Profile Picture Primer: Which Pictures Get the Best Results

Once you’ve set up your dating profile on a hookup site, it’s time to really reel in the ladies with a perfect profile picture. So you sign on to the hookup dating site of your choice, and browse through the guy’s section to get an idea of what’s best. Seems pretty simple, right? Just a few shots of the goods, and you’re in business.

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Unless a girl ASKS FOR IT, as in actually puts in WRITING that she wants to see a picture of your junk, do not upload pictures of your dick.

Yes, this is a hookup site, not eHarmony. Yes, you’re looking for a girl that wants to enjoy said parts. But here’s the thing.

When a girl sends a guy pictures of her junk, we get off on it. When guys send girls pictures of their junk….hate to tell you, but according to all the women we’ve asked, they laugh.

So, yeah. Unless you want girls laughing at your dick, don’t upload it to the Internet.

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We’re not saying that you should never show off the goods. The goods are fine! The FRAMING is what’s important.

According to the research we’ve done over several months of trying different profiles out on a couple dozen dating sites, we’ve come up with some of the best ways to make a profile picture stand out

The first thing you have to keep in mind for your profile pic is that wide shots are your friend.

These shots, taken from farther away, give you a better opportunity to show off. These shots mean that you can show your hobby (check the list above), your surroundings (as long as they’re awesome), or even….your photoshop skills.

If you just can’t manage to get to Bali this year, take a good-quality wide shot of yourself and slap it onto a beach in Bali. Why the hell not? You’re just trying to impress a girl you want to take out once, you’re not promising your future wife a ride on your jetski.

Of course, if you actually have a condo in Bali, you’re set.

The other thing a wide shot does is make you look a hell of a lot better. A lot of guys don’t like part of their body, like their gut. If you’re on a long-term dating site hoping a girl will get to know you and fall madly in love with you before meeting you in person, fine. But if you’re only looking to get laid once or twice and then hit the road, you’re shooting yourself in the foot by trying to hide something obvious from her. She’s GOING to see it as soon as you meet in person, and then she’ll just be annoyed that you hid it.

Plus, if you take a shot from really close, she’ll be able to see your pores. Girls care about pores. We’re not QUITE sure what they are, but we’re pretty sure we don’t care about them.

Do something in your picture.

The girls you’re looking to hook in aren’t interviewing you for a job. Yes, it’s good to look professional and put-together. Even MORE important is to look like you’re a busy guy with a good life, who’s just looking for a bit of fun on the side. We’ve tried out dozens of different profiles and profile pictures, and we’ve found that this works really well.

You don’t need to have all of your shots be action shots, but it’s good to have at least a few of them structured that way. Add in a picture of you tossing a ball, or doing one of those hobbies we mentioned in our guide to writing the perfect adult hookup site profile. That’ll enforce the idea that you have a life and hobbies, and you are looking for someone who doesn’t mind squeezing herself into the empty spaces.

So, if we don’t recommend sending shots of your dick (and we do not), is there ANY way to show your stuff?

Yes. Within reason. Girls DO like a guy with a good body, but they prefer a little mystery about it-wear a shirt that shows off your arms, or pull it up a bit in front to show your abs. It’s like the mystery of seeing a girl in flirty, sexy lingerie instead of seeing her completely naked.

Look, girls have access to the Internet the same as we do. They could see as many pictures of dicks as you could of boobs with a single Google search.

What you have to do is get them interested in why they could pick YOU to see tonight, and what makes you different from all the other guys that are probably making idiots of themselves on that hookup site.

And hell, if all else fails?

Add a puppy.

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