Instant Knight in Shining Armor

“Chivalry always impresses women”

Girls are more easily impressed than you think, and admire even the smallest show of chivalry despite rumors that they are hard to please. There are your general ways to be polite like holding the door open for her and letting her go first when you enter a store, but there are more surprising things that will win a woman’s heart, and might even end up getting you laid. You’d be shocked at how little you have to do to impress her, and most of it is just common courtesy.

If you’re a gamer, things like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft can take up a TON of your time and attention. Say you’re on a mission and you’ve neglected her for a few days – yeah, she’ll be a little irritated, and she’ll be lonely. Don’t let her get to the point where she blows up; it’ll end in screaming and her trying to take the Xbox or computer away from you, which is just stressful and unnecessary. Finish the mission, but pretend like you’re still in the middle of it because she won’t be able to tell the difference. Then, put the game down and bring her over to you instead. Let her know that she’s more important than your level 99 orc that you’ve worked so hard to upgrade, and she’ll see stars.

“Let her take the lead – she will enjoy it”

Another thing to remember: let her win. No matter what it’s at, whether it’s an actual videogame or a small argument, LET HER WIN. Feeling victorious and powerful will make her feel more confident and therefore happier with the situation. Take the loss well, and she’ll probably respond with some playful teasing. Continue the banter to get her all over you in no time – women love nothing more than the feeling of being correct. It might be a blow to your pride, but taking one for the team is better for you in the long run.

Do little things for her often, rather than one big thing every once in a while. When you go to the store, pick her up that movie or shirt she’s had her eye on. Grab her some flowers on your way home from work. On business trips, bring her small souvenirs from the area you were in. These tiny items will become treasures to her, and proof of your love. Getting her small things lets her know that you’re always thinking of her, and shows your sensitive side. Women are ALL over sensitivity these days, so don’t worry because it won’t take away from your masculinity at all.

Keep your woman interested and completely in love with you just by doing tiny things – it seems pretentious to plan huge things all the time anyway. She’s your girlfriend, so just remember that she wants to be constantly reminded that you care. She doesn’t expect too much, really, she just expects to be frequently given tiny reminders that she’s always on your mind. Let her know with small favors and gifts, and see how far it takes you in every area of your relationship.

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