Unexpected Items of Clothing that Girls Find Sexy

“Wear body hugging clothes”
When you’re on the hunt for a new lady, it’s a no brainer that you probably shouldn’t look like a homeless slob who’s using the public bathroom as his showering place. But you also don’t want to look like a rich huffy whose manservant does all of his handling of things the ‘poor’ might have touched (unless you’re looking for a girl who’s into that, I guess). So get yourself some new swag. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on these surprisingly sexy clothes that ladies dig, most can be found at second-hand stores in your area.
Ladies love vests. Not those awkward, puffy ones that you wear in the snow, though. Fitted vests serve absolutely no purpose in the world of practical clothing. They don’t keep you warmer, they don’t cover your naked body, and they don’t hold anything in place…which is why they seem so sexy. Because they are so pointless, it means that you are putting effort into your wardrobe. If you’re going on a date while wearing one, it means that you want to impress her and went the extra mile. If you’re wearing one out on the town, you’re a step above the tools who have been hitting on her all night.

“This suit looks sexy”
If the sleek vest approach doesn’t seem much your style, think about approaching from a complete 180: a plaid flannel and suspenders. Play on her desire for a hoss, lumberjack, or some other grungy working man stereotype. While this may only feed on her carnal desire to get you into the bedroom as fast as she can, it’s a more than decent start if you want to actually date her. If you’re just going for a one nighter, then keep the charades going as long as you’d like.
Now don’t run away from this next one, but we have it on good authority that somewhat tight clothing, whether it be pants or a shirt, drives girls wild. It doesn’t have to be junk hugging or restrict movement, but it’s not a secret anymore that chicks check out dudes just as much as we do them. Giving them easier access to see your muscles or whatever other feature you want to show off can lure them to you, not only cutting down on the chase, but giving you a confidence booster. Just make sure that you’re accenting what makes you feel good. If you feel awkward about a part that you’re still working on, you won’t get that confidence boost and it could backfire.

The most effortless and possibly cheapest clothes that you can pick up are a white tee shirt and blue jeans. That’s right, the James Dean. These two items give off a bad boy appeal that also says you probably aren’t too dangerous. Yeah, you might light up a cig or vandalize something, but will probably stop shy of armed robbery or murder. Do feel free to adopt an “I don’t give a damn” attitude to complete this ensemble, but give slight damns about eating. No one looks sexy sporting ketchup or mustard stains on their otherwise white shirt.

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