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You will not get results from BeNaughty! Try as we might, we got nowhere. should be renamed

We’re not sure if there’s anything sadder than watching a middle-aged dumpy woman use the word “steamy” to describe herself. We’d have said there was nothing sadder than watching a puppy have a treat taken away from him, but that was before we signed on to Now, we know the true face of sadness.

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This site is for sad, desperate women who think they’re still cute. It’s one of the sites that lets any woman be a full member for free, which is the only way they can come CLOSE to having as many women as they do men. If you think that means the women on this site are scraping the bottom of the barrel, well, you’re totally right.

So, what kind of pathetic sights did we see on Let’s look a little closer.

As soon as we signed on to the first time, we were pretty sure we were going to hate this site.

There are some bad sites that offer almost no features. That’s bad. Those sites are bare-bones, and basically just not worth the money because they have nothing to offer.

main screen image for benaughty, on the other hand, has way TOO much to offer-and no, that’s not any better. It’s the difference between having only one sad misshapen daisy to give your wife on your anniversary and in shoving flowers at her until she’s buried under them. More does NOT equal better!

For example, we like icebreakers, and we like instant Messages. We also like being able to send emails, and to see when people are available for hooking up. We’re not too sure about Broadcasting, which is where you can send a message to a bunch of people on your list at once, and we definitely don’t like pre-set icebreakers. has all of that and MORE, and you get bombarded with all of it with every minute you’re on the website.

Worse, every time ANYTHING happens, three different toolbars get updated on your home page. Yes, you have to click on the little notification EACH PLACE to make it go away, or it will keep popping up and being incredibly annoying every second.

Why We Believe Is Not Legit

We sent out 900 emails on this site, and that was one HELL of a chore.

Finding hot girls on is like finding them at the bottom of the ocean. We guess it’s theoretically possible that there are some, but we’re not signing up to report any mermaids to the press.

We have standards, and we TRY to enforce them as much as we can. With that said, sometimes there’s just not much you can do, and we kind of had to suck it up and broaden our horizons. (By “broaden our horizons,” we mean “send an email to any girl within our area.” Hard times.) We only got 14 emails back! This site is a scam.

Is a Scam: We Think So!

If there are real girls on, we feel sorry for them. It must be hard, going through life that ugly and brain-damaged. Seriously, we almost NEVER saw any girl that we’d want to hang out with, and we were on there for three months. We hope for the sake of those girls that they’re all fakes-although why the site would want to fake girls that suck so bad we have no idea.

Even if you’re feeling like you’d be up for a charity bang, this is a site to avoid. The girls aren’t worth your charity.

Should You Try Hooking Up Using Review Conclusion

If you want a website that will make you feel kind of sad you’re alive, might be a good choice. We would always get a little shudder of apprehension before going on here, it’s so sleazy and scammy.

If you want a good website that makes you feel EXCITED to go on this site, try out our number one pick, This is a site that will help you get laid with some quality chicks, every time!

30 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List”

  1. being straight with you, this is FULL of ugly women and not even deserving to call itself a hookup site. there are sooo many other ones better than be naughty with a TON of hot chicks!

  2. this site is a total scam there is no comparison! do not spend money here when they are literally just stealing your money and running with it, there are barely ANY girls on here!

  3. a definite scam. there is only a few redeeming factors to this site and that’s that if you squint you can SOMETIMES find a real woman, but likely she will not answer your messages

  4. is one of those sites where i am not sure if it is legit or not but i am giving it a shot anyway because some of the girls look potentially quite cute!


  6. I just wanted to test out for the heck of it and I ended up with a huge headache and some wasted money. Not worth it and you will NOT get laid.

  7. pretty low rating on my end, i cannot stand this site, it’s just full of fakes and you will not get a single hook up let alone a single message returned so don’t bother!

  8. Der Hamster

    a bad case of i wish i couldn’t leave a bad review on something for a chance but oh well this site is just that bad that i have to. don’t bother with this one.

  9. for dating purposes i haven’t had much luck but i am holding out that will be better just for hookups but i guess only the future will tell!

  10. Morbid James Seagull

    As always I am afraid of a site being a scam site. I think this one is probably one at the end of the day as I have YET to get a single hook up on here let alone a returned message

  11. Massive Sleepy Fox

    for a hookup site benaughty is the worst of the worst. you shouldn’t waste more money and time here because dear god you will NOT GET LAID. remember that!

  12. no comparison…this site is really the worst. not only will you not get laid but there’s a great chance that you’ll end up with an inbox of spam e-mails or a virus on your computer!

  13. Belay Henri Coldbane

    probably a scam but at least enjoy the bad profiles while you’re browsing. this site is good for a laugh if nothing else and hey you’ve gotta make the best of something horrible

  14. I’M NOT SURE IF BENAUGHTY.COM IS LEGIT BUT I’M HOPING IT IS!!! i really want a date with one of these women…but they haven’t replied to my messages so far!!

  15. Stony Llama

    just not good and there is nothing that will make it good unless they do a full site rehaul. good luck hoping for that! it’s in bad shape and at the current moment not useful at all.

  16. Rusty Frog

    unfortunately i’ve got really few things to say that are good after doing my test run of first of all these girls just DON’T answer messages! a total let down.

  17. for me this is a real F rating. a bad site that will not get you laid is basically the kiss of death in my book and i have nothing to look forward on this site now.

  18. Tiger Seriously

    sadly another negative review, this isn’t a good site and there are just NO women lurking around… a shame because the old pics of them are actually pretty hot!

  19. Filiberto has yet to come through for me on dating but i’m still giving it a try. who knows, maybe one of these days those hot girls will actually reply!

  20. Liquid Purple Cat

    a noted scam site in my book and one i will avoid from now on. don’t spend money here it’s just a trap and you will not meet any of these women ever.

  21. my least favorite hookup site on the internet! REALLY falls short of the mark and that’s because the woman to man ratio is just COMPLETELY OFF. get more women on here!

  22. in comparison i’d have to say that other sites at least get me a few hook ups in the first month and this one has gotten me NONE in several months!!

  23. Silly Dog

    starting to lean towards this being a scam, unfortunately. i had high hopes for this site but at least the few women that did respond to me were very cute.

  24. be naughty is probably legit but i am not impressed? i think that their messaging system must have something wrong with it as i never receive replies for my messages.

  25. The Wildcat

    if you do not realize how NOT GOOD this site and all of its features are by now then you are completely blind. it’s just a bad site over all and there is very little you can even come close to redeeming on it.

  26. Little Cougar

    I went and did a test run of several sites including be naughty this year and this one really fell flat on its face. there just aren’t enough women active on here!

  27. for me this gets 0 out of 10, no stars, just a bad site, don’t spend money here or any time at all really, there is nothing worth seeing as they will not respond or get in bed with you!

  28. Stony Eyelid

    Sadly this is a bad review! I just wanted a quick fling but alas, not a single girl on here would even answer my e-mails. What a shame and waste of time.

  29. benaughty seems to be a fun site but i haven’t had much success dating here yet, i will keep at it, the girls are very cute i just wish i could hook up

  30. Hungry Serious Titan

    undoubtedly a scam site. dont’ spend money here when it’s SO obvious that these women aren’t real and are just old profiles and are probably never coming back

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