The Thrill of Being Found Out

“Having sex at a public place is always thrilling”

There’s a certain level of thrill that comes with the territory of fooling around where you can get caught. Whether you’re in an alleyway leaving the bar, in a dressing room at the mall, or on a playground in the park, the knowledge that you could be discovered at any minute is absolutely invigorating. Of course, it would be awful to actually be caught, with potential legal repercussions as well, so a lot of people are too scared to attempt it. If you can pull it off, though, sex in a public place is a kinky way to spice up your love life.

Taking your sex life out of the bedroom is taboo, and therefore so deliciously tempting. Begin to think of all the places you and your girlfriend could hook up if you decided to be more adventurous, and what that could mean in terms of your arousal. Maybe your desk at work doesn’t see too much traffic at a certain time of the day, or maybe your office has blinds? Or maybe you want to take it even further than that, and start thinking of how many places you could have herin your local park? If it feels unnatural to be thinking that way, don’t worry – it isn’t. This sort of brazen exhibitionism is actually one of the most common sexual fantasies, and odds are if you’ve thought of it, she has too. Bring it up with her and see what she says, and decide on a place you can do it and feel comfortable.

“Keep your legs inside so that you don’t get caught”

Don’t attempt it in a place that a lot of people frequent until you’ve done it so much you’ve reached pro status. If you get caught there’s a huge chance of you getting arrested or at least ticketed. Start small with shady, wooded areas in the park at night, or between some buildings. Go to places where people won’t be hanging out, but one or two may occasionally pass by. This will keep the thrill of doing something illicit while still keeping you under cover and out of danger. What makes the scenario even better is the necessity to be quiet, requiring you to keep her more restrained and with a hand over her mouth so she doesn’t moan and get you caught. Knowing that you have to be quiet makes it all the harder to actually do so, and it’s so sexy when she just can’t help herself. Don’t get her too excited though; no matter how good she sounds, you still don’t want to really get caught!

If your sex life seems a little dull and you’re looking for something to rekindle that flame without bringing in heavy artillery like bondage and whips, sex in a public location might be the perfect choice for you and your girlfriend. Feel your heart beat faster and your blood pump harder as you hook up with her somewhere other people walk by. Show off what you’ve got and let her know how brave you are with a brief session out of the bedroom.

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