Languages of Love

“Start with French”

Remember that foreign language class you had to take in school to graduate and thought you would never do anything with? Well, break out the beret and maracas, my friend, because that knowledge is about to land you an entire harem of women! Knowing Spanish or French can be a huge asset to you when you’re trying to get laid and you’re struggling with ways to impress them. Even a basic knowledge of a language and a few choice phrases can be enough to have them clamoring for you.

It’s likely that you’ve forgotten a lot of what you learned in your class, so just brush up on it a bit! Buy a book or two of common words or conversation topics in the language of your choosing and look it over. Write down important things or sexy phrases to say to the girl you’re with, and practice them until you get it just right. Focus on your accent, too, or it won’t sound convincing and she’ll just be put off. French and Spanish both have sounds in them that we don’t make in the English language, and pulling them off is both sexy and impressive. She’ll be dying hearing you roll your “r’s” when you purr in her ear, guaranteed.

“Call her Senorita”

Conveniently, both of the languages most commonly learned in school are two of the most prominent languages of love. There’s nothing more romantic or arousing than an exotic night with foreign food and language, so take that girl out to a French or Spanish restaurant and completely blow her away by ordering for the two of you in their own language. If you remember your studies, you should be able to at least manage well enough that she won’t suspect anything. Pretend to be fluent, but don’t overdo it and expose yourself – only say things that you know for sure are correct. Knowing another language makes you seem more intelligent and cultured, especially if you act like you learned it somewhere other than at a desk in high school or college. Thrill her with stories of time spent abroad in Spain or France in your college years, where you spent your days wandering the local cafes and your nights hitting up exclusive nightclubs. This sort of story is much more interesting and enticing than how you tried your best not to fall asleep in class watching Muzzy for the one-millionth time. Think sexy and experienced, not basic education.

Knowing multiple languages is a great way to impress women, and speaking another language to them in regular conversation or during sex is guaranteed to make them absolutely crazy. A simple “Voulez-vouscoucher avec moi?” instead of a callous “Want to head back to my place?” can make all the difference when you’re trying to get laid. Just a brief refresher can give that seemingly useless course new life, and a brand new way to use that experience. Throw a bit of French or Spanish into the conversation and watch the sparks fly.

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