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Joining AdultFinder is a big mistake! The poor results we found seem to be normal for everyone who tries it.

For one thing, is in a dead heat with as competition for the worst name in the entire industry. sounds as bad as it is. Yes, this isn’t the place to find a match, or a hookup, or a fling-this is the place you go to find an adult. What does that mean? Don’t ask us, we don’t work here!

hookup site scam alert image

If you’re thinking about using, let us warn you against it. This site is not for you. It’s not for anyone.

If you’re already using….just kidding. No one is using this website.

So, what makes this site so bad that even the roaches won’t go there? Let’s take a closer look. is a website that obviously tried to rip off the much bigger, much better AdultFriendFinder…with terrible, unimpressive results.

Instead of a nice sleek interface like the redesigned has (which is one of our Top 5 Best Hookup Websites), has a weird orange-and-white color scheme, and a generic model trying her best to look “sexy” (and not pulling it off). This site is trying too hard, and yet somehow comes across as if it’s….not trying at ALL.

adultfinder screenshot

Basically, looks like a bad site from the 1990s. It has about as many people on it as if it had been running since then, and shut down in the interim.

By that, we mean that there’s really just no one on this website. Our emails fell on deaf ears, and we haven’t been able to get in contact with ANYONE who’s used this site, successfully or not, and that says a lot (of bad things) about any website.

Why We Believe Is Not Legit

During our time on, we sent out 900 emails to girls we thought were….well, we kind of gave up on finding attractive girls with active profiles in our area. We kind of trimmed it down to “girls.” Yeah, we were definitely at least 50 percent sure that all of these were actually women.

Of those, we only got back a shockingly low FIVE emails!

That’s a shockingly low number-on, our highest-ranked website, we turned out over 750 emails, in the exact same amount of time-and at that (much better) site, we didn’t have to lower our standards to do it!

Needless to say, we didn’t find a single date. Honestly, after a while of poking around, we’re surprised we even got five emails back-we’d have expected none.

Is a Scam: We Think So! is one of the more pathetic websites we’ve ever been on. Not only are there no girls, but the website itself is really difficult to use. The buttons they slap onto everything to try and make it look hip and modern just wind up making it really hard to use.

We got extremely frustrated during our time on this website. This is the kind of website you only recommend to people as a practical joke. There’s probably never been a hookup that happened as a result of this website-and if there has been, color us surprised!

We did a little research., one of the better websites that is clearly trying to rip off, has 40 million members., by contrast, has about 10,000. That’s a shockingly low number, and doesn’t even account for how many of those members are inactive.

Should You Try Hooking Up Using Review Conclusion

If you’re looking to find a website where you can meet girls, and for some reason you land on…GOOD LUCK.

There’s basically no way to get laid on this website. There’s basically no way to even MEET a girl on this website. If you’re sick of kicking rocks and want to get them off instead, try It’s our top-reviewed website for a reason, and we think you’ll be as happy there as we always are.

30 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List”

  1. first of all, the name??? adultfinder isn’t a good name for a hookup site because it makes you sound like you just need an adult, ANY ADULT. also, it’s just a bad site. you won’t get laid here lol

  2. LMFAO to think there might be a comparison to this horrible site. you really won’t get laid here. soo many scam profiles and just a real waste of your money, seriously!

  3. Maximum Jaguar

    this is definitely a scam but at least the name always makes me chuckle. if nothing else you will have a blast looking at both the good and bad pics here.

  4. i’m fairly certain that is NOT legit but i am still trying all the same. who knows, maybe one of these days, one of the girls on here will actually respond

  5. Cute Bad Birdie

    not good and it never will be…this site is a waste of money…you won’t get laid on here and you will be lucky if even one real girl actually replies to you.

  6. Drill Intense

    I went to test adult finder out and found out immediately that it was just a huge source of spam bots and scammers. Nothing but fake profiles here!

  7. MY LOWEST RATING, 0 OUT OF 10!!! don’t bother spending money on a site that can’t even get you a single hook up! this site is just really bad!

  8. Running Beam

    i don’t usually bother leaving a review but this one is really laughably bad. the only upside to it is you realize it quickly so you don’t spend too much money here!

  9. this falls pretty flat as a dating site. i had high hopes for adultfinder but i’m not sure i’ll stick with it much longer if i can’t even get messages replied to!

  10. Lovebird Gutsy

    a noticeably bad scam site if i’ve ever seen one. just take one look at it and you’ll see very clearly that a lot of the girls are fake and empty profiles! don’t spend a dime.

  11. this is pretty bad even for a hookup site! at least have some standards. adult finder definitely doesn’t and it shows so tread carefully if you’re on here.

  12. there’s really no comparison to a site that is this bad. first of all you will NOT get laid and on every other dating site i’ve tried, i’ve at least gotten a couple of hook ups!!

  13. very obviously a scam i think. this site is still hilarious to browse though because the profiles are really obviously fake and there is a lot of BAD engrish on here!

  14. I’m starting to believe that adult finder is very far from legit but it’s still kind of a fun site to sit on sometimes. i will keep trying to see what comes of it.

  15. Minimum Subdivision

    do people actually like this site? it’s NOT good and there’s nothing about it that ever will be. it would be better off shut down than stealing money from innocent guys!

  16. Los Parrot

    if you want to give this site a test run, think again adult finder is A REALLY BAD SITE, it’s not worth your time let alone a second look…take your time and money elsewhere.

  17. there’s absolutely nothing redeemable about this and that’s why it gets my lowest rating. dont bother at all with this one because you will NOT GET LAID!!

  18. Yodelers Dreaded

    i’m only giving this site a review because it’s just laughably bad. an obvious scam and one that is just asking to be shut down in the near future. rejoyce when that happens!

  19. if you are looking for a good dating site then i am pretty sure isn’t the one you are looking for. definitely focused more on sex than anything else!

  20. Rainbow Spacy Angel

    If you can’t tell this is a scam site then you need to stop using these kinds of sites. You are just throwing money and time away by sitting on here and talking to fake girls.

  21. Stormy Dagger

    not much to say about this hookup site except PLEASE don’t use it, adultfinder will just scam you out of all of your money and you won’t get a single girl in bed for it.

  22. nothing like trying to think of a comparison for one of the crappiest sites i have found. what a joke of a site, you won’t get laid and you will just waste money

  23. Queen Reborn

    this is a scam and it’s fairly obvious so i won’t spend much time on here. it’s really not worth the money anyway because the girls aren’t very attractive.

  24. unsure if is legit or not…haven’t had much luck on here with getting a real hook up but at least some of the girls have replied back so far.


  26. when i did a test of adult finder i just ended up shrugging tiredly…it’s a bad site… you won’t get laid…headache inducing and really not worth any amount of money

  27. not sure how i can give this any less of a 0 out of 10 rating. a really bad site and obvious about it too. there are so many fake profiles that it’s mind boggling!

  28. Maximum Jaguar

    no amount of improvements will make me change my review lol this site is ridiculous and mindlessly bad, full of fakes and scammers! do not spend money here.

  29. for a dating site i think adult finder isn’t any good, maybe if you are looking just for sex maybe this will work??? but for me it just hasn’t been working so far

  30. Young Puppy

    this is just a scam site and nothing more. if you can’t see that then stay away from dating sites until you can spot it! this site is really unsafe!

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