Taking your Date to a Strip Club

"This couple seems to be enjoying with the stripper"

“This couple seems to be enjoying with the stripper”

You read that right. No, we’re not some sort of brazen group of players with magic abilities to charm women no matter what we do. We’re just regular dudes like you are. However, we learned something about ladies that most men just seem to not even think about. CHICKS LIKE BOOBS. No, we’re actually serious, not in that whole they only like them to make us happy thing either. Chicks actually really like other chicks’ boobs. Half the reason they dress the way they do is because they like their boobs as much as we do. With this knowledge, we figured, why not ask a babe to go see some pole dancers with us.

How to Ask

You’re going to have to know the chick first, but that should be a given. Also, remember that you’re going to be asking her to go look at naked ladies with you. The TRICK is you need to make this low key and not about getting laid later. Instead, make it about going to see a show like you would any other show. Do not make a big deal about it; simply ask if she’s ever been to one and if she’s curious. The key words in this are LOW KEY. Even if the whole idea gets you geared up so tight you’re practically creaming your shorts. Think about baseball, man.

How to Act Once There

"Don't forget to pay attention to your girlfriend"

“Don’t forget to pay attention to your girlfriend”

A lot of men make fools of themselves at strip clubs. The first thing you should do is offer to buy her a drink and don’t get surprised if she’s going to be getting a lot of attention from the strippers and some freebies. Pro-tip? Strippers LOVE other women. When we asked one about it finally she told us that women weren’t likely to stalk them in the parking lot and men tended to tip just for watching them grind on other chicks. It was a win-win.

Basically what we are saying is if you show up with a babe and are sitting next to her, you are in for a really hot show. Do not try to talk a stripper into dancing on your date, just let things happen naturally and be relaxed. Lean back and enjoy the view and use the time to talk to your date. If a dancer does something that’s impressive, point it out and see what she thinks. Instead of seeing strippers as a sex service, see them as entertainment and treat them the same way you would any other performer.

THIS HAS ADDED BENEFITS. For one, strippers have amazing memories. Their job is to schmooze, so this is a given. They’ll remember the low key dude that didn’t ask to bounce their tits or try to grab their asses. They will begin to equate you with being safe and not creeped on. This means that if they need to entice more business by giving someone a free bit of attention, you’re going to be their man. NOT ONLY are the strippers going to appreciate being treated like people, but your date is going to see you being respectful, nice, and did we mention not being a giant creep? This will make her feel comfortable. That will make her more inclined to let you see HER boobs at the end of the night.

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