What To Do If You Girl Doesn’t Have The Same Kinks As You

“It seems like she’ll not agree to fulfil your fantasy of anal sex”
Unfortunately, it happens. If you and your girl have disagreed about matters of sex in the past, it’s more likely that as your sexual relationship progresses you just might find out that there’s something you like that she just…doesn’t. Not everyone has the same interests; just because you’ve wanted to experiment in BDSM doesn’t mean she’ll be totally comfortable with that, and her sexual fantasy to be with two guys at once might just be something you’re totally put off by. This is more likely to happen if your kinks are a little…out there. While there’s no shame in what you like (within reason, guys, come on) it’s just important to be prepared in case the day comes that your greatest sexual fantasy surfaces and the girl you’re hooking up with is just…totally turned off. That’s bad for both of you because it creates tension and can lead to some pretty awkward situations and destroyed moods or moments. That’s completely okay; it can happen. If and when it comes out that you don’t share a particular kink, here’s how to handle it without making her uncomfortable and hopefully still getting a little of what you want!

“Don’t force her for anything”

The last thing you want to do is get mad. There’s no reason for that, and it can be a deal breaker for your relationship and if you react poorly to your girl not being turned on by a kink you have, she might just walk away from you. We don’t have to tell you twice that you probably don’t want that to happen! If you have a good thing going, keep it. It’s important to be mature and understand, accept that she has different interests than yours. You should ask questions and communicate with her to see what’s so off-putting about it. Did she have a bad experience with it before? What about it bothers her? Are there any instances in which she might change her mind and be willing to experiment with that particular kink or fetish with you in a safe, controlled environment? Sometimes her hesitance isn’t an outright refusal, just confusion. She might not be entirely sure of what you mean and are asking for, so explaining it to her is worth your while. If she still says no, don’t push it, at least for a while.
If she changes her tune and says that she might consider trying it in the right circumstances, you’re in luck. Maybe she just misunderstood before and that’s why she said no, or maybe her opinion just changed. Either way, you could still get laid just the way you want to, and introduce her to a new activity that could become just as much of a kink for her as it is for you. Her willingness to try new things for you is not only great for your sex life, it’s also a sweet gesture in its own way. It means she not only cares about pleasing you, but also that she’s open to new sexual things. This is great for you because not only does she care, she’s adventurous, which means that you’ll probably never be bored with her!

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