Make Shower Sex EVEN BETTER

"Having sex in shower will add the required spice to your sexual life"

“Having sex in shower will add the required spice to your sexual life”

What’s better than having passionate sex in the shower? Having passionate, painless sex in the shower. TV and movies have sort of clouded our vision about how fun shower sex really is. Let’s be honest, it’s REALLY fun, but it also can be equally awkward. If you guys aren’t just the right heights or if your shower water is falling at just the wrong angle, not only can shower sex be difficult, it can be downright painful! So here are some tips to throw into the shower in preparation for the romantic interludes.

Fix that Height Problem

We hate to admit it, but one of us was not thinking with his most recent lady. She’s a total hottie, don’t get us wrong, but he didn’t even think about the fact that she’s only five feet tall. Sure, it’s great when he picks her up and they go at it. But there’s no way that she’s ever comfortable if they are going at it standing. That means that his only real options were holding her up, and that’s only good for a quickie. When she finally said that her calves were cramping out on her, he realized that they needed to figure something out. Good thing she knew the trick was a shower seat.

Basically they make these for folks who can’t stand for long periods of time and yet, need to shower. They’re not that expensive and all of them are perfectly capable of holding your short in stature shorty. When you’re thinking about getting it on while standing you want to make sure that her hips can be slightly higher than yours. That’s cause you want your thrusting to be up where her G-Spot is. This also means that she can bend her legs and not lock them out, thus that means she won’t cramp up. Problem solved, and sex will get MUCH better for both of you.

Lube Up

"Don't forget to use lube"

“Don’t forget to use lube”

Water is wet and slick, but it is NOT lubricant. Lubricant is made to replicate fluids that our bodies, particularly the female body, make. Stop to think about it for a moment and you know that a wet lady feels a lot different than a pool of water. Water can even make sex HURT for a woman because it washes out her natural lubricant. No one wants to hurt their woman without making sure that she’s into that sort of thing first. Instead, you’re going to want to use a good waterproof lube.

Make sure that you buy high-end lubricant when you’re looking. You also want it to be waterproof. Everyone is different, so you may want to try a few samples before you settle on what product works best. Keep this on hand IN the shower, that way when you’re in the heat of the moment you don’t have to break your stride. The best way to use lube in the shower is to squeeze a little bit on your hand and apply it on her. Start at the clit and work your way back slowly. You don’t need a lot of it to do the job, it’s waterproof for a reason. Then you can apply a bit to yourself before you get going. The reason you want to make sure her clitoris is taken care of is so you can manually get her off while you’re going at it. If you give her hand play without the lube it’s just going to be uncomfortable.

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