How to Spot Fake Profiles Easily on Hookup Websites: Never Get Fooled Again

When you sign up for a hookup website, it can be really exciting to get all those messages for the first time. Whether you send out a bunch or wait for your awesome profile and picture to bring them to you, seeing that inbox light up is kind of awesome-when you see messages, you know you’re gonna get LAID tonight, right?

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Sadly, no.

Unfortunately, according to OKTrends, a website that studies dating trends over hundreds of thousands of users, about 75% of the email sent on dating profile sites is SPAM.

Not only do companies and scammers send out fake messages, but on many sites, the actual profiles themselves might be fake. There might be no one at all behind the name and picture, and you might have been talking to a collection of pixels.

So how do you know if a profile is real?

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Fortunately, there ARE many ways to tell if a profile is real or fake. While some profiles are good enough to fool our detection, those profiles are usually run by real women who are just scammers. The vast majority of spam and scams that you’ll encounter on hookup websites are fake dating profiles, and can be easily spotted.

Hint Number One: Her spelling and grammar are TERRIBLE.

If scammers put any effort into hiding themselves, finding them might be more difficult. However, we’re glad they don’t bother!

If you see a profile of a pretty white girl who says she’s from across the street but can’t spell her own name, she’s a freaking scam. No, we don’t mean if she uses “text speak.”

There’s a difference. If she uses text speak like “I want 2 hook up w/u l8r,” that’s one thing. If she sends you a message that reads like “I like party you party we party!” she’s probably a scam. Basically, if she looks like she should speak perfect English and doesn’t, she’s a scam.

Why is that?

The reason most profiles with terrible English are scams is because most dating scams are run in Eastern Europe and SouthEast Asia-and they don’t bother to train the operators much at all.

Hint Number Two: She doesn’t have a picture up.

This is the ultimate sign of a lazy scammer. If you see a profile without a picture up, there is absolutely no one who is going to bang you behind that profile. Even if it was a real girl that signed up for that account, a girl who’s too shy to show her face is DEFINITELY too shy to go home with a stranger, and you’re wasting your time.

If you’re convinced that she’s not a scammer (she is), ask her to send you a picture. If she won’t even do that, she’s a scam. If she claims her camera is broken, she’s a scam. Seriously, between cell phone, computer, webcam, and cameras, how many ways are there to send a simple selfie? Don’t fall for this crap.

This also applies if there’s a fake photograph.

If she looks like a porn star, she’s a fake. If you’re not sure, do a google image search on her profile picture. If you get a lot of hits, she’s probably a model, and the profile is (you guessed it) fake.

Hint Number Three: She has a sob story.

We went over this one a bit in our guide to avoiding hookup scams, but this one is worth mentioning in a different context.

We mentioned that there’s a scam called “The wounded dove.” Most of the time, this is a girl (or actually a guy) who sends you messages, seems perfect, gets to know you, then asks for money to help her through a “really short rough time” in her life, only to never speak to you again after she’s got the money you unwisely sent her.

However, some scammers simply cut out the first step. These lazy scammers are SURE that they’re going to get a guy’s sympathies. They create a profile that outright says they have a really sad life, and are in a really bad state right now. Remember that most sites let girls set up a profile for free to try and balance out their ratios.

Basically, they only need to get one guy to fall for this to make it worth their while, and they could have dozens of profiles up on a hundred different sites. Protect yourself, know what you’re dealing with, and don’t let these unscrupulous scammers get the better of you. They prey on nice guys, so don’t be the nice and stupid guy.

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