How to Top a First Date

“Take her to a bar this time”
The ice has been broken and you’ve had your first date. All went well and a second has been scheduled. That’s great! But now….what are you going to do? The first date was typical: dinner and a movie, a coffee date, or something along the lines of that. It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with another successful date scenario, but why not add a little something extra to it to make sure that you get to keep seeing this hottie? Follow these key elements and she’ll want to get with you again for sure.
The destination should be somewhere that is a little more serious than the first location, but not by too much. Remember what you two had talked about at that dinner or coffee date. Does she really love books? Take her to a question and answer session with an author she mentioned; or a bookstore, if you didn’t catch the author’s name. Maybe she’s a total foodie, one of those multiple course, guided meals at a local restaurant would fit the bill perfectly. If she mentioned being really active you can go for a hike, or drop in on a local fitness group (or a dance class, yoga class, etc.) Noticing these little details will really impress her and show that you’re down to try new things with her. Getting more intimate with her interests will ultimately end up getting you more intimate with other parts of her.

“Bring a small gift when you pick her up for the date”
Bring her a small token. Again, if she likes literature, maybe clip out a poem or passage in a book that reminded you of her. There is always the classic flower approach. Get her something simple, not a dozen roses. Did you know that the color of a rose has its own meaning? Get her one rose; a yellow rose shows true friendship, so steer away from that. A red rose very obviously means that you have serious romantic interest. However, if you want to stand out from any of those other guys that have given her roses, get her an orange one. It looks more unique, and if she’s in the know (or looks it up later) she’ll see that the orange rose desire and passion. If that doesn’t send a clear message elegantly, I don’t know what would. It will stick out more than the red rose, and send the same type of meaning.
Finally, don’t act like you expect anything from her after this date. Walk her home or to her car or wherever once the date is over, and let her lead in terms of kissing. You can hint at the possibility of further romance by putting your hand on the small of her back (if she doesn’t pull away; that’s not a good sign) and making a fair amount of non-sexual physical contact. When you reach the departing point, meet her half way. Lean in, no more than half way between the two of you. That will give her the sign of, “hey, my lips are here, your lips are around, maybe they can hang out” but they will also give her a comfortable out if she isn’t down for that kiss yet. If she meets you there, congratulations! If not, don’t give up. Just think about how you’re going to top your second date.

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