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DateHookup turned out to be a big disappointment and we expect it will disappoint you too.

When we first set out to write our DateHookup review, we were kind of surprised that anyone used this crappy website.

Pretty soon after, we realized that no one DOES use It’s just an empty, pathetic site full of losers who can’t find a date anywhere else. Mind you, we mean “full” in a figurative sense-there are SO few people here it’s really kind of weird that the site has managed to stay in business for as long as it (apparently) has.

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We wouldn’t say this site is a SCAM, per se, unless you count taking the money of men who want to get laid, and then just…never getting them laid. There’s nothing dishonest, there just isn’t much of a chance that you’ll ever hook up on this lame website.

So, what makes it so crappy? Let’s look deeper. is not a great effort by its creators. The site claims to be about helping guys and girls hook up, but is weirdly silent about that if you actually look at the site itself.

When you look around the site, it promises things like “find the love of your life,” and “meet the girl or guy of your dreams.” We think it’s pretty weird, for a hookup site to never mention hookups or hooking up!

screenshot for datehookup

Another thing we don’t love about is the fact that their member base is TINY. We don’t mean there aren’t too many quality girls on mean there aren’t many girls on this website, PERIOD, the END.

We spent three months on this stupid website doing our DateHookup review, and we found VERY few girls that we would call “quality.” Worse than that, most of the girls we found were in other cities.

There are only about 35,000 people TOTAL signed up on, and it’s not even a 50/50 split between male and female. That means there are only between 10,000 and 15,000 girls-which is smaller than just about any city we can name!

Why We Believe Is Not Legit

During our time on, we sent out emails to 900 girls, which was NOT easy. We tried way harder than we should have in order to make this website work, and most of the time, it just felt like we were spitting into the ocean.

Of all those emails, we only got 24 back. This is a SHOCKING number when you consider that we got back well over 700 on our favorite website, It’s as if doesn’t even care! If they put any money into advertising, they MIGHT be able to recruit some members, which MIGHT make this site worth joining.

Is a Scam: We Think So! is not a scam. You MIGHT get laid on here….in the same way that you MIGHT get hit by lightning when you stand outside. There’s nothing actively PREVENTING you from getting laid, we guess.

The worst actual thing about is the chat rooms. We were actually surprised to find that there WERE chat rooms. Yes, there are people active on! The only problem is…

Everyone on the chat rooms is male.

Not just male, but these guys are really pathetic. Most of the guys we met in the chat rooms on spent the entire time whining about how they couldn’t get girls to go out with them. Yeah, THAT’S attractive. If we were girls, we wouldn’t have touched them with a 10-foot pole.

Should You Try Hooking Up Using Review Conclusion

Our DateHookup comparison mostly just made us sad.

This site isn’t BAD, it’s just not GOOD. There are no girls here! If you’re coming to a hookup website to get laid, find another site, because that’s not going to happen on this one.

Go to instead. That site will at least help you get laid, and not take your money for absolutely nothing.

30 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List”

  1. The Tired Frostbite

    a free hookup site never bodes well and this is no exception. datehookup is pretty ridiculous to begin with with a name like that. you aren’t gonna date on here! it’s about sex, which you’ll never get!

  2. there are few comparison sites to this craphole. it’s just bad. you won’t get laid, it’s all fake, and honestly there just aren’t a lot of women in the first place. pass on this one.

  3. Grotesque Infant

    it’s a scam because you will really NOT get laid. even if it’s free it’s just not worth your time to sign up on a site that won’t get you a single hook up and you end up having to put up with ugly chicks!

  4. i’m not sure if this site is legit or not..but it’s been kind of disappointing so far. i haven’t had a date OR a hookup on and i’m starting to think the girls aren’t real.

  5. this site is really not good especially when it comes to hook ups. i haven’t had a single one so far which is a huge let down…and the girls aren’t even pretty so come on!

  6. i was hoping to do a test run of several sites but unfortunately datehookup was just so bad that i couldn’t keep going through with it. the women here are ugly and really snobbish, can’t recommend it!

  7. one of my lowest rating on any site so far, and i’m disappointed because i had high hopes. you don’t see a lot of free dating sites and i was just hoping this one would break the mold of bad, and it didn’t!

  8. Clown Temporary

    unfortunately can’t give this one a good review at all. it’s just NOT GOOD. you won’t get laid..only positive is that some of the pics are kind of hot!

  9. for dating this really seems to fall flat for me? with a name like datehookup you’d expect equal opportunities to date or hookup but mostly it seems all about sex to me.

  10. Tough Torpedo

    I’m really starting to think this is a scam site. Nothing good about it anyway, the girls aren’t even hot, but for the most part this just seems poorly put together and fake.

  11. Springbok Morbid

    This falls SO flat for me as a hookup site. does absolutely nothing to help you get a hook up, it just makes you remember that free dating sites suck.

  12. I WISH i could find a craphole that could be used as a comparison for this one! There’s NOTHING redeemable about this site, fake profiles and the women that are real don’t want to go out!

  13. Risky Antelope

    pretty sure this is a scam and what a disappointment…some of the girls are pretty hot…it’s just that none of them answer messages and that’s really off-putting


  15. overall this site is just not good. you won’t get laid on here and i have yet to even be able to talk to a girl on a continuous basis. don’t waste your time here!

  16. the thing you have to realize if you test out datehookup is that it’s a TOTAL mess of a site. the girls, if they’re real, won’t talk to you, and all you can say is thank god it’s free!

  17. lowest rating for me. there’s nothing redeemable about this site. pass on it and spend your time elsewhere with girls that actually want to get laid!

  18. Chicken Lord

    i wish i could give a better review to this one but there’s no way what with how poorly designed the site is. its only saving grace is the fact some of the girls are hot!

  19. for dating i haven’t had any luck. for hookups i think it will go slightly better so i will start focusing on that aspect of datehookup and see how it goes!

  20. Dangerous Beast

    pretty sure this is a scam site but at least it’s free. i signed up and have yet to get a hookup after a couple of weeks, just end up with a bunch of spam e-mails instead!

  21. Skinny Cutie Mink

    waste of space, you can hardly call this a hookup site. datehookup is one of the worst i’ve ever been on in the case of fake profiles so really keep an eye out!

  22. Patricia

    if you are looking for a comparison imagine walking into a bar and it being filled with pigs. ugly smelly pigs. that’s about as good as this site ever gets!

  23. Brutal Power

    probably a scam but hey at least it’s free! you can’t beat that aspect of this site for sure! lol but really dont waste your time here unless you like spam mail.

  24. while i am unconvinced that this site is legit, at least some of the girls look like they’d be fun to hang out with. i will keep trying to make work for that alone.

  25. this site is really not good at ALL. you will NOT get laid here and the only thing you will get is potentially a VIRUS or nothing but a TON of spam e-mails!

  26. Black Squirrel

    i just wanted to test this site out for science and nothing came out of that. will not get you a single hookup or a single date, take it from me!

  27. unfortunately i have NOTHING nice to say for this one, it’s a 1 out of 10 rating at MOST. this site will not get you a single lady and you will be left disappointed and lonely as always!

  28. Red Spider

    for my review let me just say…hey, it’s free. what did you expect? i didn’t expect much and i didn’t get much. at least the girls look pretty good looking over all.


  30. Infant Dreaded

    an easily noticeable scam site. don’t spend any time here…you might end up with a virus, who knows. it’s just not a good site to waste your time on!

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