Modern Day Women and How to Tame Them

“It will be a challenge to tame a dominating woman”

Girls are getting more headstrong these days, and are quicker to get offended. You’ve probably seen a gag on T.V. where a guy tries picking up a chick at the bar and gets shut down pretty rudely. Maybe this has turned you off of even attempting to hook up with a girl – what’s so different about you and that guy on T.V.? The answer is simple: he presented himself in a way that was offensive to women, and you have the option to do differently. How can you avoid your advances getting rejected when you go after girls? It’s really not that difficult – just be polite, let your personality shine through, and stay confident.

Women can smell fear; they’re not going to go after a man who doesn’t exude confidence. Let that testosterone out, man! Don’t go full alpha male on her, but a bit of bravado can actually help you a lot. Chicks go for a guy who knows what he wants and takes it – it shows initiative and implies that you are successful. Feel free to brag a bit, but don’t be rude. Ask her about herself more than you talk about yourself – a girl gets bored easily with a guy who won’t shut up about himself. Even if you aren’t interested, play pretend and remember that you won’t get any cute girls in your bed if you’re acting like an indifferent jerk to them. Relax around her – you only want to be stiff where it counts; no girl wants to flirt with a guy whose stance is like a brick wall. Joke around with her and be yourself! You have to be sure enough of yourself to know that you’re a great guy with an awesome sense of humor, and that you’re worth her time. Your goal is to subtly let her KNOW that you’re worth it.

“She will give in – eventually”

If you do get shut down, keep on trucking. Not all the fish are going to bite so don’t be too hard on yourself. Stay positive – there’s someone out there just waiting to go back to your place. Continue searching until you find her, don’t let yourself be put out by a few rejections! You’re a man, not a child, so act like it. Don’t go throw a fit because some girl isn’t into you; she’s clearly not worth your time and doesn’t appreciate how great you are. Stay polite, stay smiling, and stay you – the chicks will follow.

No matter what the attitude of today’s ladies has become, don’t let it stop you from going after them. Just adapt to your environment – it’s survival of the fittest, man. Come confident and ready to snag yourself a babe, but don’t force yourself on them. Not everyone is going to want what you’ve got, and that’s okay. If they don’t, then somebody else will, and you’ll have more fun if you’re not wasting time pouting.Be yourself, don’t give up, and don’t be rude. Flirting should be a fun experience for both parties!

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