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AdultFriendFinder was a surprisingly great website to find hot hookups. The 24 times we got laid through the site earns it our number four position.

If you’ve been around the social dating and hookup scene for more than a couple days, you’ve DEFINITELY heard of This site is the granddaddy of all hookup sites. It’s the one and only original, and it’s been around since Bill Clinton was running for office.

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The thing that makes so different from its competition is that this site has STAYED, while all the other sites that popped up around the same time have vanished. It’s like they say-you die a Geocities, or you live long enough to see yourself become na Apple.

The reason has stuck around for so long when other sites have failed is simple. It’s simply better than the competition.

So, what exactly is it that makes so much better than all the sites that came after? Let’s check it out.

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Get the results you desire from our #4 pick, AdultFriendFinder is one of those websites that seems like it’s always been around-and that’s a great thing!

Since 1996, has been hooking people up. While that might mean for a lot of sites that they’re outdated or no longer relevant, but makes it a point to stay as updated and consistent with modern web design as possible. Much of that can be attributed to the fact that while it was always a common brand name, it didn’t always have a lot of people. In 2007, Penthouse (yes, THAT Penthouse) bought the website, and COMPLETELY revamped it for a modern Internet audience.

Because the site is still relatively new, there are some great modern features, as well as it being one of the best, most comprehensive hookup websites out there today.

Another thing that we love is the fact that there are just SO many women on There are just so many people on, period.

At the last count, and according to the research on WebTrends, has over 40 MILLION members.

To put that in perspective, there are only 360 million people in the U.S., period, and 250 million of those are adults. That means that about 16 percent of the U.S. adult population is registered as a member on That’s a HUGE amount! If you have at least 400 Facebook friends (as most people do), you probably know at least 64 members of, just according to statistics.

Yeah, even the hot ones.

Even though we think of the kind of girls who go on hookup dating sites as the kind of girls you don’t necessarily want to hook up with, going on will show you that’s wrong. There are some REALLY hot babes on here!

Our Results On Over The Last 90 Days

During our time on, we sent out 900 emails. That’s five guys, twice a day, for three months. We wanted to make SURE we were getting an accurate portrayal of the dating scene on this website, so we made sure to give it the same fair shake as others.

We got back a very impressive 656 responses!

For a site that’s been around for so long, we’d assumed that the site would be…well, sort of dead. But there weren’t nearly as many inactive profiles as we’d expected, which was a pretty big deal. We wound up getting laid 24 times during our time on, which made us VERY happy.

First Emails That Worked Well on

Here are some emails that worked great for us during our time on

Email 1: “Hi, Sara. To save time, let’s assume that I led with a terrible pick-up line, you got annoyed, and I gave you a heartfelt apology that somehow made up for it (maybe it’s the eyes, I hear I have great apology eyes). With that in mind, let’s start over before we begin, because I think from your profile that you’re a very cool person (with GREAT taste in music, wow) that I’d really like to hang out with.”

Email 2: “Hi, Kelly. I tried to scroll past your profile, but something about your eyes kept bringing me back. Sure enough, as soon as I clicked, I found out you’re probably the only person on this site who has a car cooler than mine. How long have you been working on her?”

How To Maximize Your Experience

Waaaaay too many guys on this site try to go the super-confident hyper-masculine douchebag route, trying to get girls by impressing them.

For some reason, that doesn’t work on this site! It’s great on some sites (it worked very well for us on, but not on

We found that it was much more likely to get a response if we were very laid-back, and the funnier, the better.

What We Liked About

The great thing about this site being around forever is that it has a LOT of features above and beyond the simple facilitation of helping couples hook up. There are adult videos, a magazine, and all kinds of forums and chat rooms for you to hang out with other members whenever you want.

This is one of the most full-featured sites out there, and we’re just thrilled with the wide array of opportunities.

What We Didn’t Like About

While it isn’t enough to totally kill the site for us, there ARE a lot of inactive profiles. We’d suspected there might be, but it was still a let-down. Fortunately, there aren’t too many.

We also weren’t totally fond of how many advertisements we got on the site. Sometimes it was fine, but others it seemed like there were too many buttons to click, and we weren’t sure we were going to make the right choice.

Is a Legit Site For Hooking Up? The Review Conclusion

Quite simply, is a juggernaut. This is one of those sites that’s been around for two decades for GOOD REASON, and there’s no reason to think that it won’t stay around forever. This site has stood the test of time. However, we can’t give it the edge over As many cool women as we met here, there were just more there, and more quality.

50 Responses to “ Review For Hookups: The #4 Website”

  1. Donkey Tasty is an amazing site and WELL worth an amazing review. there’s nothing about it not to love, you WILL get laid on this site if you try!

  2. no comparison…i love this site because there are SO many women on it and you WILL be able to chat with a bunch of them before finding the one that is perfect for you, no contest!

  3. Foxy Rainbow Star

    i’m always concerned about a website being a scam but this one isn’t. i haven’t had the best of luck here so far but with this many members, i know i’ll meet someone eventually.

  4. whether it’s legit or not isn’t the issue, i just haven’t had the best of results on adult friend finder…that being said i am not giving up yet!

  5. a good site and definitely one of my favorites, i rarely go anywhere else when most people are a member of this one at the very least! seriously, you WILL get a hookup here!

  6. Morbid Python

    for one of the first hookup site i ever used on the internet, adultfriendfinder STILL holds true to being the best. there’s a reason why it’s been around so long!

  7. for me this gets a solid 10 out of 10 rating. i can’t recommend it enough, it’s safe and legit and full of a ton of beautiful ladies. you will find the perfect date for you here!

  8. Gold Galaxy

    as a dating site i think this kind of falls flat, as i feel like there are a lot of fetish and sex obsessed people here these days. that being said, i still enjoy it from time to time…

  9. not my best review of the year but i am still trying out. i think it has potential, though i am not impressed yet as sometimes i feel like there are nothing but spam bots.

  10. Donnell Cowper

    There’s nothing like sites like this to restore my faith in online dating! I love this site and I have met a ton of women on it. I will keep using it until I can’t meet anyone else!

  11. adultfriendfinder is one of the BEST sites on the web for hookups and i am thrilled to give it a positive review. seriously you have so many options on this site and can find a ton of different kinds of people on it!

  12. no comparison for this site. the number of people on it is amazing and i’ve found some amazing hot chicks that really push all my right buttons!

  13. Chimpanzee Mini

    not a scam in the slightest, but do keep an eye out for some fake profiles that slip thru, you’ve just gotta be able to spot the real ladies and the fake ones.

  14. this site is legit but i have some issues with it. adult friend finder doesn’t do the BEST job with purging old profiles so it’s not as active as they’d like you to think!

  15. Waldo Bellinger

    honestly a good site and i can’t think of anything i’d really change on it. for paying members you get SO many options and it’s nigh impossible not to find a hot date!

  16. Morbid James Seagull

    one of the better sites on the internet that is actually a hookup site. adultfriendfinder is an amazing place to meet a TON of different people and you can find someone that is exactly what you need!

  17. 10 out of 10, i will always be back here again! this site gets such a high rating because i have never not been able to find a girl that is exactly what i needed to hook up with that evening!

  18. Running Beam

    for a dating site this is ok i am just not entirely thrilled and think that there are some things that could be changed. i get spam messages sometimes but i also get a ton of messages from real ladies too!

  19. this doesn’t get my HIGHEST review but it’s still pretty good. adult friend finder just hasn’t really done much for me so far so i will just have to keep trying.

  20. Heath Wire

    i love sites like this. you really can’t go wrong if you are looking for some hot ladies and you WILL find them, especially with all your same interests!

  21. for me this is an A+ and i am happy to leave a review saying as much! adult friend finder hits all the right spots and definitely has the right price!

  22. NO COMPARISON. i love this site and i will always hit it up for when i need a sexy hook up. you can also date these people longterm and be REALLY satisfied!

  23. Rusty Hidden Toad

    i worried this was a scam because there are a lot of old profiles that need purging…but otherwise it’s a good solid site especially if you want a specific kind of hook up!

  24. legit and that doesn’t mean it’s spectacular but at least you won’t get taken for a ride. adult friend finder is a good way to find a sex buddy that’s for sure.

  25. Morton Schere

    one of the BEST places to hookup online and that’s why it’s been around for so long. this is a really good site and you are better off spending money here than anywhere else!

  26. Skinny Cutie Mink

    for a hookup site this can’t be beat, adult friend finder is CONSISTENTLY the top of the mountain for me when it comes to great ladies and fun hookups.

  27. this is nothing but an A rating for me! i love this site and i will constantly go here to meet new women that are fun in the sack. can’t beat this one for hook ups.

  28. Gross Simon Deadwood

    the best dating site on the internet it isn’t, but it is pretty good still! i use this site when i am looking for no strings attached sex and it works out great.

  29. this one gets an ok review from me just because it really needs some clean up, adult friend finder doesn’t do the best of jobs in removing old inactive profiles

  30. Haywood Fox

    i love sites like this because you can really be yourself and let loose! i’ve met more amazing women that way than i ever have before. no contest!!

  31. Mysterious Panther


  32. nothing i can think of in a comparison to this site! everything else is crap compared to this one, i will never use any other dating site again!

  33. Lizard Barbaric

    Well, it’s definitely not a scam, though I haven’t had the BEST of luck here. There are some gorgeous ladies and I really do enjoy that part of it!

  34. is legit but i don’t think it’s my favorite dating site. it’s a little out dated and i guess that comes from being around for so long. just not the best anymore…

  35. Lesley Wise

    A REALLY GOOD SITE! i will not use any others after the ease of my hookups on here. seriously, there’s nothing like it, and i will never go anywhere else!

  36. Navy Stony Leopard

    when it comes to my kind of hookup site this is really the one that keeps me in, i will not go anywhere other than adultfriendfinder in the future

  37. this one gets the highest rating from me because honestly? no other site PROVIDES like this one does. just a great site, consistently hits the mark and helps me meet the women i want to meet!

  38. Left-handed Trustee

    my favorite dating site but it is not without its flaws! just keep an eye out for old, inactive profiles. they’re not even fake, the people just aren’t around here anymore!

  39. wish i could give this one a better review but adult friend finder just isn’t the best one i’ve found. not a lot of hook ups on here, just a lot of messages.

  40. Marcus Sholl

    i LOVE being able to log onto sites like this and see a full inbox. amazing site, especially worth the money because of all the features to help you find the right date!

  41. nothing like a great review for one of my favorite sites. is by far the best dating and hookup site i have ever used. i will never use another one!


  43. Boiling Desire Beaver

    Not a scam! This is a good site with some need of updating….it’s not bad though, you can still meet some great women on here and really have a great time.

  44. while it’s legit, i am not that impressed by adult friend finder. i know it’s supposed to be the oldest and best site on the internet for hookups but it’s still kind of eh to me.

  45. Jere Whitling

    good and definitely the best. i love this site because it’s consistently among my favorites and really you CAN’T not find someone on here with all their options!

  46. Nathan Raving Wormwood

    by far my favorite hookup site, i love adult friend finder! you can’t help but flip through this site for hours and it’s so easy to search for exactly the hookup you want.

  47. love this site so it gets an easy 10 out of 10 for me. i would take every single one of these hotties home if i could. no bad experiences or loons here!

  48. for a dating site it is surprisingly low on crazies and i am really happy about that. i’ve had nothing but great experiences with my hookups here!

  49. I honestly wish I could give this one a better review but I just can’t! while i like adult friend finder i don’t think it lives entirely up to my expectations.

  50. sites like this will continue setting the standard for online dating. after being on this site i will not get my hook ups anywhere else. a great value!

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