3 First Emails That Work Well 100% of the Time

Once you’ve got your great hookup site profile and your great profile picture on the 2-3 sites of your choice, you’re ready to start interacting with girls on hookup sites!

For 99 percent of guys, this is where they hit a dead end. Sure, they can set up a great profile (it’s not that hard), but when it comes to actually sending a single paragraph email that will get a girl in bed with them, they fall totally on their faces in just a few words.

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The first email, put simply, is the reason most guys FAIL on dating sites. Inexplicably, a lot of guys think that sending an email saying “Nice tits” or demanding to SEE the goods is going to get them laid….for some reason. Think about it: this is your pickup line. You wouldn’t expect to get laid by walking up to a woman in a bar and telling her she had nice tits, you’d expect to get an eyeroll and possibly slapped.

And while you might get lucky with a drunk girl in a bar, girls on their computers at home are a lot more likely to be sober. Even worse for guys that don’t think those first emails through, women on hookup sites have a lot of time to think about whether or not they’re going to respond to that first email. Even if they feel a little flattered by a comment, they don’t feel the need to respond to the email right away.

This is another advantage for you.

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When a girl is picky about which email she responds to, she might wait a few days, seeing all the emails she gets, and pick the best one. That best one can easily be you.

Every first email on a hookup website needs to include these three things if you’re going to have ANY chance of success:

1. Something personal about her profile (not generic)
2. Something funny
3. A “hook” or “test,” but NOT a demand.

These emails should be SHORT. Not sentence-short, but paragraph-short. You’re the fun guy, not the guy who doesn’t care or the guy who wrote her a damn novel.

Let’s look at some examples of our most successful emails. Yes, we just change the names and the hobbies every time.

Email #1:

“Hi, Crysta. I couldn’t help but notice the skis in the background of your photo-that is, until I noticed your eyes. I hope you realize how unfairly distracting they are for a man. But before I go back to staring, may I ask-do you prefer the Rockies, or the Sierra Nevadas for skiing? I’m looking to hit the lifts early this year, and I’d love some advice, since I just moved from the East Coast. Hope to hear from you soon.”

Email #2:

“Hi, Izzie. I wasn’t sure anything could distract me from your smile, but that was before I saw that picture of you in the swimsuit! If there aren’t people around who make you feel like a million bucks, you’re being vastly underrated. If I might say so myself, I’m ranked pretty highly as a man who can appreciate a woman. On my knees, if the occasion dictates. Are you properly worshipped often?”

Email #3:

“Hi, Kit. It isn’t often that you meet a girl whose hobbies match the striking loveliness of her features, but you seem to be breaking the rules. That’s very unfair, but I’ll allow you to make it up to me. Do you think a smile is a fair price?”

Each of these emails has some kind of a joke involved, which girls really like. Even though a lot of guys don’t want to be the “funny friend,” there’s a difference between laughing at the guy who does bellyflops into the pool and laughing at the joke of a guy who’s buying a drink.

Each of these emails is also nice and short. Women don’t want to read a bunch of crap about you and your life. This is for hookups, not for marriage-don’t frighten any woman away by making her think she has to jump through hoops to get to sex. That’s the opposite of what you want to do!

The easiest way to talk about your interests in an intro email is to talk about her interests.

If you can say, “We have this in common,” that means that you’re noticing her profile as well as mentioning your own hobbies. If you have NOTHING in common (and don’t want to fake it), just say, “I’ve always been more into ____ but I’d love to learn ____! And I love a woman who’s a good teacher and shows me just what she likes….” That’s flirty and fun and girls eat that crap up like pancakes.

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