Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List

Put a condom over your hard drive before heading onto True love is protection, and you’re going to need it. is the kind of website that makes you nervous just to click on it-and we were RIGHT to be nervous! We had a feeling that might be bad, and we were correct in every way. This site will give your computer a virus, if you’re not careful-it utilizes the dreaded pop-up ad, as well as redirecting you to obviously untrustworthy websites. With many sites we review, we know that some guys are going to go to the website just to see if it can possibly be as bad as we say it is. Please don’t do that with, you’re going to ruin something, and we’re not going to fix your computer. So, what makes so gross (besides the name)? Let’s look deeper and find out. When we first went to, we were redirected to a REALLY sleazy-looking website that had “clickz” in the name, and promised to help us meet horny, desperate, lonely housewives who were looking to hook up with local dudes. First of all, hot. Second of all, this website was NOT what we expected. This site was a total scam, and… Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List is where dignity goes to die. This is a cutesy, creepy, Valentine candy colored abomination. The website doesn’t work, there are no real girls on here, and you’ll leave feeling bad about yourself. Okay, yes, we got burned pretty bad with Still, this is one of the worst sites we’ve ever used, and we’re MORE than eager to tell you why. Flirt is a terrible site that tries to take your money for being male, and then tries to completely emasculate you. In case you were wondering, yes, that is a really weird thing for a dating website to try and do. Let’s take a look at why is one of the worst websites ever made, let alone one of the worst hookup websites in creation. First of all, is one of those sites that makes men pay full price to do ANYTHING on the site, but lets women join for free if they put up a picture. That’s not the WORST business practice, but it does make it very clear that they can’t get women to join this site any other way. When a site looks like THIS and still can’t attract women, we have a problem. Namely, this site will NEVER attract men, not… Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List

Holy crap, stay away from this website if you value your money. This is a BAD website, and it’s a total scam. There are very, very few real women on this website, and the ones that are don’t exactly “measure up,” you might say (we’re saying that they’re not hot enough to bang). Yes, has all the problems of most scam sites-the site is buggy, the profiles are fake, and it’s a generally really bad website that has terrible English and is obviously made overseas for the purpose of ripping guys off. Yes, all of that is bad, but somewhat typical. However, this site goes beyond bad, to the realm of “Do NOT give anyone associated with access to your credit card.” No, not even for a five-day trial. Why not? Let’s look deeper. The most important thing you need to know about is that there are five of us guys, and we all signed up for for three months. That’s how we do our reviews. We send two emails a day each for three months, and then we aggregate our results at the end of the experiment. We did the UpForIt review six months ago, and we’re still paying for this site. No, not on… Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List is a weird website. Oh, it’s a scam-there’s no doubt about that. You have about as much chance of getting laid at home, alone, without contacting anyone as you do by using But the thing about is that it’s WEIRDLY stuck in the past. For one thing, what’s the deal with the name? As soon as you start looking into the name, you realize this site claims it’s been around since the 1970s-which is pretty weird, since there wasn’t an Internet back then. Of all things, this website used to exist as a phone-only hookup site. That’s strange, but not as strange as the fact that it’s been in business for longer than most of us have been alive, but it still manages somehow to rip off every single person who tries to use it. Think we’re over-exaggerating? Read on, and find out exactly what we hate about is a scam from top to bottom, and it doesn’t take long to realize that. While many websites believe that the only way to succeed in the modern world is to offer as many features as possible, we believe that the ACTUAL best way to succeed is to do one thing-and to do it perfectly. does… Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List is a confused, pathetic site that can’t actually do any of the things that it claims to do. First of all, we have to be totally honest: this website is not actually what we would call a “scam.” That is, they don’t take your money in exchange for doing absolutely nothing, the way most sites do on the list of the worst hookup sites on the Internet. For one thing, is free. Actually free, not just “free trial” or “free to girls.” You won’t pay anything to join. However, the list of things WRONG with this website is very extensive-and don’t forget that just because a website itself doesn’t scam you doesn’t mean that the members are so scrupulous! So, what makes totally not worth joining? Let’s take a look and find out. You’ve heard before that you get what you pay for. On, you don’t pay anything…and you don’t GET anything, so that definitely works out. This site was a massive disappointment. We were expecting to finally find a free site that was as worthwhile as the paid sites we like, and we were hoping that would be the one. Literally ten seconds was enough to show us how wrong we were. When you… Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List

We’re pretty sure the people behind are missing the point of dating completely. This is another site with a gimmick. In this case, it’s a phone. This is what they call “mobile dating,” which most people just call, “texting.” While there’s nothing wrong with the actual concept, we’re pretty sure the people at are letting a concept get in the way of creating an actually good website-and as it is, we don’t think anyone should join unless they really don’t want to get laid at all. So, why are we so sure that no one will get laid on Let’s take a look and find out. Look, there are several different things that make up a good dating website. Here is OUR LIST of the most important things: 1. LOTS OF HOT WOMEN 2. No scams 3. Good site design 4. Cool concept Here, on the other hand, is the list of’s idea of what a good dating website should be: 1. Concept 2. Site Design Hmm. As you can see, this isn’t exactly as…comprehensive as the list we made. This site isn’t one that you can trust, because it’s just kind of a dumb website that leaves out the most important parts. Why We Believe… Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List

For one thing, is in a dead heat with as competition for the worst name in the entire industry. sounds as bad as it is. Yes, this isn’t the place to find a match, or a hookup, or a fling-this is the place you go to find an adult. What does that mean? Don’t ask us, we don’t work here! If you’re thinking about using, let us warn you against it. This site is not for you. It’s not for anyone. If you’re already using….just kidding. No one is using this website. So, what makes this site so bad that even the roaches won’t go there? Let’s take a closer look. is a website that obviously tried to rip off the much bigger, much better AdultFriendFinder…with terrible, unimpressive results. Instead of a nice sleek interface like the redesigned has (which is one of our Top 5 Best Hookup Websites), has a weird orange-and-white color scheme, and a generic model trying her best to look “sexy” (and not pulling it off). This site is trying too hard, and yet somehow comes across as if it’s….not trying at ALL. Basically, looks like a bad site from the 1990s. It has about as many… Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List

Talk about a website name that does NOT deliver. To put it bluntly, we did not find sex on We did not really find anything, except a really lame site with very few features. One thing we DID find is where the budget for this site goes: into FAKE reviews. When we were looking around for our SexFinder comparison, we wanted to make sure we were getting the full picture. Before we log on to any website, we always want to make sure that there’s a full review available for it online, so we can compare the problem areas with our own experiences. All the reviews for are FAKE. They’re all spelled wrong with TERRIBLE grammar (see why this is a problem in our guide to spotting scams and spam on hookup sites), and they don’t actually mention any of the features that are available on They’re obviously just written to try and get some good publicity for the site, and not by people who actually care about whether or not they’re going to get guys laid. Since our reviews are impartial, you’ll see the real truth behind, and why you shouldn’t always listen to what random dudes on the Internet say. Let’s look at why… Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List

Friends don’t let friends hook up on In fact, we’ll go even farther: friends should keep friends from knowing that even EXISTS. This website is a total, complete, utter scam, and we’re frankly disgusted with it. This site is so far away from the top 5 websites we use to hook up, it doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same paragraph with them. Yeah, we hated the hell out of So, why did we hate it so much? Let’s read on and find out. is the kind of site you tell your worst enemies about. We knew as soon as we found the site that it wasn’t going to be any good. Everything about it felt trashy and unbelievable. In our guide to spotting and avoiding hookup scams, we mentioned that one of the biggest things to look out for is spelling and grammar. No, we’re not grammar Nazis, and we couldn’t care less whether you say “regardless” or “irregardless,” but there is something to be said for knowing how to speak English on a very basic level. It’s easy to hire someone who speaks English to proofread a legitimate website. Many writers will even do it for free, as long as they get… Review: Why Didn’t Make The Top List

For some reason, this website JUST WON’T DIE. We first heard about years ago, when they were running the cheapest commercials ever known to man. If you’re fortunate enough not to remember them, the commercials basically consisted of the worst actors known to humanity trying to convince boring, repressed people that they needed a booty call. They would explain the word “Booty,” and what a booty call was, to a bunch of old people who couldn’t believe what they were hearing-or another commercial featured a bunch of terrible actresses going “shopping for men,” picking them out of a supermarket freezer and carting them off home. We were pleased to find that the website of is just as thoughtlessly trashy as the commercials always pretty much promised. This terrible website is gross, cheap, and dumb. We wouldn’t touch it again if we were paid to try and get laid on here, and we always feel like taking a shower after we log off. THAT’S how gross this site is. So, what makes so cheap, nasty, and unappealing? Let’s check it out. Probably the biggest problem with is that it seems to think that just because it KNOWS it’s trashy, it can get away with being trashy. That…

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