You’re Never Too Old To Play Pretend

“Try out a roleplay to make your sexual life interesting”

If you’re bored by your bedroom activities, then chances are your girlfriend is too. Bring in a bit of fun by roleplaying instead of lust doing what needs to be done. Imaginative fun can make sex infinitely more enjoyable, and there are a countless number of scenarios to choose from. They range from general, popular subjects and can get as specific as a particular kink that you and her share, not to mention it allows for an escape from the mundane events of the real world.

One of the most popular roleplaying genres is that of a teacher and student. This particular game can go one of two ways – with you as the teacher, or her. Choose to be the teacher if you want to be more dominant, or let her be in charge for an invigorating sexual experience. Pretend that one of you has to stay after class, or is in detention for punishment. If you’re into light BDSM, this is the genre for you. Tell her how bad she is and spank her over your knee, or make her bend over and write a phrase on a piece of paper while you feel her up. Keep the act going until the end and you’ll have had a great night of seemingly taboo fun.

“You can also indulge in light bondage”

Another great idea for the two of you is to pretend like your girlfriend is an expensive, high-end call girl. Have her wear something sexy under a big coat and have her stand outside so you can let her in. Throw in some banter about what a great girl they sent him, then sit down and let the show begin. Let her take off the coat slowly to expose the lingerie underneath and be patient. Since she’s the one whose job it is to please men, she knows what she’s doing and you have to let her take the wheel. This sort of play will let her get her dominant side out, which you may have been unintentionally neglecting in the bedroom. It’s also a good way to see what sort of sex positions she likes and has been too nervous to tell you about – when she’s playacting as someone else; she won’t be as reserved about her desires. Don’t just sit there with your hands at your sides, though! Unless she directs you otherwise, feel free to touch her and play with her, too. Just because she wants you to be in charge don’t mean that she wants you to be a board. Play for as long as you want, and then escort her out so that she can re-enter as your girlfriend again to complete the illusion.

Keeping sex from being boring is one of the top ways to maintain a healthy relationship, and roleplaying is an easy and fun way to do that. There are countless scenarios for you and your girlfriend to act out, so it never gets old. Broaden your horizons and hone in on specific kinks you might have to optimize your roleplaying experience.

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