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Don’t expect to get any results from AmateurMatch! We tried everything and got no results from this terrible website! is a sloppy scam site that doesn’t even try hard to make itself look legit.

This site offers nothing more than empty promises, and it reads like a textbook guide to creating a scam site. This site is useless, lazy, and the experience of using it can be easily replicated by throwing your contact list of willing girls into a volcano.

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So, what makes this site such an obnoxious scam? Let’s look a little deeper and find out.

Lo and behold, there IS a way to get a lot of messages from girls on!

It’s very easy, actually. All you have to do is sign up for a free trial of the website. No, not a paid membership, a free trial. Ready? Okay, go sign up for a free trial, then meet us back here in a few days. We’ll wait.

Okay, we assume you’ve signed up for, and you’ve gotten a LOT of messages. Great! You aren’t able to view them, but that’s all right-you know that if you sign up for the paid version of the site, you’ll immediately have access to all these messages, and by extension, all the HOT GIRLS who have been messaging you.

capture of homepage for amateurmatch

Well, let us stop you right there. This is the ONLY way gets anyone to sign up for the paid membership-unless, of course, they’re site reviewers who HAVE to review websites. Pity us.

Once you’re signed up for a paid membership on, be prepared for a magic trick: all the girls who sent you messages will mysteriously disappear!

Once you pay this site any money, the girls will ALL disappear. You will access your inbox, and find that all those messages you so want to read will be in garbled, broken English. Here’s an example of an email we got from an “interested girl” on

“hey cutie there u look good we hang we can can hang out soon xo”

This is OBVIOUSLY just a messed-up string of ones and zeroes responding to the fact that we hadn’t sent money yet.

By the way, we weren’t kidding or exaggerating: once you pay money, you’ll never get another message from They put ALL of their effort into getting that first payment from you, and they don’t care if you realized right way that you’ve been scammed.

Why We Believe Is Not Legit

We sent out 900 emails during our time on, and that was 900 too many. Every single profile on here is fake. The girls are totally fake, the guys are pathetic if they think these girls are real, and the entire site is made up of people who will NEVER get laid.

We got 12 emails during our time on here, but each of those was while we were in the free trial. When we were actually using the site as paid members, we didn’t get a single message.

Is a Scam: We Think So!

If getting ignored by girls isn’t your thing, try getting ignored by customer service! It’s a whole other LEVEL of being ignored, but this one will make sure you lose all your money!

We tried contacting customer service to get our money back once we realized what a scam As you might have guessed, we were less than successful-in fact, we never got a single email back from them.

Should You Try Hooking Up Using Review Conclusion

You should DEFINITELY not use to hook up! You will not be successful, because there are no actual women on this site. Some of them are even porn stars that you’ll RECOGNIZE, if you watch porn. That’s how lazy about the deception this site is!

If you want a GOOD hookup website, go to a site like, or one of our others in the Top 5. Those will treat you right, unlike

30 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List”

  1. Nervous Notorious

    absolutely nothing but a scam of a hookup site. do not spend money on other than the stupid name it really is just full of bots pulling your strings!


  3. Barbaric Anaconda

    this is a total scam and you definitely won’t get laid here! at least laugh at the crappy bots while you’re at it, though, they really don’t put any effort into this.

  4. amateurmatch is one of those sites that i’m not sure is legit or not but i have had friends say they got hot girls on here so i will keep trying to see what happens!

  5. there is not good in any part of this site. it’s just bad, you will not get laid and you are literally wasting money on robots flirting with you and doing it poorly!

  6. when i did a test run of amateur match i just had to stare bug-eyed…it’s a really bad site full of fakes and there is nothing on it that will help you get a real hook up!

  7. 0 out of 10. this is an awful site full of fakes!!! that’s easy to tell from the get go but in case you missed it look again, nothing but spam bots and gross pics!

  8. when i went to review this site i just had to sigh. really it’s so obviously a scam that it’s not even funny anymore. at least i didn’t spend too much money here.

  9. not the best for dating i’ve found. i wish i could use amateurmatch to find a cute lady in my area but that seems easier said than done!!!

  10. Thirsty Spider

    THIS IS SO OBVIOUSLY A SCAM SITE. nothing but bots populate this place making fake profiles and filling up the chat rooms. don’t pay attention the e-mails, those are fake, too!

  11. Rough Pink Puppy

    one of the worst i have seen when it comes to a hookup site. is full of spam bots and so that should be a clue enough to not bother with it!

  12. nothing like trying to think of a comparison for the worst site you’ve seen so far. you won’t get laid here and it’s basically just a waste of money so don’t bother

  13. Parrot Hungry

    Ehhh while it’s a scam you have to sit back and laugh at it a bit. try chatting with the spambots, you’ll be very amused. just don’t spend money here!

  14. NOT SURE IF THIS IS LEGIT…but i do think amateur match looks like a lot of fun and could be potentially one of my favorite sites out there!

  15. Runny Horse

    it’s just not good is the thing! don’t spend money here if you value your self esteem. you’re literally paying for a robot to talk to you. you won’t get in the sack with anyone!

  16. Rough Puglet

    i just wanted to test this site out and have some fun but just ended up wasting money instead. do not sign up on, there’s nothing good about it!

  17. 0/10 rating for this one. just a bad site overall you will not get laid and these women are really ugly on top of that…. assuming they aren’t robots in the first place!

  18. Mysterious Panther

    nothing good to say in this review. the only thing you can say about this site is it is so bad that it’s hilarious! spend money elsewhere though for sure.

  19. if you are looking for a good dating site i’m not sure if amateurmatch is it but i have had some fun chatting with the girls on here so give it a try!

  20. Tiny Navy Honey

    a notable scam site. don’t spend your money here unless you are into talking to a bunch of random spam bots that will clog your inbox and steal your credit card info.

  21. Belay Henri Coldbane


  22. when i try to think of a comparison to this site i just lie down and cry. that’s how bad this site is. do not waste your money here or you will end up like me, crying.

  23. Solid Tidy Donkey

    an obvious scam and with that in mind it’s best just to have a good laugh at it all, assuming you are drunk and haven’t already spent a bunch of money here.

  24. isn’t my favorite site but i think it’s legit? the women here at least respond to my e-mails which is a plus and a lot of other sites don’t have that happen!

  25. Stormy Dagger

    really not good and it should be obvious at the first glance you give this place. a ton of fake profiles and a bunch of spam e-mails before you even pay!

  26. Stringbam

    amateur match is a bad site to give a test run to. it’s a total scam site, full of fakes, and you won’t get a single date or hook up here, let alone a single conversation.

  27. the only rating i can give this one is a big fat zero. there’s NOTHING redeemable about this site and if you think there is, you are wrong and deluded.

  28. The Hungry Vulture

    don’t expect to get laid here. that’s the meat of this review! if you keep that in mind you can always be entertained by the bots and fake profiles!

  29. isn’t a good dating site but maybe for hook ups it will be better?? not sure but i am willing to keep trying so long as the girls stay cute!

  30. The Whale

    for me this is such an obvious scam site! WHY WOULD ANYONE SPEND MONEY HERE??? it’s not worth it and i think it really needs to be shut down.

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