose to lead these girls on-tell them you’ll take them to Bali, tell them you’ll meet them when your hugely successful financial job brings you into town, and give them a cheap bracelet you got on Etsy. Tell them it’s from a tiny old lady on a Japanese island who only makes twelve every year, they won’t be able to tell the difference.

Now, many of the girls on these websites are NOT gold-diggers. It might sound at first glance like they are, but appearances can be deceiving. What these girls want, more than anything else, is to feel SPOILED.

Yes, this can mean that you’re taking her to the theater-or it can mean that you treat her the way she thinks a hot older man should treat her. It can mean that you pay her college loan payment this month, or it can mean that you don’t try to get her to play beer pong like the jackasses she usually dates will try and get her to do.

If you have money and you want to date a gold-digger, go for it. For the rest of us, there are still a LOT of hot girls on sites like that know how to treat a guy, regardless of the size of his wallet.

Our Results On Over The Last 90 Days

We don’t have to sell The results kind of do that by themselves.

We sent out 900 emails while we were on We actually got back a pretty fantastic 701! It’s not QUITE as good as the 769 we got when we were on, but it’s still a fantastic percentage that we were pretty thrilled with.

Of the girls that emailed us back, 44 of them set up dates with us. 30 actually showed-we think the others might have gotten a little nervous about the whole concept of the website-and of those 30, a shocking 29 of them actually did put out!

Wow….money really does buy happiness! Even just the thought that they could one day get their hands on it got these girls to put out, which made us VERY happy.

This might not be as great a result as we got from (our favorite website for hooking up), but it’s infinitely better than we got from most websites. Even, one of the biggest, oldest, most respected names in the hookup business, didn’t give us numbers like this.

First Emails That Worked Well on

Here are some emails that worked really well for us on Remember, for this website, setting the tone is everything.

Email 1: “Hi, Kiki. I’d think a girl like you would be overrun by men constantly telling her how beautiful she is, how the light in her smile is obvious even through the computer screen, and how just by being in a room, she can change the way even the air feels in a man’s lungs. If you aren’t used to hearing that, give me a buzz. I’ve been dying to speak some truths.”

Email 2: “Hi, Ina. I see from your profile that you’re a social science major. What if I were to propose an experiment on the nearby social scene, possibly with the added impact of one or two cocktails on the procedure? I know a little place downtown I guarantee you won’t have heard of, and we can meet when I’m in town for business next week. Looking forward to hearing from you.”

How To Maximize Your Experience

A lot of guys on think that all they have to do is have money and SAY that they have money, and girls will be all over them. Surprisingly, we didn’t find that to be true. While some girls definitely did go for the guys flashing Rolexes and saying, “Just got another five-figure increase at work, looking for a lucky lady to spend it on,” just as many guys got laid by learning how to treat a woman, without spending more than the cost of a couple drinks.

What We Liked About

We really like that it’s so easy for members to contact each other. Once you’re a full member, you basically have full run of the site.

We also love the fact that does a REALLY good job at filtering out the escorts and hookers. We’d have thought that a site like this one would have a lot of them, but that wasn’t the case at all!

What We Didn’t Like About

While the girls aren’t hookers, many of them might as well be. You’ll have to be very careful when sorting through the girls you meet. Some of them have profiles that even say, “Don’t contact me if you’re not prepared to keep me in a lifestyle.” Well, excuse us, Princess.

Is a Legit Site For Hooking Up? The Review Conclusion is a great way to meet some very quality women who want to be treated well. If you can learn to navigate the site properly, you can meet some awesome ladies who just want to have a good time. If you find it’s not for you, you can always check out, our favorite hookup site!

50 Responses to “ Review For Hookups: The #3 Website”

  1. Gravezumtouch

    if you want to meet some of the hottest ladies on the internet, then is for you. you get what you pay for and that’s why i give this site a great review!

  2. really one of the best sites on the internet to meet hot chicks. there’s no comparison in my book. i have never NOT gotten what i paid for on here!

  3. I worry about these sites being a scam but this one really isn’t, it’s just sometimes hard to find exactly what you need. These girls are lovely, I’ll give them that!

  4. not sure exactly how legit this is… helps you find the princess for you but really how much time and money do you want to shell out for an online pic?

  5. Clay Rhinehart

    A really good site if you’re ready to have a hot girl on your arm all the time. You can’t beat the rate of success here, it’s awesome and will help you hook up immediately.

  6. nothing but great things to say about this hookup site, is definitely one of the better choices out there for men with a lot of cash! the best, hottest girls around!

  7. A+++ rating. this is the BEST site for finding the hottest chicks on the internet. you’ll never use another one after you’ve gotten addicted to this place.

  8. Cockroach Rough

    not as much a dating site as it is a let me pay you for your time site but hey, i still enjoy it here. the girls are smoking hot and you can’t beat that part of it!

  9. not the BEST site i’ve used but still worthy of a review…established men definitely has a very specific task in mind and that’s helping you find a girl that wants your cash… kind of eh for me.

  10. Buddy Elinor

    I really love sites like this. You meet the hottest women ever and they’re beating down the doors to be in your bed and on your arm. You really can’t find another site like this.

  11. Aimless Mountain

    what else is there to say in this review except how much i LOVE established this is a great site and REALLY helps you find the little princess of your dreams!

  12. no comparison, these girls are so hot!!! i love this site because you will never find girls more eager to please and wow they really are attractive!

  13. Needless Corporal

    i always worry about scam sites like this…but the girls are mostly real on here as far as i’ve seen. real hotties but it’s hard to bag one sometimes!

  14. Alexander

    I don’t think all of these girls are who they say they are, but otherwise it seems MOSTLY legit. is good if you’ve got some time on your hands.

  15. Donnie Schneider

    one of the better hookup sites i’ve been to and honestly a good experience. i use this and a few others to find the girls that are right for me and i am always happy!

  16. Strong Queen

    really a great hookup site especially if you don’t mind shelling out a bit of money for the right lady. establishedmen really helps you find a hot chick fast!

  17. 10 out of 10 rating for this site! i love it because the women are just SMOKING…compared to other sites you really won’t find girls this hot that really want to talk to you!

  18. Sugar Pilot

    a solid dating site if you’re ok with the premise. no complaints from me, i know what i’m looking for and what i want, and superficiality isn’t all that bad.

  19. Hate to review and leave less than a glowing one but just hasn’t worked for me so far. it’s a shame because the girls are gorgeous!

  20. Horacio Gongaware

    i love sites like this because it’s just so upfront and honest about what you want. no gimmicks, it’s straight forward and you can look forward to this hookup without any weirdness!

  21. Emerald Brave

    i love giving a review to a site that really deserves it and is definitely one of those! never met such hot ladies in my life!


  23. Queen Old

    I was worried this was a scam and was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t. I’m still not entirely sold on the idea of it but I’ll give it a try.

  24. whether it’s legit or not, i’m still not THAT impressed by the concept makes me raise an eyebrow but hey, why not i guess if you’ve got the cash…

  25. Darwin Dugger

    this is a solid, good site for finding the woman that you dream of having on your arm. the girls here are just hotter than anywhere else on the web!

  26. Foxy Prince

    for a hookup site i didn’t expect much but established men really wowed me! this is a great place to find someone in your area that you want to spend time with…

  27. for me i can’t give a rating lower than 10 out of 10. this site consistently performs, helps me find some of the women that i really enjoy spending time with, and it isn’t THAT pricy!

  28. Impala Rocking

    I’m not entirely convinced this works as a DATING site but hey…if women are that shallow, then you can be, too. Enjoy whoever you can snag on here!

  29. i wasn’t sure i’d give a review for just because it hasn’t worked for me so far…but who knows..maybe it will in the future, the girls are just lovely!

  30. Rodolfo Wilks

    consistently seen ugly women on sites like this until now. this is a great site, with a high quality scale and you really can’t beat the rate of getting laid!

  31. Red Monkey

    when i went to review this one i was pretty excited because i can’t sing enough praises for this site consistently helps me find the perfect girl for my night out!

  32. in comparison to other sites, i feel like they all fall REALLY short. it was just luck that i found this place and i’m really glad i did, i’ve met one of the most beautiful princesses in the world!

  33. if this is a scam i think i would have figured it out by now…they’re very straight forward about what they want here…that can be both a good and a bad thing!

  34. while i am convinced this is legit i am not really thrilled by the idea of it, is kind of sleezy at times but i guess some people really like it like tha!

  35. August Hoover

    this isn’t just good, it’s great. the WOMEN are amazing, and you can’t beat the way they look compared to any other woman on the internet. really the best bang for your buck!

  36. Gravezumtouch is THE hookup site that i recommend to all my guy friends. you can’t find another site better than this, especially for the quality of girls that are on here!

  37. there’s no way this can get less than an A rating on my end. these chicks are smoking hot, love to have fun, and want to be YOUR arm candy. can’t beat that!

  38. my favorite dating site but it isn’t without its flaws. if you don’t have cash or don’t know how to work the girls on here, then you aren’t getting anywhere at all!

  39. WISH i could give this a better review but honestly establishedmen is kind of hit and miss for me, i have yet to really meet a good woman on this site

  40. Gail Crissman

    sites like this usually make me roll my eyes but this one is actually AMAZING. i love this site and i wish i could only use it, too bad it is a little pricey!

  41. if anyone wants to review this site and say it’s less than amazing then they are WRONG. is the best site i have ever been on for picking up chicks!

  42. there’s no comparison to other sites, the girls are so EASY here and i love that about it! you’re really getting your money’s worth and there’s nothing better than that!

  43. i’m always afraid of sites like this being scams…but hey the girls here are actually pretty fun and easy and i can’t complain about much other than the PRICE!


  45. Freeman White

    the girls here are GREAT! the site is good and you will really get your money’s worth, hot women that really want to be climbing on your arm for your attention!

  46. one of the best hookup site hubs i have been on the internet, is definitely my favorite because the women just climb their way off the internet and into your bed!

  47. for me this is a real smash hit, 10 out of 10! i love this site and am happy to give it a high rating because these are the best looking women i’ve ever hooked up with!

  48. Los Wriggler

    can’t beat a dating site that really provides you with the women you’re looking for. that being said it can be kind of sleezy at times, and not all the pics are real!

  49. i don’t like leaving less than stellar reviews but unfortunately established men was just kind of meh for me, i will keep trying because the girls are so hot!

  50. sites like this are a blast. you can’t beat the hotness level of these women, no one else on the internet is as hot as these girls!

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