The Biology of Love

“Start with personal hygiene”

We’re all as human capable of free thinking and forming our own ideas and desires, but we also can’t deny that sometimes basic biology helps us with some of our decisions. As a man, you’ll be more attracted to a smaller, healthy-looking woman, so what are women naturally attracted to? As odd as it sounds, some of the easiest ways to get girls are simple changes in appearance and grooming. Whether or not you’re actually in it to procreate (chances are if you’re just hooking up you aren’t), a woman’s body is instinctively attracted to a man who would make a better “mate” than someone less biologically appealing.

Are your pearly whites not so white? Buy yourself some Crest white strips or pay to have them bleached by a dentist, because your smile can be a bigger turn-on than you think. Having clean, bright teeth shows good health, which is an automatic green light for a woman. Also make sure to keep your face oil and acne-free – looking dirty makes you look unhealthy and unsuccessful, steering women away. Invest in facial cleansers to keep a clear complexion, and use it religiously. You also need to make sure that you’re well groomed: shave, brush your hair, and look like you didn’t just crawl in off the street. Last on the list of things to do before you go out: make sure you smell nice. That seems obvious, but a lot of guys don’t bother taking care of them and making sure they don’t reek. B.O. isn’t about to land you a babe, but finishing off your routine with a dash of body spray or cologne definitely is. These scents let off pheromones, which will naturally draw in women. This whole routine might seem like a lot of maintenance, but it’s worth it when you have girls flirting with you left and right.

“Start working out again – get in shape”

Speaking of maintenance, make sure you maintain your body. Hit the gym a few times a week, go jogging, or take up a sport. Not only does working out release endorphins, which will make you feel amazing, but it also keeps your body in prime condition for the ladies. Take a half hour out of your day every day to work out a bit – that’s no time at all, just make sure to keep up with it. Also don’t focus solely on one part of your body to work out or else you’ll end up with bulging biceps and chicken legs. Ladies are NOT attracted to the disproportionate look. Maintaining a great body is the key in grabbing women as they’re instinctively attracted to a man who is fit and in great health.

As much as women want to believe that they aren’t instinctively attracted to a certain type of guy, that isn’t the case. Your appearance and general health can prove to be the subliminal deciding factor on whether or not you get women in your bed. Take care of yourself first, and then women will be more than happy to take care of you.

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