How to Spank a Lady: After Getting Permission

"What are you waiting for? That ass demands some spanking"

“What are you waiting for? That ass demands some spanking”

You’ve wanted to get a little kinky in the bedroom. It’s not that you want to start donning all the gear (yet), but you’ve always wanted to just give a chick a good swat on the ass. We don’t blame you, women’s asses are amazing and the way they move when slapped just right is epic. However, those asses are not yours and that means that you have to ask their owner, i.e. your babe, before you go off and get slap happy. Once she’s agreed to a little spank play, you’re going to have to use the right techniques or you’re going to end up hurting her in the not sexy way. So, once you get permission, here are some basic techniques to try out so she’ll be willing to keep coming back for more.

Bare Handed

This is the most common way that people start out trying spank play. You don’t have to buy anything and it’s not something that you need to pack or take with you. The goal when spanking someone is to give them a jolt, or a quick sort of sharp sensation. A lot of people like to start out spanking during sex instead of using it as foreplay. The easiest way to do this is to have your girl ride you When you want to spank her you just grab her ass first and then bring your hand down. Make sure you’re spanking her where her ass is fleshiest; you don’t want to hit her back. Try to keep your hand somewhat limp and have the motion start at your wrist, not your elbow. Remember, you’re going for a jolt, not out and out pain when you start out. Let her be the one to tell you when to crank up the power. If she doesn’t give you enough feedback during the sex, ask her after.

The Paddle

"Use a paddle"

“Use a paddle”

There are countless kinds of paddles available at every kind of adult store. When you’re shopping around, it may be a good idea to bring your lady with you. That way she can help you test the item out and she’ll know what she’s getting into. However, if you’re looking by yourself, don’t worry. All those types of paddles are more for aesthetics than anything else. It is true, however, that the ones with holes in them cut wind resistance down.

When you use a paddle on your partner, typically they have their back to you. This means that they can’t see what you’re doing. For most people on the submissive spectrum, this adds a lot of fun and thrill to spanking sessions. When you are starting out, though, it’s important to build trust. Make sure that you touch your partner on the shoulder and back with your hand and with the paddle gently before you lay into them. When you do spank, do not pull back at the elbow or the shoulder. Keep your arm loose and bring most of your power from the wrist to start. Make sure that your partner knows to give you feedback and tell you if she wants you to go harder. Always gauge your partner’s reactions when you’re doing anything kinky. They’ll be the ones who let you know if it’s working or not.

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