What a Girl’s Drink Says About Her

“You can know a lot about any girl by the drink she orders”
There is picking up a chick in a bar, and there is picking up a chick in a bar the right way. Sure, you could use the shotgun approach and go after any girl that is in the vicinity, or you can put a little more effort in and pick who you get todo the horizontal limbo with that night. When looking around the bar, take special care to check out the ladies’ drinks. Whether it’s a fruity cocktail or a shot of hard alcohol, that’s your first clue to what a) she wants to accomplish that night and b) what you have to do to get into her pants.
If she’s drinking…

A girly cocktail

This includes mimosas, daiquiris, cosmopolitans, panty droppers, etc. Sporting a colorful cocktail means that she’s going fairly low alcohol. These brightly colored drinks also tend to have a low calorie content. She might be a lightweight or dieting. Either way, using lots of compliments after she’s had a few of these and is feeling tipsy as a gateway into her garden of goodies. If she still seems a bit sober, then don’t act so cheesy (yet). She feels classy, drinking those things. So pretend she is a classy dame and not just a bar fly.

A cheap beer

“She is drinking the cheapest beer available in the bar”
PBR, Bud Light, Corona, Coors Light, Miller Light, etc. If the girl accompanying this drink is wearing large, thick rimmed glasses and ironic clothing, she is a hipster. Make up some band names and books that don’t exist and create vague storylines for them. This takes some b.s.ing, but she will probably secretly admire your knowledge of things that even she hasn’t heard of. If she just looks like a normal girl, she might just not have a lot of experience in a bar. After making yourself known, see if you can offer some drinking advice.

An expensive beer

Anything that says IPA, Lager, or has a frilly description. This girl will probably be an ale head. She’s too refined to drink crappy cheap beer. She likes hers to have notes of complex flavors and she will tell you why IPA’s are superior to brown ales. Prepare for snobby conversation. Don’t be too agreeable, pick a type of beer that you’ve heard of and argue your side a bit. Not only will it seem like you’re NOT just trying to pick up on her, she’ll like the debate, and it may just end up turning her on, in your favor.

Shots, shots, shots…

This chick is out to party. Taking shots (especially with no chasers) of hard alcohol means that caution was thrown to the wind hours ago. Watch out for her girlfriends, and don’t be overly nice. She will most likely be an emotional roller coaster, so keep to happy topics and let her sob on your shoulder if needed. If you’re really into getting specifically her into bed, then know the consequences: she will need help walking, therefore she will probably need help with getting down, she may puke at some point during the night (or multiple times), leaving you to do some cleaning up, and it may be the most awkward morning of your life the next day.

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