Creating a Killer Hookup Dating Profile That Women Can’t Resist

A lot of guys think that creating a great hookup dating profile is about making yourself look good. While there are elements of this in any successful profile, you’re going at it from the wrong direction.

Your profile shouldn’t be about you at all.

Sure, it’s going to talk about you. Your picture, your hobby, your interests, your everything. But when you put it together, you shouldn’t have in mind, “How can I make myself look cool?”

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No, what you should have in mind is, what kind of girl do you want to see this profile?

That should be your endgame, here. If you’re only online to get your ego stroked and make yourself look good, post as many selfies and pictures of your junk as you want. It won’t get you laid, but you’ll feel good about yourself, and that’s all that matters, right?

OR, you could take our advice and put together a profile that will actually get you laid. Your choice.

The first thing to remember is that girls aren’t looking for “a good body,” even if they say they are. They’re looking for a guy that looks like he’s put together well, like he knows how to carry himself, and like he knows how to treat a woman. Yeah, apparently there’s a look for that.

So first, you have to know what women want to see.

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Here are the three things a woman wants to see most in a guy she’s looking to hook up with:

1. Knows how to take care of himself. That means he’s a good dresser, well-groomed, and not a complete slob.
2. Busy, active lifestyle. That means he has at least heard of some kind of sport (from rollerblading to tag football, it doesn’t matter), and won’t be around to nag all the time for more dates.
3. Not a drag to hang out with. Girls are looking for FUN.

Let’s break down why these matter. First of all, a man who knows how to take care of himself. A woman on a hookup site wants to know that she’ll be safe, that she’ll be taken care of, and that she’ll have some no-strings-attached fun. If you look good and you look well put-together (that means no stains on your shirts and a belt around your waist), she’ll be more likely to think that you have your life together.

Second, a woman on these sites wants a man who has hobbies.

Yes, it matters what hobbies. “Driving and caring for a classic motorcycle” is a hell of a lot cooler than stamp collecting-but make sure that you HAVE a hobby, first and foremost. Girls hate boring dudes.

If you know enough about them to fake it, we’ve found some hobbies that girls pretty much universally find cool, or at least not uncool, no matter which girl you ask. Some hobbies you can pretend to have (or actually have) are:

  • Working on classic bikes/cars
  • Ocean/Lake sports (waterskiing, tubing, boating)
  • Snow sports (skiing, snowboarding)
  • Volunteering (animal shelter, homeless shelter, soup kitchen, neighborhood cleanups, etc)
  • ANYTHING involving animals (except grooming or fighting)
  • Playing an instrument (guitar, drums, bass, saxophone, etc.-NOT something like a tuba)

There are a lot more, but these are the ones we’ve found that work the best overall, when we tested them on a bunch of different adult hookup websites. If you claim to have one of these hobbies, though, make sure you can at least BS your way through half a conversation about it.

Third, be low-pressure.

The girls you meet on hookup sites aren’t looking for a guy who wants to get married. You get no points for saying you want kids. All these girls want is a guy that they can hook up with when they feel the itch, not a guy that seems like he’ll hang on their every word.

With that in mind, here are some pointers of stuff to AVOID doing in your profile:

  • Talking about your ex
  • Talking about wife/kids in the future
  • Talking about how “nice guys” never get girls
  • Talking about My Little Pony….what the hell, stop that right away.
  • Talking about weird kinky things any girl HAS to be into in order to get into your bed

If you can avoid doing these things in your hookup dating profile, you’re well on your way to having a steady stream of ladies whenever you want them!

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