Review For Hookups: The #4 Website

If you’ve been around the social dating and hookup scene for more than a couple days, you’ve DEFINITELY heard of This site is the granddaddy of all hookup sites. It’s the one and only original, and it’s been around since Bill Clinton was running for office. The thing that makes so different from its competition is that this site has STAYED, while all the other sites that popped up around the same time have vanished. It’s like they say-you die a Geocities, or you live long enough to see yourself become na Apple. The reason has stuck around for so long when other sites have failed is simple. It’s simply better than the competition. So, what exactly is it that makes so much better than all the sites that came after? Let’s check it out. is one of those websites that seems like it’s always been around-and that’s a great thing! Since 1996, has been hooking people up. While that might mean for a lot of sites that they’re outdated or no longer relevant, but makes it a point to stay as updated and consistent with modern web design as possible. Much of that can be attributed to the fact that while it… Review For Hookups: The #5 Website

If you’re looking for a really quality dating site that ALSO happens to be a pretty great hookup site, you’re definitely looking for The thing that sets it apart from most other hookup websites is the fact that it is a real DATING site instead of just a hookup site. Now, for some, that might be a disadvantage. We choose to see it as an advantage, and we’ve had a LOT of luck on this site. So, will it hold true for you? Or is this just us being overly optimistic? There’s just one way to find out, so let’s take a look at what we loved so much about The first time we logged on to, we were struck with how nicely-designed the website was. This is a cool, sleek, modern website with a very interesting feel that we think will appeal strongly to the kinds of girls we want to hook up with. Remember, we’re not interested in hooking up with the lowest common denominator-we don’t like trashy girls who can’t get any other guys, even just for hookups! We like quality girls, and we can be pretty picky at times, we’re aware. On, we didn’t feel picky. Most of the girls there are… Review For Hookups: The #1 Website

Let’s not beat around the bush-if you’re looking for a website where you can meet a bunch of HOT girls who really want to hook up with you, there’s just no better site than This site does everything a GOOD site should do, and invented a bunch of stuff we didn’t even know websites COULD do. Basically, this site set the bar for us, and every one of us is currently enjoying the sweet discounts that come with paying for a full year’s membership up front. When we first logged onto, we weren’t quite sure what we’d find. We were BLOWN AWAY by the quality of this site! As soon as you sign on, you know that this is no ordinary website. The plain boring white background and thumbnail pictures that seem to make up about 90 percent of dating and hookup sites are nowhere to be seen. We’re used to seeing poorly-spelled links, and immediate flashing advertisements that tell us to BUY, BUY, BUY. You won’t find ANY of that on Instead, as soon as you click on the page, you’re treated to a tour of the site. This isn’t just a nickel tour slideshow, either! You’re led through the site’s features by a stunningly gorgeous… Review For Hookups: The #2 Website

Let’s just start out by saying this: every single member of our team currently has a year-long membership to, and we did NOT require that when we first started our XXXLove comparison. That should give you some idea of how much we LOVE! If you’re looking for a great hookup site, we think you’ll be pretty taken aback by how good this one is. So, what makes so great? Let’s take a closer look at some of the fantastic features this site has to offer. is, plainly speaking, one of the most powerful tools for hooking up that we’ve ever seen. If is the equivalent of a sleek Ferrari of hookup websites, then we’re pretty sure that is like a luxury limo-it might be a little bit harder to handle and doesn’t corner as well, but the perks you get out of joining this site are phenomenal. For one thing, this site looks AMAZING. There aren’t any gaudy colors and flashing lights here to distract you from how good it looks, because every bit of it is properly coded and designed. The second you sign up to, you feel like you’ve become part of an elite club. The tour you take is comprehensive… Review For Hookups: The #3 Website is not exactly like a lot of other websites that you’ll find getting reviewed. However, we thought it was worth mentioning-for the reason that you can hook up with a LOT of really hot, amazing girls on here! The site isn’t just a hookup site. Rather, it was designed so that older men with a bit of money tucked safely away (who are “established,” rather than “older”) can meet girls who are young and pretty and have a lot to gain (who we’ll kindly refrain from calling “gold-diggers”). This site may not be for everyone, but we just HAD to share how much success we’ve had on this website. No, you don’t have to be a millionaire. Yes, it’s easy to fake it, and yes, we’ll show you how. So, how do you fake being a rich guy to hook a super hottie? Read on and find out! While was definitely set up to be a great way for hot girls to meet sugar daddies, we’ve had AWESOME luck on this site with meeting women! For one thing, not every girl on here is a gold-digger. Some are, so let’s get that out of the way right now. Some of the girls on here ARE looking for a…

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#1 Site: SocialSex
#2 Site: XXXLove
#3 Site: EstablishedMen
#4 Site: AdultFriendFinder
#5 Site: Xpress


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