Unkempt is Unloved

“Keep yourself well groomed to increase your chances of getting laid”

If you’ve been having trouble picking up chicks, the answer might be as plain as the nose on your face; or, rather, the hair on your face instead. How you present yourself is everything, and if you’re sporting a wizard beard you’ll be passed up 9/10 times for a clean-cut guy. Pay attention to your grooming methods and general hygiene – that might be why you haven’t been bagging ladies left and right. So, take a good look in the mirror and see if your problem is staring right back at you, then take decisive action.

Excess facial hair is not only unnecessary unless you’re a lumberjack – it makes you look dirty. Not very many women go for the shaggy, homeless look, so consider digging out the razor or the scissors. A closely trimmed beard looks suave and considered, and makes you look like you have your life together. Make sure to keep up with it and maintain it to stay fresh looking and clean, and you’ll notice results right away. All those women who wouldn’t look your way before with be clamoring to talk to you, and you can thank your new self for that. If you can’t decide on what to do with your beard, take a look at men in magazines like GQ. Focus on how theirs are trimmed, where it’s completely shaved, and where they let it grow out a bit. Once you get a good look at a variety of styles, pick your favorite and go grab the razor! If you don’t feel
comfortable doing it yourself, go to a barber for a cheap and smooth cut.

“Pay attention to your personal hygiene”

It goes without saying that you should be maintaining your personal hygiene as well. Don’t expect to get any cute girls when you look and smell like a garbage can. Shower at LEAST once every other day, use cologne and deodorant, and be sure to brush your teeth routinely! Yellow teeth don’t make your smile charming or handsome, so get to brushing and flossing twice a day. If you have skin issues, consider picking up special acne-clearing body wash and a good facial cleanser. For severe cases, more expensive products like Proactive or a trip to the dermatologist is the best solution. Girls won’t be able to get to see your good personality if they’re too put off by your blotchy skin to approach you.

These may seem like shallow ways to get girls to notice you, but first impressions are largely based on appearance. You have to lure the girls to you first before you can show off your actual personality, so at first looks actually are everything. For your next outing to scout girls, bring your best face and you’ll be sure to impress. Stay clean, stay well groomed, and show off those pearly whites. You deserve the best you can get, you might just have to exude a bit of effort to be the type of guy girls want to be around if you’ve had issues previously.

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