Impressing Your New Girlfriend’s Friends

“Just go out with them and have a fun time”
Dating a girl isn’t all about the stages of love and fawning over each other. When a new relationship starts, everyone is curious about it, including your new girlfriend’s friends. Not only are they curious about you, but they are also the most important judges of your character. Granted, you most likely wouldn’t intentionally do anything to screw up what you’ve got going on, but it can happen without you even knowing. Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to please everyone.
When you are scheduling dates with your new babe, keep a rule in mind: for every two dates that you make with her, set up one that can be more of a group date. This will include her friends and some of yours (it might be a little weird, just you and all of them). These types of dates tend to be more fun and relaxed, allowing for a no stress session of them getting to know you. That will hopefully ease any tension or doubts that might be hanging around. The best places for these depend on the type of group. Bowling and arcade centers can be really fun. They encourage a little competition and are literally designed for people to have fun in them. If you’re with a more classy babe and need to impress her classy friends, take them all to a modern art museum. Unless you are in the town that is hosting it, concerts are initially not the greatest ideas. Long drives in a small space start out fine, but unless you really know the person, can end in everyone being cranky and yelling at each other.

“Form your impression on them carefully”
The whole reason that the ladies’ friends are so scary is that they can affect how she feels about you until the couple-ship is really solid. The more bad that she has to tell them about you two getting in fights, cancelled dinner plans, etc. the less they are going to like you and the more negativity they are going to fill her head with. So don’t give her a reason to tell them any of that. Keep her tears at bay by being really considerate. Try not to make dinner plans if you aren’t 100% on them, when bickering try to see her side, and if you really can’t, be reasonable about yours. Never raise your voice and never call her names. If the only reports she has to give them about you are how level headed you are and that you take her out a lot, then that’s one less thing to sweat about.
Little things mean a lot to a chick. If you show her that you are thoughtful in small ways it will mean more to her than all of the bank that you drop on nights out with her. Randomly pick up her favorite coffee and bring it to her work place. Post little cryptic comments that she’ll get, but others won’t (like a picture of you with something she gave you in it, or ‘best lunch ever’ if you just left a lunch date with her). If you see a small something that reminded you of her, get it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cat dressed up as Shakespeare or a necklace. But the biggest kicker that gets the ladies is texting her something sweet right after you just left. We don’t know why, but they go nuts for it. Anything like these will work; you just have to keep at them.

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