Soy Candles Rule. Here is Why

"Classy and romantic"

“Classy and romantic”

Hold on a minute, son. We’re going to tell you about soy candles. It is not true that soy products are just for girls. Soy candles are multi-purpose and the girlish thing about them is how many women they ATTRACT. See, women love the soft smells of soy candles. They won’t overwhelm you because they’re usually softer, less aggressive smells. This is because soy candles have one primary use that normal candles don’t. You can use them to give your woman a sensual, soft, and sexy massage. See, soy burns at a cooler temperature than regular wax candles. That means that you can dip your hand in melted soy wax and not come away with a burn.

So Why is that Awesome?

"Their scent is appealing to women"

“Their scent is appealing to women”

Because if you want to keep that bodacious babe coming back for more you’re going to have to learn to treat her properly. If you bring her over to your place and you have some nice smelling candles burning around your place, she’s going to be a lot more in the mood than if you just have the place adorned with the usual pizza boxes and clothes. Odds are that she’ll comment on how they smell great and that’s your opening to say that they are massage candles.

Offer to give her a back rub with the wax. When you do this you can either pour it directly on her shoulders, or pour a little in the palm of your hand. We find this method to be best, especially if she’s still got her bra on. Bras are apparently expensive and take a lot of time to find, so be respectful of that and don’t mess it up. Rub your hands together for an even coating and give her shoulders a nice massage. Listen to her if she asks you to rub harder and pay attention to the way she moves. If she likes the back rub, keep the candles going and you can rub down her feet, thighs, or anything else. The soy candles are like having a little spa treatment for her skin, on top of smelling great, so when you’re done with your sexy times she’s going to feel amazing.

Is the Cleanup Hard?

The short answer is NOPE. See, soy makes them light and the wax will literally just get absorbed into your skin. Some of the tinting on cheaper candles can end up staining white or very light sheets though. This is why we suggest you buy the soy candles at a massage parlor or at an adult store. Go for white, non-colored candles.

The best scents for this sort of thing are relaxing or floral ones. This means go for chamomile, lavender, or something along those lines. You don’t want to overpower anyone with a smell. Some dudes pick up chocolate or cherry and are really surprised with how thick the smell is. If you don’t have a chick around to ask about what smells they like best, ask one of the ones that works wherever you’re buying the candle from. They’ll be happy to help you out, and hey, maybe they’ll be hot and offer to help you try the new purchase out.

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